Rob Black Asks the Big Question: Why is APHSS and Diane Duke Ignoring Hep B and Hep C Testing?

The most glaring contradiction right now in the adult industry is the fact that APHSS and Diane Duke haven’t put out a notice that Talent Testing Services, effective June 7th, began screening for HBV and HCV. Go to the Free Speech website. There’s nothing on there.

The Full Panel Test for $120.00 applies for all samples collected at the Talent Testing facilities in Northridge, CA, Miami, FL and all of their 300 Draw Stations around the country. The Health Screening ends on July 7th, 2013.

Why hasn’t APHSS announced this? Because Duke and Manwin have a slight conflict of interest because they’re running a competing testing service, that’s why.

The fact that the competing service, Cutting Edge, isn’t offering these tests was the subject of Rob Black’s show, Monday afternoon.

“We’re going to put somebody in the ball game because they’re ready,” stated Black, meaning Talent Testing Services.

“Secretly they’ve [TTS] been running our plays, and no one’s been giving them any credit. I haven’t said nothing. And here’s my big issue- I’m really nervous to put my weight behind somebody I don’t know.

“I don’t get behind a Johnny-come-lately that sounds and looks like me, but at the end of the day is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But this is an agency that talks about alternatives. It sounds like they’ve listened to what I’ve had to say.”

Black also pointed out that when the super strain of gonorrhea was first detected in Japan, the porn illuminati like Mark Kernes of AVN began discrediting the idea.

But Talent testing Services, sonofagun began offering a test for it the end of May.

“When we talked about the super strain of gonorrhea in Japan, we talked about how Mark Kernes and AVN’s propaganda and the Manwin empire were making fun of the disease,” said Black.

“Mark Kernes said it was blown up story. Why would you make fun of a disease which in theory is no different than AIDS? Especially if you’re looking out for the health and welfare of talent, why would you make fun of it and dismiss it?

“The premise about AIDS was that it was fag disease, and a queer got it from fucking a monkey in Africa. But that disease picked up momentum and shot through our culture like wildfire. It could have been stopped.

“We all knew about it. It was mocked as a monkey fucking fag disease. Now the terrorist- Kernes- is saying the same concept, forget the gonorrhea.

“But one of the testing companies, Talent Testing Services decided they were going to step up and make one of their tests for the super strain of gonorrhea. But Kernes and them made fun of the Japan shit.”

Black said he’s kept from talking about Talent testing Services because, “I didn’t want to look like an asshole with shit on my face.

“My name’s not Diane Duke. I do a little research. Just a little. I wait and see what happens. Now me and Gene Ross and Mike South all here of us are talking about HPV. We’re talking about Hep B, Hep C. We started talking about these things. Now, this is what I love, this Pacheco- I would like to know a little more. But what he did, he’s a man after my own heart.

“He listens to me and has a brain in his head. He’s doing a service to talent and he also runs a successful business. If he’s helping people, that’s most important, and he’s putting himself in that position.

“I commend you, Sixto, because you’re somebody that listens to me. Because what you are doing is pure genius, pure Machiavelli. I probably would have done it a year ago. I will admit, Sixto, you are a bad motherfucker. This is a move commended by Rob Black. A genius political move. In Porn America you are the Speaker of the House. You maneuvered a powerful play that is worthy of a Speaker of the House.”

Black says if performers go to Talent Testing Services and get a negative panel for Hep B, Hep C and “H041” gonorrhea what does that say for those who’ve gone to the APHSS clinic.

“It’s a pretty simple question,” said Black.

“Diane Duke, what are you guys going to do? When the lawyers sit there and go, ‘You mean one testing service does this, and the other controlled by an entity that is controlled by board members of Free Speech that doesn’t have these tests- oh, I got it.’

“Sixto, you need to implement that these tests are going to be all the time. Every month this business is going to have Hep B and Hep C, and if you test positive, you are not working. At least not without a rubber, and if you are, you better get so much clearance.

“To me you’re done,” continued Black. “You’re 86ed. ‘Oh Rob an awards girls might not be able to work any more. Go ahead and work with each other like diseased animals.’

“Stagliano called performers stunt people and athletes; but stunt people and athletes have to adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations to protect themselves and each other. In the boxing world you can’t get a license if you fail a blood test and a neurological exam.

“All you fucking retards, all you mother fucking retards that want to bring up pro athletes- you pretend to be educated- but anybody who performs and they are HIV and deceive talent, you are somebody that is a retard.

“Talent Testing Services is going to have a test for a month, and talent is freaking out because no one wants to have a Hepatitis test.

“You got this guy, Sixto Pantso [sic], testing for every battery. APHSS, what are you going to be doing about this? You’re going to hear people in the mainstream talking about this- why is one testing service not testing for these diseases, and they’re associated with the corruption of this business?

