Rob Black Calls Free Speech Coalition; Congratulates 2014 FSC Award Winners

Let’s see what’s going on in the porn news.

Oh, here’s something that could be interesting. This could be very interesting.

Free Speech Coalition has announced their 2014 award winners. I didn’t know they had an awards show. I guess it’s gonna be at the XBIZ 360 conference.

So let’s read their press release ladies and gentlemen. Because we have winners.

“Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is honored to announce the winners of the 2014 FSC Awards, to be presented at the XBIZ 360 conference on January 22, in Hollywood, Ca. The awards recognize excellence in business and outstanding service to the adult industry business community.”

“The recipient of this year’s Legacy Award – which recognizes innovation, successful business practices and contributions to the industry as a whole – will be presented to Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch.”

Aww, really? Wow… That’s such a stretch. That’s just so asinine. It’s silly.

Free Speech Coalition is gonna give an award to their biggest contributor, who backs all of their plays and has a sister and a best friend on the board. Hmmm…

Marci Hirsch sits on the FSC board. Christian Mann, who is one of Steven’s best friends, sits on the board. Vivid is the one who is laying out the money to fight the condom law on behalf of Free Speech Coalition

Steven just had a roundtable jerkoff session with Diane Duke on his Vivid Radio station. And guess what? Free Speech Coalition is giving Steven Hirsch a legacy award. Okaaaay…

“The Positive Image Award is presented to performers that have helped to dispel negative stereotypes and misconceptions connected to work in the adult industry. This year’s award goes to performer James Deen.”

I’m confused. What exactly did James Deen do the dispel negative stereotypes and misconceptions in the adult industry? Can anybody tell me that?

He did a movie that was the biggest piece of shit in the world. The hype lasted for about two months. Nobody gave a fuck. All the people associated with it were fucking losers. Even the fucking director Paul Schrader, whose only real claim to fame was writing the script for Taxi Driver. He couldn’t get a job in Hollywood to save his life, so he crowdfunded a movie with Lindsay Lohan and a porn dude.

OK. I’m with ya, Free Speech Coalition. Other than that, what did James Deen do that was so positive? Now I know he did a sex tape with Farrah Abraham. Is that a positive image? He did a sex tape with a teen mom wackadoo?

James Deen has a line with Evil Angel where he just beats the fuck out of girls. Again, not too sure where this positive image comes from. And he doesn’t wear a condom. Jesus Christ, why don’t you give Jessica Drake a positive image award?

Whatever. Congratulations Free Speech Coalition and James Deen. You should feel honored.

“Man and Woman of the Year Awards are given to business professionals that have shown exceptional leadership in building solidly established businesses, as well as within their communities. 2014 Woman of the Year is Honey’s Place owner Bonnie Feingold, and Man of the Year is Pipedream’s Nick Orlandino.”

Wow. Nick Orlandino of Pipedreams. He bought Devils Films and they did a 50 man anal creampie gangbang smack dab in the middle of a syphilis crisis.

Man of the Year. Cool, Free Speech. Awesome.

And Bonnie Feingold? Don’t know who she is. I assume she’s a Jewish lady. Feingold. Why don’t they just call her Jewy Jewson? That’s an inside joke. Gotta tell Todd Blatt about this one. What the fuck is Honey’s Place? I guess they distribute sex toys? Frank Koretsky has the biggest distributorship. He’s king of the jews. Kinda like Jesus.

“Novelty Company of the Year will be presented to California Exotic Novelties for their many years as a leader in the pleasure products sector, and for their continued innovation, high standards and ethics.”

OK, so they’re novelty company of the year. Nick Orlandino owns a novelty company Pipedreams. He’s the Man of the Year. And Feingold is the Woman of the Year and she owns a novelty company. OK. Awesome.

“Retailer of the Year will be presented to the Lions’ Den chain of adult stores for many years as a leading retailer of adult products, innovative marketing and ethical standards for customer service.”

OK. Lion’s Den. Last I knew Lion’s Den was basically last man standing. Why don’t they give C.W. Whitewater or GVA Cleveland retailer of the year? Whatever.

Hey whatever happened to Sam Hain, the Lion Den owner’s son who did that movie for Wicked that they spent tons of money on? What was it called? Horizon? They shot it with the Red Epic camera. Love to see a new Sam Hain movie. Hopefully his dad will fork out some more cash.

“Production Company of the Year goes to gay studio Hothouse Entertainment. Founded by Hall of Fame director Steven Scarborough, Hothouse exemplifies creative innovation, high standards and ethical conduct.”

