Rob Black Comments Abourt the Launch of

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On his Monday show Rob Black talked about the launch of his new website,

“I worked all weekend on it,” he explained.

“I know you guys won’t believe me and will think I’m full of shit. I got a website creator program from Frys where you can peogram your own website. It’s for retards, people that don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. It’s awesome. Everybody’s got word press websites, and that’s been the fad. But there’s something about old school. I got this program and started Thursday. I did not go home until 6 AM [Monday] morning.

Black said it’s been an odyssey trying to fix his mistakes on the site including two links.

“It’s a pretty bad ass site, and it’s made like a retard because I am a retard. It’s pretty fucking awesome. You go there and you can stream our show and watch it including a half-hour after show. You get that for $2 per episode or you can buy a membership for $34.95. There’s a VOD section where you can catch up with past episodes. Another section, Sinister TV is a VOD system for adult movies from the Sinster library. “The membership there is $15 and will give you access to the Sinister library.”

“I need to pay my bills,” explained Black.

Another section called Black Angel is devoted to girls Black talks about on his show. “If we have a girl doing something sexual, it’s going to be there.”

“It’s cool. I like it. It’s what I’d like to say and we’re making changes every day. I wanted to get something up there that you can enjoy with me. All this stuff is done by us, by the American worker who’s out there struggling and taking charge of our lives and circumstances.”

Black is also planning cam shows and other VOD benefits.

Black said he was trying to offer an alternative thus showing by example what performers could accomplish if they were tired of living on the Manwin dole.

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