Rob Black Claims Lies, Lunacy, Violence, Drugs, Cheating, Infidelity, Alcohol Was His Life with Tricia Devereaux aka Karen Stagliano

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On his show Wednesday, Rob Black, said that because Daily Beast reporter Richard Abowitz decided with his Tweets to open a Pandora’s box of let’s talk with his “innuendos and bullshit” Black’s decided to tell the unvarnished history that occurred between him and Karen Stagliano who performed under the name Tricia Devereaux.

“When somebody says something that is misinformation or can be factually challenged I will speak out about it,” declared Black.

“It shows you patterns, attitudes and how people in the business have their own set of rules.”

“I met and dated Karen for one year and one month,” Black continued.

“Somehow Abowitz and the 6’4” Queen are trying to say this giant elaborate plan [the Katie Summers lawsuit] was hatched to take down Evil Angel, Stagliano, the Free Speech Coalition, all these people because I went out with Karen Stagliano; and I guess she broke my heart, ran off with Stagliano; I became jealous and enraged. They had children together and for the last 17 years I’ve harbored hatred because Stagliano took my girlfriend.

“Abowitz, that’s what you people are implying? I laugh my ass off because you silly people secretly want this business to fail so you goad me out.

“I’ve never talked about it, and Lizzy [Borden] would even say I want to go punch her [Karen] in the face. Karen would say horrible lies about me for no reason. I still won’t attack her because I feel responsible that she’s got HIV. She blames me for having HIV, and I probably still haven’t come to grips with that. This ain’t about Karen. The last thing I want to do is go after her. Why? For you people to sit there and make things worse, I don’t get it.

“The business needs to be cleaned up,” said Black.

“And when you bury your heads in the sand it won’t happen.”

Black described how Karen Stagliano when she was coming into her own as Tricia Devereaux lived in Cleveland. Black was then coming into his own when he made the movies Tenderloins and Cellar Dwellers in Rochester, N.Y.

“I used Jim South as my agent because he was awesome,” said Black. “I would call and get talent for autograph signings. Debi Diamond blew me in the bathroom at Syracuse one time. I think she liked the fact that she was the first porn girl I ever had.

“Eddie Martinez and Mark Gallagher from Plush shot a move with Tricia Devereaux. Prior to that she shot a movie for Ed Powers, Dirty Debutantes.

“I was told to call her because she lived in Ohio, was cute, that she did anals, DP and the flight was cheap. She and Chloe did a big deal gangbang [for Anabolic].

“She had a girl next door type of vibe. She had a crazy mom, and a dad who committed suicide, all this stuff. I called her and flew her in.

“This was back when she was young and a good person, still, and not destroyed by the business. Instantly we hit it off and were flirty. To do the movie we had to wait for Steve Hatcher to fly in from California and he got busted on the plane for weed. Hatcher finally arrived and I put everybody up at a hotel down the street from Ontario Daily News [an adult book store].”

Black also got a hotel room because he didn’t want to have to drive back and forth to his house.

“My father’s friend Sam let me shoot Cellar Dwellers at his place of business.”

Black described the Cellar Dwellers experience as all these eclectic people coming together and lending their talents and ideas.

“I’m at the hotel the first night. I get a call. Karen is crying. I went to her room and we sat there and we talked. She told me her life story and about her anxiety attacks.

“We basically fall asleep until the next morning. Then we started making out, and we had unprotected sex.”

Black said he never had anyone’s tongue up his asshole before.

“She was riding me cowgirl and she started jerking my cock and she tongued my asshole. I came over my belly. The first load went over my shoulder and almost hit me in the face. It was the trippiest thing ever.

“So Karen does a four-way in the movie with Hatcher, Rick Masters and Dave Hardman. They choke her and start spitting in her mouth. I remember people on set going, ugh, that’s gross.

“This scene with Karen- she’s in an electric chair- and right before they kill her, she gets released by these naked guys who defile her. Then she gets sent to hell with me as the devil.

“After the movie, she left to go back to Ohio,” Black continued.

“We talked every day and were getting ready to do the VSDA summer show. I was going to have a booth with Plush which was with VCA.

“Karen was married at the time to a guy named Patrick that she said she was getting a divorce from. She’s now going out to California and hanging out with Mike Rubenstein. She’d tell me about her life.

“As it turns out Karen the Anabolic gangbang girl was signing at the VCA booth- because Plush had put her in some movie. Mark Gallagher and Eddie Martinez were players back then. Karen’s at the booth and we’re promoting the Cellar Dwellers movie.

“Now I get a call from my dad. The cat’s out of the bag. He knows what I’ve been doing with my college money, and he told me when you come back you’re in so much trouble.

“Now I’m living in fear. I know I’m going to be banished so I might as well move to California and become a super star. I go back to Rochester thinking there will be a big controversy, okay. It’s bigger than you could possibly imagine. I’m thrown out.