“You do realize that any government official can call for an investigation into this business when enough evidence is presented?

“You people are the dumbest people I ever met,” continued Black.

“There’s money in healthcare. People in our business go to doctors every day. When you get gonorrhea, you go to a doctor and he gives you medicine. We could have our own facility that would create business and jobs. When you take care of health, you create jobs and business.

“Diane Duke, what are you going to do? How do you think this looks to the public and the talent? It shows you don’t give a fuck. How do you feel about government agencies getting involved with our business and saying, hey, you’re crossed the line?

“Again, you have two talent testing services- one tests for one thing the other tests for another, and all companies accept both.”

Black said such a contradiction baffles his mind.

“You’re going to have to agree on one service or the other, but how can you say you police yourselves when you accept tests from both facilities? How does that make any sense? How does that make any goddamn sense?

“Why is nobody saying this is a little funky? Sixto is saying this is only for a month, but it needs to be implemented all the time. In the long run, Sixto, you’re going to make ten times the money and you’ll be protecting the health and safety of workers and looking like a champion. You’ll be doing the right thing.

“You’re going to clean up business and be the thriving entity in California sanctioned by the state.”

Black’s advice to the industry was this, “Don’t complain about regulation. There’s regulation everywhere. It all depends who your representation is. If you don’t like your representation vote them out.

“You people sell yourselves so short,” said Black.

“Our business gives shit away for free and everybody makes shit. That’s how it works.”

Black pointed how in Hollywood it’s a different story and that’s how actors are able to make a good living. But not in porn.

“How come tube site money doesn’t trickle down to talent?” Black wanted to know.

“Manwin keeps it all. Sixto, don’t give in. You got to make this testing all the time. The only way this works is if you make it permanent. It now becomes something that becomes the death of the Manwin testing regime.

“Just the fact that Manwin owns Cutting Edge doesn’t that bother you?

“The meetings I’m having- people on the outside can’t believe our business is like this. When these same people looked at the Stagliano video of him sticking his bare hand inside of a speculum in a girl’s ass, they commented, ‘and he’s HIV positive? Get the fuck out of here.’

“You want to get inside of a millionaire’s head and ask him why he feels he’s God basically? I don’t know. But, Sixto, in order for this to work you have to make this testing all the time.

“Sixto I want to hold you, hug you and squeeze you to death. Right now Free Speech will ignore you. By doing this, you’ve put them in a fucked up position. And no one finds it weird that Manwin, this foreign entity created by Middle Easterners, is running a talent testing operation?

“We need to get rid of the scumbags that are running the business,” Black declared.

“We have a bunch of Muslim terrorists running a draw station, a clinic that tests our fucking blood. This terrorist organization then parades around Mr. Marcus. Chris Mann, the underboss of Evil Angel, they plotted and rigged the talent testing pool.

“They rigged our health. That’s what it comes down to. Tax evasion, money laundering and extortion and they’re running a clinic that tests performer health? They’re in bed with Vivid who controls 50,000 non-condom movies; they’re in bed with Frank Koretsky.

“Frank Koretsky has employees that assault talent. We need to get behind Talent Testing. I’m going to give you a piece of advice. When you get your test and you’re cleared, ask your partner for the Hep tests. Don’t worry about missing the work. Someone gives you shit, I will put them on blast. We are now in the legal/libel/suing area.

“We will send shock waves- there is a condom law,” said Black.

“We all know everyone’s shooting. Everybody knows whose houses are inside Los Angeles. You people, Jules Jordan, Vivid, Hustler, on down, do you understand that if any talent, whatsoever, do you realize that if any talent, whatsoever, was on a set in the confines of the LA area, and they decided they wanted to use a condom – if that director/producer told them to go fuck themselves, they will be out of business because they just broke a law?

“Every time you guys are shooting, if that girl wants a condom, if she went to the DA and said she felt intimidated not to use a condom, do you understand you are done? You guys don’t understand this.

“On this show we are telling everybody about this business and how things need to change. I’m not against porn, just the system that we have. I love hookers. I love Las Vegas,. I love the Bunny Ranch. I love porn stars- but there’s a time and a place for all that.

“I love rough sex. There’s times and places for all that. Regulation brings business and anyone who tells you they don’t want regulation is somebody who wants to profit off the backs and is stealing off the talent.

“Our business is in an area where it needs to be regulated, and, when it does, it will go into the second phase of the big boom. Except this boom, those who profit will be educated people who make money, not the pimps and scumbags like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler; not people who go into the business as suitcase pimps, but those hard working people that want this business to thrive.

“Find me one person that goes, what Mark Spiegler and Derek Hay create are good. Find me one person that says I like Derek Hay. TTS, you need to institute this test every month. These tests need to be every month, Plenchco [sic].


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