Rob Black: Aurora Snow Has Earned The Right to Voice Her Opinion

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So I’m having some wings and some beers with Tom Byron and Rob Black Sunday night. Rob tells the bartender he wants the wings done extra whatever. Then he says another thing which surprises even me.

Rob has read the story where Rebecca Bardoux has made a comment or two about Aurora Snow who’s come out in support of “Yes” on Measure B.

Aside from wondering how many porn performers can dance on the head of a pin, or who are actually registered to vote, Rob says Aurora has earned the right to say whatever she wants to say on the condom issue.

In fact, Snow almost became a contract girl of Black’s except for the fact that she refused to be pee’d on. Which was back in the days of Kid Vegas and the infamous kiddie pool in the Extreme Associates warehouse.

But Rob says he fully understands where Aurora’s coming from because he used to be one of those producers she talks about who manipulated performers into working without condoms.

“Not any more,” he says. “Not in this political climate.”

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