Rob Black Asks: Why Is This Business Shutting Down if These Were Brand New Performers?

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Diane Duke [pictured] called for an industry moratorium in the wake of performer/performers testing positive for HIV

“We’re not getting all the facts because we’re getting them from FSC and Diane Duke,” said Rob Black.

“The Free Speech is calling for a moratorium. I do not like to be the bearer of bad news, but I told you our safeguards were not in place.

“I don’t care what this business says about this, or if it’s A-list performers; I don’t care if they’re brand new to the talent pool. I don’t care if nobody got infected. That’s not the issue.

“Diane Duke would say we haven’t had this in ten years. Other cases have been swept under the rug. Now we have another HIV case. Our industry has been halted on shooting. How is this going to play out?

“Is this going to be swept under the rug? Is Mike South going to tell you how he snuffed it out and we can go back to shooting because this was some transient bum who wanted to be in porn, that they happened to get tested but were found to be HIV positive- everyone did their job so let’s go out and fuck.

“That’s the story we’re going to here because I can’t imagine any other conversation going on. People like me are saying we need one testing facility and go through certain protocols.

“We have to have a union and one central casting company and testing facility,” Black declared.

“We have to be licensed. Technically with my system, we would not be going through this because these performers would have been tested and we would have results before they ever got on a set. If the spin is, they are new, they would have been weeded out.

“Free Speech and APHSS and Mike South lie about everything so we’re never going to know the real answer. A system run by the UAWA would require licenses for all performers and every first time performer would have to go through a five hour process to become a professional sex worker.

“Either way this shakes out, it won’t be good. God forbid these new performers mingled with anybody we are fucking. We’d be done quicker than you can say tomorrow. If they’re established, this business is done quicker than you can say tomorrow when some we all know has the HIV.

“I’m not sure how this is going to shake out or whether we’re going to get the straight truth. Dennis Romero [of the LA Weekly] has to be notified. We’re not going to get the truth so someone needs to go to Diane Duke to get the truth. What’s the story? Mike South says these are new people.

“This bolsters my argument about registration because they would never have been part of anything to require a moratorium to shut things done,” Black continued.

“We have shown that talent cannot be trusted to do the right thing and we have to take that away from them where they need licenses. That needs to be put in place.

“Having sex in a movie is like driving a car- there’s a loaded gun that can produce STDS. In any other world, civilized or not, they have policies and regulations on what you can do with weapons, heavy machinery.

“When you, as talent, are engaged in a sex scene- this badge of honor Bill Margold talks about- these are work hazards- and when that happens you need to be licensed. When you’re in the adult business and people are entrusting you, you should be licensed and registered, plain and simple.

“It should not be that easy to walk into our business with a loaded weapon and do what Alex Gonz, Marc Wallice and Mr. Marcus did and what John Stagliano tried to do until I caught him. How can you argue that we should not have some form of licensing or screening process?

“You women who are dirty pieces of shit that do privates at Porn Star karaoke and the Air Tel Plaza: take that 50 man gangbang Jennifer White did, everyone of those guys had sex with strangers who walked off the street with whatever bullshit HIV test they had.

“Every guy who worked with you who were in that 50 man gangbang, you worked with them. That’s how it works. As the 50 man cream pie gangbang is going on, everybody was screened for HPV and genital warts? If you have one performer in the talent pool working in that garbage gangbang it’s like he’s working with all those street people.

“Why can you people not comprehend a licensing and screen procedure for our business? Nobody wants to debate that. It seems to be a rather touchy situation. Why this business fights anything that has to do with helping and protecting the industry I don’t get it. Girls might turn down work but there isn’t a guy who’ll turn down a scene.

“Tell me how we are safe- all you girls with a tiny brain- I can’t imagine that any girl from OC Modeling has any brains. Any girl who is with an agent and lets a man control their brains don’t have any intelligence. You are ignorant, stupid and you amount to shit. You’re giving your money to Derek Hay like a dirty little hooker.

“Oh, you only do classy scenes and romance movies? You only work for the best? You’re right. And you only use the best guys like Mr. Pete former husband of Alexis Texas.

“You won’t do that gangbang, but Mr. Pete don’t give a fuck. Every guy with a swinging dick and all the pimps- you have these pimps who get girls from train stations. They troll Facebook pages and twitters. They do all those things.

“Then you get wayward street people that have no business being in our business. These awesome agents find these trashy hooker broads with a dope problem, then guess what, one of the agents sends her out there and brings her to a testing facility.

“So you got this little crack head. As far as anybody knows he’s HIV clean and is ready to work. Now this skeevy agent runs her around the Valley to blow everybody- I’ve had my share of that.

“She then is booked for scene work and proceeds to do scenes with all your top talent that you fuck in your big movie and who you fuck off camera.

“Every one of you girls- if you think in this business that people are turning down halfway looking talent when you have a pimp that goes, hey listen she needs money. Break me off $200 and you give her $200.

“You let her do Jim Camp scene where guys jack off on her face, then Mr. Pete goes hometo Alexis Texas, and sticks it in her butt cheeks. Or Alex Gonz, Gracie, right in your vagina.

“Alex Gonz was dating an A-list performer, is Hep C and god knows where he is. Mr. Pete, I broke him into the business fucking girls in a wheelchair. For every single girls that is picky about 50 man cream pies, the guys that worked with those girls all worked with you.

“That guy that’s off camera- these aren’t the rent-a-boy guys, they’ll fuck anybody living. We know the entire Spiegler crew are all rent-a-boys.

“Jesus Christ. Rocco Reed was the pass around rent-a-boy. Asa Akira dated him. Danny Wylde, Jesus. For every girl who said I would never do a gay guy, Chanelle Preston and Asa Akira were doing Rocco Reed every night.

“Rocco Reed was part of the Brad Armstrong crew and Brad was upset when Rocco came out. Whatever Asa got from Rocco Reed you got.

“Every single person that got had sex with, you’re having sex with. With Clover you had three conflicting stories, and Clover was working with all the top girls.

“If your friend worked with him, you worked with him. That’s where we’re at. I don’t care how safe you say you are but if you think for one second someone is going to present you a test and you should feel safe- this is the porn experiment where the powers that be purposeful infect the business with Hep and syphilis.

“This is an embarrassment that you’re all so fucking ignorant and stupid. It’s sickening. If this ain’t a wake up call for you I don’t know what is.

“However this plays out- whether they’re new or old people or spotted right away, why are we being shut down if they never performed with anybody and never touched our talent pool. Why is this business being shut down

“Why are we hearing about this and why is it a concern if they never touched the talent pool? Why are we shut down. Have they been performing in the talent pool and just became positive.

“If that’s the case we’re fucked. If it’s the other case and they’re brand new, I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m not really sure what the fucking whole issue is. If they’re brand new performers that walked into APHSS or went to TTS and tested positive – I don’t get why we’re talking about something that should have been standard protocol.

“Have they been performing and just tested dirty? That is the question. We need to find these things out and we’re not going to let anyone sweep this under the rug.

“You people don’t see we need a new organization and our safety is beyond at risk. The loaded guns are pointed and the triggers are cocked and ready and they have the gun stuck in our mouth.

“We cannot take this any more. Our health and safety is on the line. We’re not getting straight answers. It means the talent pool is so tainted. This is scary. This is frightening.”

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