Rob Black: Amber Lynn Made People Wear Rubbers

I’m still laughing. Rob Black on his Monday show called me out because I actually liked the new Amber Lynn Show.

“Really?” said Black.

Well, it not like I urged him to see the remake of The Great Gatsby or anything like that. Funny, but a couple of segments of the show afforded Rob no end to his source of amusement, and he walked away with a couple of impressions.

“If you don’t think Amber Lynn and the powers that be that were on the show aren’t being paid, you’re nuts,” observed Black.

“Amber Lynn is somebody I’ve known 15 years, and Tom Byron has known for 30 years. Really, Amber Lynn, guys? She’s no more than a cartoon character. When she made her comeback, and Tom Byron paid her thousands of dollars, she was making people wear rubbers to fuck her.

“Yet Amber Lynn is the same girl who ran for the Free Speech Coalition board because they were all corrupt and were bad. Then there was a complaint that the vote was rigged to keep her out of Free Speech. Amber Lynn and Bill Margold waged a campaign. Then she didn’t make it on the board.

“Now, Amber Lynn, she’s not on the board, but she’s somehow attached to the Free Speech Coalition. She toes the party line. She does everything they say now. She has Joanne Capistrano [sic] on her radio show. Bill Margold is someone who hates me so much, but believes everything I say. That’s so funny.”

True, what you heard Margold saying on Lynn’s show is pretty much a reflection of the same thing Black has been saying on his show.

“Free Speech Coalition told Amber Lynn she was fucking nuts and a whack job, but they threw her a bone,” Black continued.

“I could tell hilarious stories about her. Amber’s like ‘everything’s good about the industry.’ Then they got Joanne Capistrano to admit what I divulged and preached about. Joanne Capistrano went on record and said our business acted like jerks. She admitted everything we’ve been saying.

“Yeah, there was a deal to be made and we could still make it. It’s amazing. She’s getting paid to say what I’ve been saying, but I’m a retard selling the business out.”

Black explained that he was tweeted Friday by a “punk irrelevant douchebag” who claimed he was watching Black on his show, Friday, selling the business down the river in a desperate attempt to gain relevance- “follow your nose to the oozing stench of desperation.”

Black talked like he had a good idea who the guy was.

“But he didn’t say my name,” Black continued. “If this guy’s listening to my show, hey, bro, why don’t you say my name, you little punk bitch. Why don’t you say you’re responsible for the tweets. Come on you tough guy, you rat. Come on you fucking punk.

“I’ll bend you over, and I’ll fuck you in your asshole myself. I will bat your head in so it’s a violent act, and Tom Byron will be spraying the lube in your asshole so I won’t chafe my dick.”

“Only bitch punk’s self-tweet,” said Black who also wondered if Michael Moore could be accused of selling out or be up for treason by making his documentaries.

“I’m selling out the business because the Free Speech Coalition are corrupt scum bags?”

Black suspected that whoever tweeted him used to work for Frank Koretsky.

“You used to be on TV, you punk bitch. You had to suck Frank Koretsky’s little cock. Now you’re a jealous little nobody that makes movies nobody gives a shit about. You’re somebody who doesn’t perform in movies any more because his dick don’t work. You’re old and decrepit and you sub tweet.” Black said people like this guy makes him sick.

By the same token, Black said Amber Lynn, a former contract girl of Extreme Associates, sucked his cock and he didn’t have a problem with her.

“Then she got crazy and wanted parking spaces. We got rid of her and Buck Adams called threatening us! I told him, asshole, she’s a lunatic like you. She swallowed cum, it was awesome. I love the old broads. My conquests would be blowjobs from old timers.”

Black said Tom Byron fucking hates Amber Lynn. Black recalled a deRenzy scene where Amber Lynn had to get up and go to the bathroom every five minutes to do blow.

“Even Nikki Charm will give you stories of a crack binge escapade. This is a woman, 47, but she’s a complete lunatic. This is the girl who drove Ron Sullivan to his death.

“She did her comeback in Seasoned Players – Amber Lynn wanted a rubber. She got paid two or three grand. The great Amber Lynn with a rubber!

“Back then testing wasn’t as good as now,” said Black. “Then this whackadoo didn’t like the picture they used for the box of Seasoned Players and threatened to sue Tom Byron, Frank Koretsky and the entire team. This is not a lie.

“That is why she’s not on the Free Speech Coalition and Joanne Capistrano pats her on the head. When you have voices in business it’s better to have them be a part of you. They [Free Speech] realize there’s no hope for Rob Black or Gene Ross or Mike South but have hope for the girls. Amber Lynn is no more than a 50 year-old talent.

“I don’t know if she’s on coke, but she still acts like a 19 year old. ‘John Leslie had me on a no list because my breath reeks of cocaine.’

“John Leslie had disdain for girls on cocaine. Since Seka is able to tell the story, I guess it’s alright for me to say John Leslie hated coke heads.

“Amber Lynn is still the same woman at 48 yrs. She threatened to sue because she did not like the picture on the box. If that’s not a complete insane lunatic, I don’t know what is.”

Black’s opinion of the show differed from mine in that he thought Lynn’s show was “a complete disaster.”

“It was people toeing company lines and spouting mantra. The business is broken down into two – the outsiders that have been to the mountain top and know that it ain’t worth getting back there. And they’re either out of the business, homeless, or they’re like us, fuck them.

“Amber Lynn and Joanne Capistrano proved my point. They proved that we didn’t have to catcall [at the Cal/OSHA meeting]. They proved it. That was what that show was. From this point forward I will never talk about that show again. It was bewildering how people flip like that, the fact that they’re lives and careers don’t amount to nothing and they have to resort to this.”

Getting back to the punk bitch who called him out Friday, Black said in this business you’re not allowed to say what’s wrong with it, that Frank Koretsky makes you wait nine years to get paid then takes a 20% discount.

“So it’s wrong of me who’s been in this business to say this is wrong? That means I’m selling out the business, punk bitch? You are nothing more than the Jews who watch the fellow Jews being marched off to the death camps because you’re getting paid off.

“You’re the house nergo in Django. You are the exact same people. You fucking people, man. That is who you people are. So the negro that’s beaten in Django shouldn’t speak out against the house negro Samuel L. Jackson?”

Black said it perplexes him that you’re criticized for speaking out against the corruption in porn.

“That’s how the unions started. You were working 18 hour days and said this is fucking bullshit, and the foreman hears you and goes to the boss. Then you get fired. That’s why unions came in to prevent shit like that.”

Black said it happens all the time where female talent go to a set and are pressured to work with guys who don’t have clean tests only because everybody knows the guy.

“You hear these stories. Every incident we’ve ever had, happened on a major production. Nobody talks about that. All of these major outbreaks, it’s never happening on a bottom feeder’s site.

“Girls got HIV on major productions. Brooke Ashley, same thing, when you talk about HIV and the shit we’ve had – Mr. Marcus mainstream guy – all these sets now are Brazzers and Bang Bros. Darren James on a junket to Brazil – we would all go to Brazil- a community just like it is here. It’s all the same people.

“But everything happens in the mainstream. The Bang Bros.’ guy noticed Marcus’ test was fucked. So it’s wrong for people to speak out against the mainstream of the business? We have an industry that’s on a collision course of destruction. We’re not going to get around condom ordinances. It’s only delaying the inevitable.”


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