Rob Black: Diane Duke, Free Speech, We’re Going To Fight You

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Rob Black apologized for his show airing late due to auto problems. The car, said Black, has 245,000 miles on it so the front of the car is pushed in to a metallic freak show. The back of the trunk is latched down with a bungee cord. Plus the tags have been expired for two months.

“I’ve been driving that and recently the pistons have been knocking a lot. It is what it is. It’s on its last legs.” Black had to go somewhere in the morning to run errands with Nikki Charm with the car stalling and “shitting in the bed.”

“As long as you weren’t stopped, you were alright,” he said, noting that his whole show prep consists of medication and a dollar menu at McDonald’s.
“There’s a whole litany of things.”

“The car shit the bed. I coast to a curb. Got out of the car, locked it up and said it looks like we’ll be walking. We proceeded to walk to the Burbank airport for a rental, a cab, anything.”

Besides that, his phone died. Somewhere in this bizarre explanation Black said his mother wanted to name him either Pascal or Papillon. With no phones available Black got word to Katie Summers who got word to Tom Byron to reschedule the show.

“Basically I’m doing fucking Morse Code. I’m Paul Revere and I’m marching on to get word back to the troops that the show must go on.” Point being, said Black, he’s part of the 99%-ers of porn.

“I’m sitting there doing 17 Morse codes. I literally walked ten fucking miles. Maybe I’m exaggerating- six miles. I feel like I’m an Italian version of Anne Frank. I’m getting assaulted from the people that are destroying our business. I’ll say Heil Hitler to them. I will be here everyday.”

Black compares the 1% of the business to Nazis but says he’ll persevere like Anne Frank.

“And the world came together and defeated Nazi Germany. They rallied around that littler girl and we destroyed Hitler. The people that control this industry- Diane Duke, Free Speech, they are Hitler. You are trying to exterminate the workers of this business you sonsofbitches. I’m coming with my bombs and someone is building a nuke for you guys. We are going to fight you.”

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