Rob Black: Blog Talk Radio Was Under DBOS Attack

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Rob Black talked about how he was doing his Internet show Thursday and kept having the audio problems with crackling voice and long pregnant pauses of silence.

“This morning we got an email from the president of Blog Talk Radio, hey we were hit with a virus. A DBOS attack it was, The first time that ever happened. According to the president of the company, “Big companies like Amazon and Google have been under similar attacks,” Black said.

“Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist, but all of a sudden a week and a half into the show they’re knocked out with a virus and doing my show? Oh I guess I’m paranoid, right?

“You tell me this is a coincidence or I’m nuts? I don’t know. Are people like Manwin trying to stifle the speech? If they’re laundering and embezzling and doing everything known to man with money, it’s those fuckers that are doing that with money and shit.

“You don’t think they have little hackers that can hack into Blog Talk Radio? Seriously. You don’t think Manwin could send Blog Talk Radio a DBOS attack? You guys need to look at a company called Manwin.

“Blog Talk Radio I need you to investigate. Not a coincidence. Manwin took us down- I think, but I have no evidence.”


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