Rob Black Breaks Down The Adult Talent Agency Racket

Last week we reported on the murky details surrounding LA Direct Models recent move out of the Vivid building and to a location in Las Vegas. There are still a lot of questions to be answered, like where the address of the new location is, and how they are going to be able to operate in a county that where prostitution is illegal and in a state that does not have the protection of California Vs. Freeman, which made filming porn legal in California.

“Agents” like Derek Hay and others have always operated on the fringes of legality, even though they’re licensed and bonded by the state.

This is the concept of an agent and most of you have no idea of this. The image that they present is nothing more than a facade.

Derek Hay is nothing more than an English suitcase pimp. He got with a girl named Hannah Harper. Basically she was the front for LA Direct Models when they opened. She was the girl who got the girls in so Derek could take advantage of them and run them through the mill.

It branched out to where we are today, with Derek driving a Mercedes and living in a beautiful house and having his office in the Vivid building overlooking Studio City. An office that he’s been kicked out of.

The reality is that he’s still the same piece of shit he was when he came here from England as a suitcase pimp except now he is the pimp for almost a hundred girls. He is a person who sits there and feeds off the insecurity of the women, the guys. He bullies. He is nothing more than a street hustler.

When you think of an agent, you think of people in suits with offices in high rises and that’s the image that people assume we have. Because the porn industry’s so glitzy and glamorous.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard now that the porn industry is not so glitzy and glamorous. The agents aren’t glitzy and glamorous either. In fact Derek Hay lives in a house in North Hollywood with three other girls. It’s a model house. He lives in one room and the girls live in the other rooms. And they pay rent to live in that house or they fuck Derek Hay.

Girls who get into the business think it’s like CAA and guys like Derek are like Ari Gold from Entourage. The reality is there isn’t enough work to go around and girls end up going out on “privates,” which are escort gigs. Prostitution.

Guys like Derek Hay are pimps. Instead of girls becoming adult film stars, they are sent out on private prostitution jobs. Until that becomes legal here, that’s breaking the law. That should be done in Nevada. If the state of California ever designates an area for that, that’s different. But for now it’s illegal.

Go to the LA Direct site. Take a look at some of the girls. When’s the last time you’ve seen these girls in movies? Do a little investigation and you will see that most of these girls aren’t working enough to pay bills. These girls that you see at the conventions and award shows, you don’t see them in Vivid movies. Maybe you don’t see them on the active hooker sites.These girls have sugar daddy producers who love the pussy and Derek still makes money because he takes his cut off the private action. The producers still pay the agent as if it’s a real scene. Everybody knows that. And the girls still kick a percentage to the agent as if it’s a real scene.

If you’re gonna say Derek Hay is not a pimp, you’re out of your fucking mind. Just because he has a piece of paper from the state that says he’s licensed and bonded? The talent agency board never intended to apply their guidelines to peoples’ private parts.

Chris at Foxxx Modeling is another one. He gets a fresh girl in on a Monday, by Tuesday afternoon she’s tested and ready to go. He then calls up all the producers that want fresh pussy and sends her on a “go see” which means they go and see Stuart Wall’s penis in his office. The girls pick up a coupla bucks and that shows that Chris is doing a good job, because you can’t get a girl a scene right away because the business isn’t there. But you have a handful of producers that want pussy all the time.

We used to have poker blowjob parties where 10 girls would show up. Name girls too. This was a couple of years ago. You don’t think it still goes on now?

You have girls showing up at Richard Nanula’s house and Mark Spiegler spins an elaborate tale to cover his ass when things get hot. That’s the game.

Then the girls get diseases and they conveniently drop out of sight. Kristina Rose and all these girls stop doing guys during Mr. Marcus’ Syphilisgate. Remy LaCroix stopped performing because she was concerned for her health, now she’s back performing, without Spiegler and without condoms.

These are the agents we’re talking about, guys.

Then you have agencies like ATMLA with performer after performer coming down with HIV. These agents who have these “licenses” break the law every day when they send performers out to work without condoms. ATMLA has girls getting HIV and just vanishing, like Sofia Delgado.

You have Derek Hay and one of his performers has hepatitis C and is potentially spreading it to hundreds of people. That’s an agent.

That is the boss of LATATA who should sit on an advisory board? Really? This is the guy who is going to supervise the testing? Are you guys fucking delusional?

Do you guys really think I’ve been doing this for seven months without an agenda? After the revelations of the performer licensing this week, I guess we’ll all have to wait and see. I guess we’ll have a real indication of who really controls the power structure of this business.

Everything gets regulated, everybody’s on a level playing field. Once we have regulation, you’re gonna see a whole new ball game.

Unfortunately for all you motherfuckers that hate me, you’re gonna have to deal with me for a long, long time.

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