Rob Black Asks A Sticky Question : Who’s Paying For The FSC Code of Ethics Stickers?

Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane Duke and Joanna Cachapero are attending the International Lingerie Show in Vegas at the end of the month to discuss their code of ethics program. It features a seal of approval. I guess it’s a sticker that you put on all of your packaging.

Now, I don’t know if they’ve thought of this, but if you’re a video distributor who is going to be part of their code of ethics program, are you gonna put the sticker on all of your DVDs? Is FSC giving you the stickers? Are they going to print out a million stickers?

If you’re somebody like Evil Angel and you have 30 or so titles going out at 1000 out the door, are you gonna put 30,000 stickers on all of your DVDs? Who’s gonna do all that work? Are they gonna hire additional staff? How are they doing this?

This is what it says in the AVN article:

“The program features a seal of approval; when displayed at a place of business, on websites or packaging, or in a content clip, it says that your company adheres to a code of standards and better business practices.”

So say Nick Orlandino, owner of Pipedreams, who is a tough guy that Paul Fishbein is terrified of, he is one of the biggest manufacturers of novelties. He is gonna put a little code of ethics sticker on all of his packaging? Every month, Nick Orlandino’s warehouse guys are putting stickers on all of his packaging? Doesn’t that add to the labor costs? Who’s paying for all that?

Free Speech Coalition is having all of these stickers made. Is Michael Warner at Great Western Litho footing the bill for the printing costs? Is Frank Barbarino at FB Productions paying for millions of stickers? Who’s paying for all of these stickers?

I’ve had stickers put on packaging, we all have. It’s a pain in the balls. We usually do it to celebrate an accolade, like an Editor’s Choice or Hustler’s Highest rating or something. It takes a lot of time to do this. Just Evil Angel alone is more than 30,000 a month. Nick Orlandino will have to put on hundreds of thousands of stickers. What about Koretsky at IVD? Is Free Speech Coalition printing 10 million stickers? Who’s printing these stickers?

I would call Diane Duke or Joanne Cachapero to ask them about this, but we’ve called them a couple of times during the show and left messages and they never seem to want to get back to us.

So if someone could answer the sticker question I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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