“I call Karen and tell her I’m moving now. ‘My God, that’s crazy,’ she says. ‘I’ll come to Rochester and help you pack.’ Now it’s a girlfriend-ishy thing. We pack up. We’re laying in bed, we’re both nervous. Her dream was to be a Vivid girl. She looks at me and goes, ‘you want to have a competition?’

“She wanted to see who’s going to be the first one to make it big in the porn business. We move to LA. I lived in a house with her, and we’re living a regular life. She’s working in the business. No complaints. I’m new to all this and can’t tell who who to work or not. Mike Adams and Quasarman they do a movie for Plush, and they put her on the cover. I directed the scene. She got D.P.’ed. There it’s starting.

“I’m now working for VCA. We’re doing our thing.”

Black described that he had big fight with VCA about the same time that Devereaux went to Europe to work for Private.

“I remember calling Trish telling her I got a job at Elegant Angel for $5,000 a month and turned it down. She’s yelling at me what the fuck is wrong with you. We had this dialogue.

“But now I’m going to get $10,000 a movie [from Elegant Angel] and the rest is history. I was their big shot director. I made it before her.

“In her mind I made it before her, but I’m set on making her into a star. I’m pushing her in my movies, and she’s getting fucked by other people. In the stories she now tells, she omits factual information that can be seen in these movies. When her boyfriend is big shit, she now becomes the de facto contract girl at Elegant Angel.

“She’s a fucking raving lunatic. At Elegant Angel she walks around like she owns the place. I’m putting her in the movies, and she does whatever she wants. The biggest movies I did she’s in. The list goes on- every movie, she’s on the cover. She was part of our system. Turns out she was trying to have me and her ex all at once. She wasn’t divorced!! She was still married!!

“The guy Patrick, her ex-husband, showed up in California one day- he’s saying, hey, wife, are you coming back to Cleveland? People at Elegant Angel are going, hey, Karen, your husband’s outside. I accompanied her to Cleveland where they finalized the divorce.”

Black said he helped her clean out her belongings from a place that looked like Silence of the Lambs.

“During the relationship, I wanted her to be a contract girl exclusively for Elegant Angel.

“’Let me craft your career and who does what,’ I told her. I felt comfortable with her working with certain guys. Sorry, I admit it. Sorry, I said I want to make you a contract girl, I love you, I want to have kids with you.

“I got gonorrhea from her twice and got pink eye once. I had to go to the hospital. She stopped doing guys, and I became an evil-rapist.

“She likes to drink and she becomes abusive and violent. On one occasion I open hand slapped her- it was a push slap from her punching me and scratching me. The next day was Thanksgiving- I’m at Patrick Collins’ house. I couldn’t cover up the scratch mark down my neck. Greg Alves goes, ‘again’? Yeah.

“Karen pulled the same stunt at a GVA open house.” Black recalled how he got his friend from Rochester, Fat Andy, to move out to California. According to Black, Fat Andy started a romance with her behind his back.

“It started out as a one night thing, but it became a month-to-month relationship.

“The thought in her mind was I was preventing her from being a star. So she decided to have a relationship with 400 pound Fat Andy. She would fuck him, That lasted months. Everyone at Elegant Angel knew, but I didn’t know. I had no idea.

“In Miscreants she was going to be the lead. I told her this is going to be a huge movie, and you’re going to win awards. All the while she’s fucking Fat Andy. But I kept her from being a star, though she did every movie at Elegant Angel. Miscreants was going to be a movie that would make her a household name.

“All of these aspects are factual. Then I found out what was going on. I called Andy, ‘you motherfucker.’ He was staying at Greg Alves house. They put him on a plane immediately back to Rochester.

“I told Karen fuck you and I left our house. I called Nikki Strasner the receptionist, can I stay with you?

Black said he talked about getting back together with Devereaux but Black by now is fucking Nikki.

“She’s telling me, ‘This bitch cheated on you, fuck her.’

“Then Karen one time walked into our bedroom and saw me and Nikki. So Karen says since we’re not going to get back, I’m done. ‘I’m going back to Ohio. I’m feeling shitty because we should have gotten back together but we didn’t.’

“Karen went back to Ohio and I continued with the Rob Black experience. Maybe four months later, I get a call saying your ex girlfriend is getting back into the business, but she’s doing dope and she’s not in a good place. I would say about two weeks after that call, AVN wrote a story how Tricia Devereaux was back and she signs an exclusive with Cream and John T. Bone.

“The article states that her career was derailed by an abusive boyfriend, an abusive boyfriend who never let her fulfill her potential. She’s going to do cream pies, DP’s, triple penetration and maybe the World’s Biggest Gangbang- this is a fuck you to Rob Black.

“I guess all this was left out, Abowitz.”

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