Rob Black: AVN is the Propaganda Tool of Manwin

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“Why is there an AVN and an XBiz? They’re both the same,” asked Black Tuesday afternoon, noting that both publications run one and the same press releases.

“I’m glad we talked about [AVN being owned by Manwin]. They’re nothing; it’s done it’s over,” Black declared.

“The era of AVN is dead. As a shell entity it’s there, but in essence it’s done. It’s a website that has a bunch of press release. I’ve said AVN was owned by Manwin three years ago. It’s obvious.

“The best part is, it was so obvious, but you people in the business all wanted to cling on with the hope that AVN was this reputable enity and Theo Sapoutzis was this revolutionary guy.

“If you think of the Manwin modus operandi then it’s painfully obvious they own AVN. You name it. They’re doing pure Machiavelli tactics. Manwin comes in and they’re buying up entities,. Why wouldn’t they buy AVN? With all you guys sleeping at the wheel, the biggest thing they’d do is buy the propaganda, but you guys were asleep at the wheel. Theo is a porn piece of shit.”

Black likened the current crop of porn scumbags to the scumbag Israelis who sold out the business for cheap.

“Back then it was the Israelis ruining the business,” he recalled. “Names change but it’s the same shit. The Israeli concept when they came in was to own duplication. Think about the concept.

“You had Josef and Rita, these pieces of dogshit selling product for 35 cents. Then they moved from VHS labs to DVD replication. Those guys all systematically ruined the business. Their M.O. was to go after the production end of porn.

“We’ll control the flow of the product, i.e., the flow of the media, i.e., the flow of the oil and food. To me the entire Middle East are the same fucking thing. “They’re all fucking nuts!”

“That’s the same mentality we have with Manwin,” said Black.

“It’s not Israelis with replication. Manwin comes in and buys the magazine, the Talent Testing Services, they come in and buy the health organization that monitors Marcus.

“The Israelis you all got out thunk by the German Nazi regime. You didn’t say a word just like when Hitler put you all in camps when Fabian Theismann [sic] bought up all my Jewish brothers’ stuff. They destroyed the Internet, the German war machine with the help of the Middle Eastener Brazzers, they systematically destroyed the Internet. Pretty good.

“Yesterday Mike South goes on line and declares Manwin is owned by AVN. I said that three years ago and you stupid motherfuckers laughed at me. People called me a trouble maker. Okay. My hardcore Jewish friends said I was nuts.

“Manwin owns AVN. Manwin a fine German company. AVN is their Goebbels. That is their propaganda. They knew right from the stuff. Me and Gene Ross talked about that years ago about he who controls the media.”

Black said Fishbein rode AVN right into the ground.

Black admits he did the same thing and blew many chances to sell out when the gettin’ was good.

“So what did Fish do? He sold the company to an entity in Cyprus. Nonchalantly the Fish got out. No one wanted to put two and two together and admit it.”

“But the cat’s out of the bag and now everybody knows Manwin owns AVN. People know it, that AVN is just taking the money. I wonder of there’s a point to saying anything because you’tre all whores, just taking the money.

“You take the money, but you condemn Manwin. Anybody who works for Manwin and you condemn Manwin, what is wrong with you? You can’t complain about piracy when you all work for Manwin. Anyone who works a Manwin radio show can’t complain about Manwin. You’ve now been shown that AVN’s owned by Manwin.

“Read Art of War. Read Machiavelli. Read the history books, some war stratergy books. The first thing Manwin did was buy AVN, How else do you do that but by putting a face on something you want to get over? How are you not owned by Manwin and would create categories that would only benefit Manwin? You’re saying fuck the industry. There’s signs everywhere. Look at what they cover and don’t cover.

“Manwin is a German entity that is tied in with Middle Eastern terrorist regimes. These foreigners that’s what they do- they use the Internet. The Internet is the most powerful tool for the terrorists. They have throngs of guys- Jihadists teaching people how to make bombs and kill.

“Manwin bought AVN. They sat there and went with the same concept. They use the Internet. Manwin are the motherfuckers that are destroying the business. They are criminals. They have people working for them that are not from this country.

“They have people like Keiran Lee who are their mouth pieces and are not from this country. Manwin got into this business and the first thing they did was control the propaganda like any good terrorist.

“The terrorists come in and take over the media that puts out the propaganda. The first real purchase Manwin did that made impact was AVN. It became the propaganda tool that spewed out the bullshit. They created the bomb that blew up this business.”

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