Rob Black Compares Industry Support of Diane Duke to Battered Wives Syndrome

Rob Black spent his entire show, going over the history of XPW and his fallout with former general manager Kevin Kleinrock. I was at Kleinrock’s weddding to a former porn performer. It was a lovely affair. Tom Zupko and I sang Mack The Knife in the parking lot late at night. That’s my Kevin Kleinrock story.

During the course of his program, Black’s listeners urged him to comment on the Diane Duke “fuck up” for sending porn representatives to Sacramento, not knowing that AB 332 in suspense status wouldn’t have allowed for people in the industry to speak publicly. Who knows how much Duke spent, unaware of parliamentary procedure.

“Basically Diane Duke fucked up,” said Black.

“Basically AB 332 was automatically going into suspense status. So she spent money for people to show up and testify at hearings where testimony wasn’t allowed.

“What happened with the bill was supposed to happen. We sent Peter Scarface gangster-wannabe Acworth up there with the alleged rapist Princess Donna. We had all these people going up there. We had Free Speech paying for hotel rooms of all these people and at the end of the day it all amounted to nothing; you had people making fun of us. They were looking at you, ‘why are you here, dummies?’

“Everybody’s shocked. Gene Ross writes about it. Mike South writes about it. Everybody writes about it, and I’ve been saying they’re terrorists and idiots.

“All these people are going look at what Diane Duke did. Yeah, dude. I called someone a retard a month ago and you’re going, yeah, that proves Rob Black right. Yep, she’s a retard. To me this makes you people look dumb. This happening makes you look dumb.

“This is like seven or eight instances where Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition and the Staglianos and them have done this.”

Black said Duke’s faux pas makes the entire industry look like an abused wife, who everyday her husband gets drunk and beats her, then tells her he’ll never do it again and everyday it keeps happening and happening and she stays.

“She eventually gets burned alive or gets killed. Every day something new happens with Capistrano and Diane Duke and everybody goes, oh, that’s bad.

“It’s like a molester who touches a girl’s boob above the shirt. So Manwin raped us a little. But now look what Diane Duke did. That’s incompetent.

“Guys, once you’re incompetent, you’re always incompetent. If you’re incompetent how you deal with a bill and how you deal with our own interaction with our own people, how do you think you’re going to interact with legislation? They actually have Jeffrey Douglas who’s supposed to be a fucking lawyer. Good luck, guys.”


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