Rob Black Compares Mark Kernes, AVN to Al-Awlaki


I thought Rob Black had lost his mind when he had words of endearment for AVN’s Mark Kernes several weeks ago.

But Black changed his tone real quick when he went to have a piss between breaks on his show and came back with fire in his voice.

Black had caught an article written by Kernes on AVN which poo-poohed the discovery of a super strain of Gonorrhea while again making a case for the wonderful testing procedures the adult community has set up.

“Me and Kernes used to be friends, and we used to fuck with him on our website [Extreme Associates].”

Black explained that Kernes would get miffed by some of the articles, one in particular titled Ku Klux Kernes in which Kernes was observed to portray some racist tendencies. I remember that piece very well. I think I might have even written that.

No matter. Black said he and Kernes kind of buried the hatchet.

“We’ve been friends since I went to jail, and I’m afraid to unload on him,” said Black.

That all changed Tuesday afternoon when Black read on air the Kernes article titled, “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s SuperBug… NOT!!!”

Black said the article is typical of the Manwin/AVN propaganda machine, comparing Kernes to Al-Awlaki, a Muslamic mastermind of terrorist operations.

“I look at Mark Kernes, and we’ve established it’s a propaganda tool. It’s one thing for Anwar Al-Awlaki, AVN, to do propaganda on industry bullshit, but another when you do it on government facts and spew propaganda to an industry of young sheep who have no idea what’s going on.”

Black said the young performers in the industry still believe that AVN’s worth something more than a name.

In an earlier portion of his program, Black quickly dispelled that rumor.

According to Black, Kernes dismissed the sex superbug story entirely.

“That’s like a right winger talking about global warming. Mark Kernes when have you started rallying against the media? That is such a foreigner move. This article is another tell-tale sign that foreigners own AVN. Mark Kernes is a guy who has been in this business forever. Mark Kernes went to jail because he didn’t want to pay taxes.”

Black said by declaring there was no gonorrhea strain, Kernes was issuing propaganda at its most outrageous.

Another thing that caught Black’s eye was Kernes’ statement, “Fortunately, adult performers are rapidly moving from a monthly to a biweekly testing regimen at APHSS-approved clinics and test sites, which so far have proven adept at catching the few infections with which they’ve been presented and preventing them from reaching the rest of the performer population.”

Black said tell that to the female performers in the business who sleep with the customers at Sardo’s Porn Star Karaoke.

Black noted that every time there’s an argument on behalf of health regulation it’s usually followed by a fuck-you type of article from Kernes.

“Kernes is an Anwar Al-Awlaki statement.”

Black pointed out that arguments against health regulation generally solicits fuck you statements from Kernes.

“That’s a terrorist saying this is a media promoted terrorist story. ‘Don’t be vigilant.’ ‘Don’t take notice of a bomb.’ That’s what the terrorists are saying.

“I’m not some right wing kook. Everything AVN is saying is what terrorists are telling you to do.”

Black wondered what’s so absurd about believing that there’s a super gonorrhea strain developing in Japan.

“The AVN performer of the Year is Japanese, and the super strain of gonorrhea is from Japan,” notes Black.

“Anwar, you really want to fuck with us? Basically Kernes sat there and took an article by The Daily Beat about a gonorrhea strain that is resistant to antibiotics. Now Mark Kernes is saying there’s a giant media conspiracy, and this ties into people who are trying to have people wear condoms in our business. This is just what a good terrorist would say.”

“It happened in Japan,” said Black.

“They’re not a Third World country. We trade with them. We have Americans that go to Japan every day by the droves. We’re not talking about Istabul, Kernes, you stupid bastard. This is Hezbollah propaganda. Just like any terrorist propaganda, they’re downplaying this. This is the kind of propaganda that AVN can spew about bogus figures. It’s a cover up.

“AVN/ Anwar just made more propaganda. You are a liar, Mark Kernes. AVN needs to be droned, and I can’t wait for the day that The Justice Dept. finds our you’re harboring terrorists and that a drone will show up outside your door and incinerate your building.”

“Black said Kernes does his best to diminish health organization figures yet industry figures are just as bogus.

As proof Black says he knows of four women in the business with STDS where their names are nowhere on a database.

“Where are your facts and figures, Anwar? You are a liar, Mark Kernes. It’s amazing. That is like somebody from the Middle East, a Muslim saying, you don’t like our God? We’ll kill you. What you’re doing is fear mongering.

“Shame on you. You can tell AVN is run by foreign nationalists, and people that are not Americans. Only somebody who doesn’t believe in American values would say what Mark Kernes is saying. There’s no excuse for performers to be cautious? That’s when Anwar is saying.”

Kernes also rendered insignificant comments offered by William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD, by calling Smith a “scaremonger.”

Speaking of scaremongering, Black said AVN has promoted an environment of fear.

“Ask Lylith Lavey,” said Black. “She sucked a dick because a 20-year veteran told her it was a vitamin deficiency. What did she know. What would Lylith Lavey know what syphilis looks like?”

Black said had Lavey voiced an objection or made a comment that Marcus’ dick looked funny she would have been accused of being a racist.

“That’s what Marcus would have said. ‘What do you mean there’s something wrong with my dick? It’s a vitamin deficiency. You’re a racist, bitch.’”

Black also noted how Lexington Steel talked about how every girl in the business is racist.

“I’m done,” said Black. “I have to beat a dead horse and speak up for this girl? Mr. Marcus, Mr. Vivid, the James Deen of black guys, that guy when he pulls out that dick she’s not supposed to say your dick looks funny and risks being drummed out of the business by Marcus and Lexington Steele?

“’I’m not gonna fuck this fucker!’ That’s what it would have turned into. I feel bad for her. I’ll jerk off on her, but now you have a girl who was pressured because the entire black community, god forbid, if you don’t want to work for them you’re a racist.

“AVN you need to be killed. You have an environment where a white girl cannot refuse to work with a black guy.”

By the same token, said Black, TMZ “tortured” Alexis Texas because she didn’t work with black guys.

“TMZ went after Alexis Texas because she said she didn’t do black guys. She was painted as a racist. So now you’re going to tell me Lylith Lavey could have turned down Marcus? I rest my case.

“Mark Kernes sits there and uses a real story to try to discredit concern for the safety of the performers [condoms]. Kernes you are a liar. APHSS is shit. You’re upset because we want to take caution.

“The American foundation of who we are has been built on caution.”

Kernes also wrote that Smith’s “potential for disaster” description of the gonorrhea strain was “no excuse to suppress adult sexual speech.”

“Talk to those families of Sandy Hook about “potential for disaster,” said Black.

“Mark Kernes at Anwar/AVN is trying to make you feel safe again because this super Gonorrhea isn’t coming to America. Just like the terrorists on 9/11 weren’t coming to America.

“Just likes AIDS is no big deal that it was only in Africa. Then it was only with faggots. Didn’t Saudi Arabians go to flight schools and use the Internet? All of this was potential for disaster, Mark Kernes, you fucking scumbag. Terrorists want us to let our guards down. You cannot take your terrorist propaganda and spread it. I will fight you.

“Destroy AVN, they are Anwar terrorists owned by Manwin.”

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