Rob Black Asks For Forgiveness And Prays That Mike South Gets Christian Mann’s Cancer

I have a special request and I offer a prayer to the newly elected Saint John Paul II and that is that Christian Mann’s cancer is purged from his body and transferred into the body of Mike South.

Let me give you a history of Mike South and why I believe he deserves to die. Slowly and painfully. Christian Mann has done nothing to deserve his fate as much as Mike South, the squirrel eating, hillbilly heroin snorting, disease spreading, pickup truck driving, jealous-of-a doctor-who-drives-a-Lamborghini lying scumbag.

Yesterday we posted an article about Mike South’s insane message board poster Lacey Blake, who is also a Hollywood stuntwoman and a Certified Public Accountant. It’s amazing how she can juggle all of these duties at once.

As she’s sitting there doing peoples’ taxes she says:

“Can you hold on a sec? I have to respond to jilted.” Then she picks up her smartphone and types, “Oh my God. Can you believe Belle Knox? She’s so crazy!” Send. “OK, where were we? The 401K is tax deductible, but… Hold on a sec?”

“Oh my God, Did you see what Rob Black posted on AdultFYI today? I should do a long post on Mike South’s site to respond to him.”

Back to her tax client:

“Excuse me, but I have to post 7 to 10 times a day to keep up my quota in between doing this accounting work and being a stuntwoman.”

That’s Lacey Blake and Mike South’s new free tax service. Somebody with an anonymous name and no credentials listed will do your taxes for free. Her credentials are what Mike South says they are, so if Mike South says it, you know it’s true. We’re talking about the guy who is honest about everything. From his claim of Super Gonorrhea running rampant in porn valley to his claim of a Georgia OSHA inspector on all of his sets making sure that everyone’s compliant. Of course, he doesn’t use condoms, but that Georgia OSHA inspector says, “Go ahead and spread that biowaste and seminal fluid all over everyone. It’s perfectly legal.” Go ahead and look at his Southern Bukkake site and see the most rank, vile shit imaginable. Take a look at South’s girl Lindsey Lovehands having her entire face covered in disease infected jizz. Guys from Georgia who don’t even have tests.

On top of providing free top notch financial advice for individuals and companies big and small in the porn business, Lacey Blake is also Mike South’s OSHA legal advisor, drawing on her extensive experience as a Hollywood stuntwoman. It’s pretty amusing that this moron twat backs up South’s claim of having a Georgia OSHA inspector on his sets.

I swear, I think that Mike South just has two of his loser friends and they sit around doing hillbilly heroin all day, you know, South’s Oxycontin pills that they crush up. They sit around getting high, pretending they’re lawyers, they pretend they’re porn talent. One of them probably pretends he’s Superman. They pretend that they are anything but what they are, which is a bunch of incompetent, jobless losers. That’s what the world sees them as, but as long as they keep taking the hillbilly heroin they think they can fly.

“Whoo hoo! I’m Superman! Hey Mike, write on your site that if anyone need superhero lessons, I’m their man!”

Mike takes the squirrel meat out of his mouth and says, “Gawd dang, that’s a good idea. I’ll make a new post about that. You can give them flying lessons. They can jump off the roof of this here trailer to practice. Whatcha gonna call yerself?”

“Uhh…uhhh… Super… Super… Superhero!”

“That’s a damn good name. Lemme just get over to my computer here and I’ll type this out…”

“This is a service to all you out there. It’s a new service on If anyone wants to be a superhero, hit me up and our contributing writer ’Superhero’ will teach you how to fly. So Sony and Paramount, you guys email me and you won’t have to spend millions of dollars on CGI and special effects anymore!”

