Rob Black asks: Why Aren’t Lawyers Ending the Masquerade of Agent Contracts?

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Is there life after Manwin, and is there an alternative? Rob Black was brainstorming some ideas for talent on his Internet show Tuesday afternoon.

“I can’t fathom that women in porn declared this as their purpose in life,” said Black.

“Like doing tricks at the Air Tel Plaza for $250, finding sugar daddies at PSK or going to Dubai and working for the prince.

“I can’t imagine this is what you wanted to do. You got into the business thinking you might be the next Jenna Jameson. You didn’t get into the business thinking you’re going to do tricks at the Air Tel. There’s more out there for you.”

The porn future, said Black, is going to where talent don’t need the studios any more. Black said it was also time to get out of the mindset of being “dumb talent” and listening to more advice from people out there.

Black also talked about how women getting into porn nowadays aren’t prepared for the fact that they’re going to wind up being glorified hookers, not porn stars.

“Any other industry in the US, pricing has gone up,” said Black. “Not porn.”

“The Adult industry has been done in by Derek Hay and Steve Hirsch,” Black contends.

“Let’s all look back at what is was like 15 years. The business now revolves around women, live sex shows, camming, every aspect has gone down. At strip clubs you can’t make a dime. Talk to a girl who danced 15 years ago and talk to feature girls now.

“It’s worse. Why? Back then you had a business controlled by one group with a set of rules. Now you’ve get more groups and no regulation. Bottom feeders came in and ruined a good thing. They took something beautiful and pure, and they fucking destroyed it.”

“The sex business hasn’t changed. It’s still assholes and vagina. If you’re hooking, what has changed in 15 years? You’re working cheaper.

“Every one of you girls, you’re doing privates for $200; and you do cell phone content with your agent. Okay. Our business is the only one that has regressed and gotten cheaper. Unlike the tobacco industry which has raised its prices because tobacco is addictive, porn is an addiction yet we’ve lowered the price!!

“Instead of using sex to your advantage with a product that’s addicting, we discount it to where girls give blowjobs for $100.

“If you’re going to do tricks, save the money and invest it in yourself.”

Black recommended that performers take the Clips4sale, do it yourself route.

“They process it for you and send you a check like clockwork. That’s the type of stuff you should be doing. But I never said you could change a system overnight and that it’s easy. It seems like a lot more than spreading your legs for fat sweaty guys, but you have to think about where you’re going with your life.

“I love hookers,” said Black.

“I love the concept of paying a girl for doing what you want and then she leaves. Awesome. But there’s a time and a place for all of that. The girls in our business are no different than picking up a girl on Melrose and putting her in the middle of a porn scene.

“Doing privates at the Air Tel is no different than a girl working on Sunset Blvd. But we would never think of taking a girl from Sunset Blvd and sending her to Talent Testing to do a scene. Because we would never put our industry in such a flagrant violation? But that’s what we do in porn.”

Black’s belief is that most girls who are hooking in the business don’t have the balls to be hookers outside of the business for fear of getting busted.

“But you’re still a hooker. Go back to Florida or Indianapolis and be a hooker. Go pro. Go hang out at a local Applebees and work the bar like you would do at Porn Star Karaoke. Have some fucking balls to go on Twitter and solicit.

“You came to LA and you pretend you’re a porn star. Have some self respect. Ask yourself this, Are you a porn star that does privates, or are you a hooker that gets some scene work?

“Either way, you’re a piece of shit because you don’t have the balls to do what girls in Nevada do. Register there, get licensed and work as a hooker.

“In the camming business, I watch girls make $100 in an hour,” said Black.

“I go why are you not doing this every day, all day? ‘But you don’t know what’s like.’

“Tell me. Where I can masturbate and make $100 for an hour and I’m done? I’ll jerk off in a chair. Why don’t you do this 4 hours? Fuck you!!!!!!! I think I would take a glass dildo and tap my cock for a couple of hours rather then bend over and have Adam Killian shove his dick up my asshole for $800.”

Sad to say, but Black noted how girls in the adult business have been trained to be stripped of whatever dignity they have left.

“I know that every girl does not get into business with the idea ‘I have to go to the Dodger game with so and so, or blow this guy.’ And I can’t imagine every girl that likes to do that.

“The Derek Hays of this business aren’t empowering the women,” says Black.

In the case of Lizzy Borden, Black noted that Borden did six scenes before she got together with him.

“She’ll tell you, ‘I went to prison, but my soul was never stripped where you suck and fuck and you’re basically treated like a piece of garbage.’

“But that’s an idea bestowed on you by LA Direct,” said Black.

“’Oh, we own your web site and we need more content.’ Girls are working for guys who profess that they’re working for the talent, but are taking advantage of them. Seriously. You don’t love talent when you own them. That’s not how it is.

“And any guy who has an agent is a dumb fuck. If you have Derek Hay or Bud Lee representing you, you’re gay. Get all the gay talent together. Come at me with guns, choke me out, fuck me in the ass, if you don’t like what I’m saying, but if you have Derek Hay telling you when to shoot and piss- if you are that much of a fucking loser talent that nobody calls you to book you, you’re a loser and not talented enough to do a goddamn thing.”

Black said he just had a conversation with a beautiful girl who wanted to leave LA Direct but was threatened with legal repercussions over her three year contract.

“Can you believe this human piece of garbage, Derek Hay, is running that game still, and has this beautiful girl under a 3 year contract?”

Black also wondered why people of influence in the adult business aren’t stepping in and ending the masquerade of talent agency contracts.

“Michael Fattorosi, you seem to have some kind of influence- why don’t you put your balls out there and say my name is Fattorosi and say every single contract from LA Direct is bullshit?

“Vanessa Blue, why don’t you sit there and go my successful lawyer husband is going to represent every single woman in this business that is being done wrong? You guys are living pretty well to handle a pro bono case, why don’t you do that?

“Why don’t you people out there in a position to help do that? If I was a lawyer, I would run with it. I would be doing all the things necessary to get the shit done.”

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