OK, I must admit I’ve never heard of Hothouse Entertainment or Hall of Fame director Steven Scarborough. Then again, I’m not a big consumer of gay product, so I guess I wouldn’t know. But from all the gaydar that I’m privy to, Lucas is the quintessential gay company and they are the cat’s ass when it comes to production. Lucas Entertainment is supposed to be the biggest thing in the whole gay world. It’s owner Michael Lucas is supposed to be a big political activist, travels the world and is very vocal and controversial. I’m told Lucas Entertainment is the biggest thing in the gay stratosphere. But, according to Free Speech Coalition, it’s Hothouse Entertainment.

Is Steven Scarborough related to Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe? Is he Joe Scarborough’s gay brother? Just curious.

Let’s move on.

“Internet Company of the Year will be presented to Gamelink. The award recognizes excellence, innovation and contributions made to the adult industry overall.”

OK. Gamelink. Internet Company of the Year. Go up and get your award. Just remember, Free Speech Coalition supports child pornography and child rapists. Have fun accepting your award.


“Benefactor of the Year has been awarded to Wicked Pictures. The recognition is for unwavering support, through philanthropy and advocacy, of adult industry and mainstream causes. As well as setting a good example, the company also has diligently attempted to protect the adult industry business community from legal challenges, business risks and critics.”

Wow. They’re an all condom company who has shut their mouth during the condom debate, so as to not make the industry look bad, when Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition, Steve Hirsch and everybody all say that using condoms will destroy the business and make all the studios go bankrupt. Yet, Wicked Pictures is still thriving and making millions and they wear condoms.

They shut their mouth and sat in the corner, when they should’ve been the model for safety in the business. From their healthcare plan to the way they treat their talent and mandatory condoms. What they did was sit in the sidelines, shut their mouth and didn’t get involved.

So Free Speech Coalition is giving an award for keeping quiet and not making the industry look bad in showing that you can can wear condoms and have healthcare and treat your talent well and still make millions of dollars.

Way to go, Wicked.

“Finally, the Leadership Award – to be presented at the XBIZ Awards gala on January 24 – is given to an individual or individuals that have demonstrated leadership by example. This year’s award will be presented to performer Nina Hartley and director Ernest Greene for their outstanding work in advocacy, education and community service.”

Really? What the fuck did Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene do? Except tell everybody that if you wear condoms you will get pussy burn. Nina Hartley used to be a staunch supporter of condoms. She appeared in a video with Sharon Mitchell where they educated new performers of the dos and don’ts of the adult business.

And Ernest Greene was a pro condom supporter who was the boyfriend of a performer named Chloe. Ernest Greene was a staunch condom advocate. Yet Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene in the last coupla years have come out and said condoms cause pussy burn.

So Nina and Ernest, congratulations on your leadership award. You now have an award from Free Speech Coalition.

“The FSC Awards presentation will be held at 6pm, on January 22, at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California, in conjunction with the FSC Summit and XBIZ 360 conference. For more information on these events, contact or (818) 348-9373.”

I wonder, if we call there right, do you think somebody will pick up? Seriously, are they there right now? Let’s call and see.

It’s ringing.

“Thank you for calling the Free Speech Coalition. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. If you are calling on the weekend or after hours, please leave a message and we will return your call. If this is media calling, please send an email to or leave a message. Thank you.”

Hi, this is Rob Black from the Rob Black Show. We’re calling live on the air. It’s about 9:38 PM and we were wondering if we could possibly get some press credentials and we could come down and broadcast your awards show. We’d love to be there and interview people on the red carpet that are getting their awesome awards. Especially Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene. If you could give us a call back on The Rob Black Show, that’d be greatly appreciated. We’d love to be there and experience all the excitement there at the W Hotel as Nick Orlandino and all of them get their awesome awards. Love to get a front row seat.

So if Joanne Capistrano or Diane Duke could give us a jingle that’d be great. We’d love to broadcast it out there to 60,000 or so that watch us on internet streaming and we got another 100,000 or so on the radio. Love to part of this great extravaganza.

Again, it’s Rob Black from the Rob Black Show. Thank you for your time, Joanne Capistrano and Diane Duke and all the great people there at Free Speech Coalition.

And hey, give old Kurt Treptow the child molester and child rapist that you guys all hang with a big shout out from The Rob Black Show. We were wondering if Kurt Treptow, Kurt Brackob will be there? Are you guys giving out an award for best child fucking? We definitely don’t wanna miss that. Again, it’s The Rob Black Show, live on the air. Thank you so much.

I don’t know how far that’ll get us, but we at least tried. We try.

So we’ll see if Free Speech Coalition will hit us back. Don’t know if they will, but we gave it a shot.

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