I gotta imagine that’s what’s happening with Mike, because if you look at his site, he has absolutely nothing going on. There is a small contingent of people who have given this guy any credibility and one of them is Adella from Fine Ass Marketing. She got her start being the PR girl for my loser cousins at Zane Entertainment and she would write articles about how Matt Zane would throw bologna at girls’ asses. That was her claim to fame. She had that gig long before she got the cush job of sucking on Tera Patrick’s teat at Digital Playground. She walked into a great job where all she had to do was call up media outlets and say, “You wanna talk to our top talent Tera Patrick?” Not that hard a job. Like when Joy King promoted Jenna Jameson. When you have the biggest girl in the business, it’s not that hard to promote them. All of these great PR people had girls who were bigger than them or the company they were with. It’s kinda like being a sports agent for Peyton Manning and being Brad Pitt’s agent. Where all these big PR people now? Exactly. Adella’s big revenue stream now is having Manwin/AVN pays her to organize the red carpets at various events and do PR over at AVN. Other than that, she has a couple girls that pay her 1500 dollars a month to write press releases for them.

You know the CNBC banner on the left side of his site? Mike South was in a piece on CNBC’s website called Porn’s Most Powerful Players 2013. How do you think he got that? That was Adella. Anyone who talks to Mike South from mainstream Adella sets up. She created this fucking beast.

So for almost two decades this asshole’s been running around terrorizing people and in little over a year Rob Black has destroyed this motherfucker. He’s nothing and you all know it. We hammer his ass every fucking day. He can’t can’t take a shit without us shoving a billy club up his asshole to shove the shit back up into his mouth. Every time he puts up a story we’re there to say, “Bullshit.” If you look at his posts, they are mostly innocuous dribble, because every time he tries to post anything provocative, we’re there breaking it down as bullshit. We’re there to tell everybody that it’s lies. It’s fiction.

He reports on something at Digital Playgound, you have no idea if it’s true or not.

“According to my sources on set at Digital Playground  Demetrios Kokozos set was actually busted last week for shooting without a permit.  How does he get  “James” out of that name…he is Greek and he is NOT a US Citizen  which means if he is working here he should have a Visa and if he is breaking laws here that Visa can be revoked and his sorry ass sent back to  wherever the fuck he came from.”

You guys do realize any old the old guard left over at DP has connections to Adella. She was the PR person at Digital Playground for years. Don’t know if any of you knew that.

A couple lines down from that he posts:

“Jakodema Ousts RobbieD From Digital Playground”

That’s information that I think everybody in the adult business already knows. Robby D has been gone from Digital Playground for a while now. But nobody out here in porn valley gave a fuck. He’s just another jerk off who got juiced in with a company when it was making tons of money with no more or less talent than David Lord or any other competent shooter out there who if you gave them an 80 thousand dollar budget and a crew of 50 they would turn in a great movie. Big fucking deal.

Robby D was ousted a while ago. The minute Jako Dema took over he was gone. Why would they keep Robbie D on payroll? Hey Mike, why don’t you report that all the contract girls are gone too? The minute Digital Playground was bought by Manwin, every piece of dead weight that was there from the old regime were on their way out as soon as their contracts were up. If their contracts weren’t done good, they were out quicker. They came in and said, “Why are we paying this no talent girl Stoya 80 thousand dollars?”

“Uh, because the managers before us were stupid.”

“Can we get out of this?


“OK. Done. What about the next girl?”

“Kayden Kross.”

“Done. Next?”

“Jesse Jane.”


Nobody gives a fuck about Jesse Jane. Vivid didn’t sign her to a 200 thousand dollar contract.

Mike South reports on things that everybody out here already knows. Robby D is gone from DP. Old news. Nobody cares. Robby D is no different than any other competent director who is out there right now sucking wind. Brad Armstrong is sucking wind trying to survive at Wicked. Axel Braun is sucking every last production dollar out of that place. Where do you think Robby D’s gonna go? Will Ryder, one of the most celebrated directors in adult, the pioneer of the most recent parody craze is struggling to keep his production schedule full. He’s constantly trying to come up with gigs and he’s competing with Axel.

“Hi, I’m Robby D. I’ve been at Digital Playground for my entire career and I’m here to make you 80 thousand dollar movies.”

“Yeah, here’s three grand. Can you make us a four scene gonzo?”

“Three grand? Is that my pay?’

