Rob Black: APHSS,You Think That’s Cool What’s Happening in Chicago?

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Rob Black talked about how Tom Byron brought his attention to a story on AVN.

“I was told to go to the AVN Webiste that Exxxotica is having a whole convention-thing and then it gets to a spot in the story where it talks about an adult seminar.” Black then read the AVN piece.

“That is what is being promoted by,” announced Black.

“I read this thing and thought isn’t it Fattorosi? My God it’s almost like this article is a fake because I can’t believe what I’m reading, and I can’t believe that nobody sees anything wrong with it.

“Fuck all the prostitution stuff. How about in the great testing facility we have, you have somebody that’s going to get tested in Chicago and he has five days to go and fuck one of these girls who’s also on the OC Modeling website and works in the talent pool?

“You’ve got five days, then you can go raw dog on Karen Fisher who’s on the OC Modeling site, the same agency that reps Trinity St. Clair.

“I saw this story and I went home and emailed Gene Ross to see what his buddy is up to. Maybe I’m too fucking high. We’ve already proven that John Stagliano who takes medication is undetectable for an HIV test.

“We’ve established the fact through his own mouth that him and Tricia Devereaux, they take so many drugs that the disease is so suppressed and has become undetectable through routine testing.

“They said it, and it’s a fact. Now is it safe to say that somebody like John Stagliano could take a test then be selected to have sex with any of these porn girls in Chicago, infect them with HIV virus, then those girls come back to LA and start working the next day in private escorting and scene work and they now start infecting a whole bunch of other people?”

“The girl then can give AIDS to everybody for two weeks until she gets her next test,” Black continued.

“I want all the girls at OC Modeling to go to Sandy and her daughter, go to Jason half-a-head Quinlan, ask them as the registered agents for Karen Fisher are they putting the American worker of the business in harm?

“Are they putting their fellow employees of OC Modeling in harm by letting one of their contracted performers go to Chicago and then perform with fans who could get a test and show that the test is clean within a five day window; and they can fuck your talent that comes back to Los Angeles and jump right back into the talent pool.

“APHSS, you think that’s cool? I’m stupid and making things up? Somehow I just explained something that is so unbelievably true and factual that if you’re disagreeing with me, I hope God has the power to give you terminal cancer if you’re telling me what I’m saying is a lie and bullshit.

“You’re telling me it’s okay for this woman to fly to Chicago to have sex for money or any aspect?

“That woman is being paid to fly there and be there. I can’t believe anybody in their right minds believe that sending their employees to Chicago to engage in pandering and prostitution is safe, legal and responsible, including the fact they will have sex with a civilian as long as that civilian has an AIDS test within five days, and then they can have a fuck scene with OC Modeling talent.

“But I guess you don’t believe me since Rob Black is a liar and a scumbag and could give a shit about anybody in the business because he bounced a check.

“OC Modeling can do these things and nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with sending a contracted employee to prostitute and pander themselves and then have sex with a fan who all he has to do is have a five day test?

“Then that talent gets back onto an airplane to LA and does privates and scene without rubbers because we’re all safe and responsible. But I’m making all of this up because I’m a liar and kooky. And at the end of the day it’s perpetrated by a wannbe attorney.

“I can’t even say attorney,” said Black. “It’s a bottom feeder-mark who got some half assed degree then became a layer figuring I can get pussy in the porn business. He marries Vanessa Blue goes from Luciano to Lexington Steel to some hippy dippy long haired mark with a half assed law degree.

“But he’s not even rich. Talking weird, man. Unbelievable. That’s fucking safe, guys. Fattorosi had these ads I’m here for you- what? To give people AIDS? ‘Let me set up a fuck party and with an AIDS test you can fuck whoever you want in the porn business.’

“Then you got Stagliano talking about how he can fool tests. Anybody in America who takes medication knows they can fool an adult industry test.

“Mike South, Mark Spiegler, keyboard warrior, anyone who agrees that Porn Wiki Leaks was such a mission to stop, you fucking assholes, ‘oh my God there’s going to be stalkers and they know Kristina Rose lives in Van Nuys.’

“They sucked each other cocks to take a site down, and it’s right back up talking about the Jew faggot mafia. And your premise was that a stalker could get get information from this website then go kill a girl? How about this premise, idiots?

“We’ve already established that by taking your medication you pass our tests. Stagliano proved that. You guys are worried about a stalker, but you’re not worried about a stalker-murderer who all he has to do is take meds and become a stalker in the porn business and infect as many people as humanly possible.

“Patient Zero will be looking at you in the mirror- while you were worrying about some loser in the Philippines you weren’t worried by a real problem, that an organization has a testing policy that can be broached.

“And they can have years and years of fun murdering and killing every adult worker in the business- as long as you take your medication. While you’re worrying about addresses being posted, you cocksuckers are ignoring the health and safety of performers because people like Fattorosi are letting anybody with money for proper meds to test negative and infect every single person.

“And you motherfuckers sit back and worry about bullshit. You worry about a bounced check from eight years ago. You pat yourself on the back from stopping addresses from going on a website. Are you insane? You have people fooling the test and you don’t speak about that? You have people performing sex with strangers and you don’t say a fucking word about that or anything? ‘Oh they posted somebody’s parents’ name.’

“Would a parent rather get this call- hey mom and dad, your daughter’s a dirty whore, or, your daughter tells you that she’s HIV positive. Would they rather hear the call that she’s in porn or has HIV because you people are more concerned about an E.T. costume or Jules Jordan and pirating.

“I would take pirating if we could save one life in our business with a new policy. I would give away every piece of product for life. You’re worrying about the most retardest shit in the world.

“I’ll be damned if I let the talent pool be infected,” Black continued.

“It ain’t going to happen on my watch. Ain’t going to be a 9/11 on my watch. No fucking way. We can fight the Measure B or A but as we fight this change when, and it’s not an if, we have another test that comes out positive, you will see hell- you think I’m crazy- you will see the government involved and a disruption of our business like you’ve never seen before. A Republican comes in, you better pack your bags and head for Brazil.

“A lawyer is running prostitution rings in Chicago and endangering every single adult worker in the business and their families.

“It’s these bottom feeders who came into the business in the 2000’s showing what they are- half-assed lawyers saying we are playing Russian roulette with the health and safety of the worker; and OC Modeling- they’re all responsible.

“OC Modeling, when you send one of your employees that you have a legal binding contract with, you are sending that employee into a dangerous situation I can’t fathom. But any girl who’s not outraged, if people are not outraged that OC Modeling is sending one of their girls to have sex with strangers with a five day test. And that girl is going to come back and do content work because Sandy decides that girl owes her money.

“Can we adjust the focus a little bit?” concluded Black.

“Are we done pussy footing around? OC Modeling, if you guys think blackmail and extortion is a cool thing for prostitutes to do and escorting is totally awesome- yet your girl blackmails and extorts.

“That’s a healthy and safe environment? A Wicked Pictures girl was involved in an extortion racket. If the best company contract girl is a scam hooker, what do you get from your average Ideal Management hooker? If Trinity St. Clair uses her video tape recorder, does Tessa Lane pull out a knife? All you pimps and junky shakedown hookers, there’s no room for you in the UAWA.

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