Rob Black Claims Karen Stagliano Got Sexually Reckless to Spite Him

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I’ve always said think twice before you twitter or talk shit about Rob Black because this guy’s got more dirt than a Dust Devil vacuum cleaner bag. Karen Stagliano has apparently made remarks that Black is/was an abusive rapist. They had been a porn item for a little over a year before they split.

Black spent about the last hour of his show Wednesday picking up the shards of his former romance with Stagliano when she was porn performer Tricia Devereaux. Black painted a picture of drinking and reckless abandon to describe the porn life of Devereaux.

I’ll give you the entire story in a morning’s post, but, suffice for now, Black opened an area of discussion that intrigues me.

Black referred to a Zane movie Devereaux performed in. It’s always been assumed that Devereaux contracted HIV from Marc Wallice on a John Bowen shoot. I don’t think so because at the time news broke that Devereaux had tested positive, this Zane movie also came out. I watched it and saw Devereaux, who was obviously high on something, being passed around like a doobie at a Grateful Dead concert. From fan to fan to fan.

Chuck Zane had sent the movie over to AVN to get my opinion of it. My opinion was a bad one because this made Zane [and Devereaux] look like a bunch of sexually irresponsible louts. Chuck went nuts and sent his second-in-command Burt Levesque over to AVN to give me a what-for dressing down. Except I showed Burt the scene. His face dropped. End of discussion.

Black on his show explained the movie thusly: “Now she [Devereaux] starts performing to where there’s a Zane movie with a house party where she’s being passed back and forth and fans are having sex with her.

“It’s a Matt Zane house party fuck party and she was in it being passed around by fans. Then she gets onto a set with John T. Bone- she runs into a man named Marc Wallice. He fucks her in the ass and infects her with HIV.

“So she was getting back at Rob Black the abusive boyfriend who prevented her from being a star. “ [That was always Devereaux’s contention.]

“Maybe she got it [HIV] at that house party,” Black surmised.

“We don’t know how it happened.” Once the word about Devereaux got out, though, Black, who was banging Nikki the receptionist at Elegant Angel, was told by her to get to the clinic and get tested.

“Karen was part of the scandal, and Marc Wallice infected six women,” Black continued.

“Marc Wallice who didn’t disclose information- he decided he was going to put you at risk; Karen, the girl, who to get back at the abusive boyfriend, put herself at risk and got infected with HIV. She got revenge HIV. She got back into the business and went ‘I’m going to be reckless as humanly possible to get back at my ex boyfriend.’

“A man named John Stagliano had a girlfriend that got drunk and together with a girlfriend they were driving drunk and went off a ledge. John Stagliano was sued for it. And then John Stagliano went to Brazil and participated in reckless behavior because he felt guilty. He was going to do something reckless. He came back with HIV and now he conceals and hides his HIV.

“Karen, you led a reckless life just like your husband, and now you’re condemning a girl, Katie Summers. This just shows how sick you and your husband are. Debate this, you sonofabitch.”

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