No, it’s the budget, jerk off. You keep what’s left over. Now go get your fuckin shine box.”

That’s one Mike South story. Then the story after that is basically a story that AVN ran already about the Department of Justice being behind Chase Bank account closures. Then before that is everybody’s favorite stalker Tim Tritch aka jilted saying, “The PCR Did Not Work on 2004.”

“I’m Tim Tritch and I’m gonna post under a fake name and then I’m gonna post to a link that doesn’t work and I’m gonna talk about stuff that can’t be proven true or false because there’s nobody around from during that time except for me. Whatever I say means it’s true.”

It’s one guy saying that it’s true. The only person who could verify any of this information is Sharon Mitchell and she’s been out of sight for years. There is not one person who is still around from that era to back up Tim Tritch’s story. He just says, “Believe me. I was there.” Just like Katie Summers’ grandparents say Oswald was the lone gunman because they were there. No bullshit. Katie Summers’ grandparents were there on November 22, 1963 and because they were there, they say Oswald did it. Case closed. There were there. Just like Tim Tritch was there at AIM.

Then below that after a couple more Chase Bank posts is a post flip flopping on his earlier post where he defends crush videos. He says of course he feel killing animals for sexual gratification is wrong and that Kayden Kross is gonna be doing an article about this very soon. It’s been a week. When’s she gonna do this? Or is she too busy doing her documentary about Evan Stone’s stand up comedy tour at Paladino’s?

I’ve just shown everybody that Mike South has basically given up on having a real website. Hey Mike South, since you’ve given up on your website and we’ve outed you as just a phony and a fraud, can you do everybody a favor and just put a bullet in your mouth?

There are some girls who are told that they should talk to Mike South if their agent is shady or if a producer is acting funny and there are some girls who are told that Mike South can get them work. It’s amazing. Mike South doesn’t know anybody in the legitimate adult business who is shooting right now. There are only a few legit companies that are shooting right now and not one of them will talk to Mike South. And if you went there and said, “Mike South told me to hit you up” they would throw you out of the building tits first. Who’s Mike South friends with at New Sensations? Nobody. Who’s Mike South friends with at Wicked? Axel Braun? Who’s he friends with at Manwin/Brazzers? Elegant Angel? Who the fuck is Mike South friends with that can help a girl get work? Who? What fucking studio is friends with Mike South who shoots on a regular basis? I will never understand how some of you were bamboozled into thinking that Mike South has any influence whatsoever in this business.

He’s gonna call Evil Angel? The company Christian Mann runs? Nope. Not happening. Who the fuck is Mike South gonna turn girls onto? Or is he gonna turn girls onto Derek Hay at Direct Models who he has deals with? That’s the only connection this moron has to porn valley. He’s gonna send you from Scott Sparks to superpimp Derek Hay. The last connection Mike South had to porn valley was in 1997 when I got his ass fired from Elegant Angel. Since then, he hasn’t had juice with anybody. Except Adella when she was with Digital Playground.

Mike South is a moron. He’s always been a moron. Now he’s become so irrelevant that I’m the only one left giving him any press. He’ll do a couple retarded posts, I’ll do a story about one of them and people will read it and go to his site and say, “Yep, Rob’s right. He is retarded. He’s a moron.” It’s like I now have to give relevance to this idiot. To the point of where a couple of his posters wrote long articles about me and this one “Lurking Reader” was posting emails where I was making fun and her and she didn’t realize it.

Mike South actually has the nerve to call me irrelevant. I’m the most relevant thing in this business, asshole. I’m the person that when something happens, everybody goes, “Oh, God… What do you think Rob Black’s gonna say about this?” I am exactly what Rush Limbaugh was during the 90’s to the Democrats. If you put a bullshit press release out, I’m there to call it bullshit. I’m the guy who says, “Hey, remember last month you put out a press release that you had a dildo that could cure the common cold? What ever happened with that?”

“Aw shit, We thought everybody forgot about that.”

“I didn’t. I want my cold curing dildo!”

Then their bullshit is exposed and they’re discredited. Hell, I’m still waiting for the report of the biggest director roundtable discussion ever presented. Or not. Seven of the biggest directors in porn held a discussion that never happened. If it did, nobody reported on it.

Mike South’s site has become Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I’m fueling the Enola Gay for another run. is the bunker in Berlin and the tanks are coming and he’s got the cyanide capsule between his teeth and the Walther PPK 7 is pressed to his temple. I will continue decimating him and the populace of that site until he puts a bullet in that hillbilly head.

That’s what I want. I pray to Jesus, I pray to baby Jesus, I pray to teenage Jesus. I pray to Buddha, I pray to the Sun God, I pray to Robert DeNiro, the fat Mexican girls downstairs, I pray to Katie Summers pussy, I pray to whatever god is out there in the universe to grant my request that Mike South puts a bullet right through his temple. I pray for his death every night.

You know what I’m gonna do right now? I’m gonna pray for a miracle. Pope John Paul was recently made a saint because he performed miracles. I’m gonna pray to Saint John Paul. Not the old John Paul who was all hunched over like my Grandma Prudy, but the younger, vibrant, before-he-got-shot Godfather 3 Immobiliere pope. That’s the pope I’m gonna pray to.

But first I have to repent. I’m taking the Christian Mann death dollar off of the Godfather poster. I made a bet that Christian Mann would last longer than six months. It hasn’t been six months, but I’m gonna call off that bet. I have a picture of the pope on my computer screen right now and the Godfather poster to my right and the death dollar in my hand. When this miracle happens, there will be news media down here because the spirituality is gonna explode in this bitch.

Let us pray.

“Oh Jesus Christ, oh baby Jesus, oh teenage Jesus Christ and all the other gods in that mix. I want you to forgive me and take away the death dollar bill curse on Christian Mann. I want you to forgive me for taking betting action on Christian Mann’s death. I’m sorry I said I was gonna laugh when Christian Mann succumbed to cancer I’m sorry I just put a link in my prayer. I’m very sorry and I want you to forgive me, Saint John Paul the Godfather 3 Immobiliare pope. I’m asking you to take those wishes of death away from the Christian Mann death dollar. I know from the movie Thinner that a curse can’t just be thrown away, it has to be put somewhere else. So I’m asking you to take those wishes of death away from the Christian Mann death dollar and transfer it back into what now known as the Mike South cancer dollar. I wish to take the forgiveness from Saint John Paul Immobiliare pope on the Christian Mann death dollar and would like to use that forgiveness to transfer the wishes of death upon Mike South.”

“Saint John Paul Immobiliare pope, please take the cancer out of Christian Mann’s body through the death dollar and please transfer it into Mike South’s body. Please Saint John Paul Immobiliare pope. Please kill Mike South. Please give him cancer. Colon cancer. Testicular cancer. Pancreatic cancer. Whatever cancer is the most disgusting and painful. Please give it to Mike South so he will die in say, eight months or so. Please Saint JP, please take the cancer from Christian Mann that I’ve already repented and said I’m sorry for and give it to Mike South. I beg you. I fucking beg you. Please forgive me for saying fucking. But I beg you to take Christian Mann’s cancer and give it to Mike South. Give him the real gross kind of cancer like cancer where his prick falls off. Or his asshole bleeds and his can’t sit down and he has to stand all the time and have it spread to his bones so while he’s standing it hurts even more. Please, please, please. Saint John Paul the Godfather 3 Immobiliare pope, please give Mike South all of Christian Mann’s cancer. Please kill Mike South. In the name of the father, son and all that stuff, amen.”

There it is guys. We’re gonna see if that’s gonna come through. I think it will. We have incredible powers here at The Rob Black Show. I have repented for betting on Christian Mann’s death and I now am putting the Mike South cancer dollar on the Godfather poster and now I hope the cancer is spreading into Mike South’s bones, his prostate, his scrotum. Mike South will be riddled with cancer and will not make it to 2015. That is my prediction because Saint John Paul performs miracles and having Mike South gone from this world would be truly miraculous.

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