Rob Black : Diane Duke Says Statistically Somebody’s Going To Get HIV

On his Friday night show Rob talked about the money being generated from testing.

“Diane Duke went on James “Liberace” Bartholet’s show and she did an interview and she talked about how many members and how many people in the business go in for testing.”

“I said 500 talent that test every month and it came out to 2 million dollars a year. Then I heard the number was actually 1000 and that put the number up to 4 million.”

“Then I heard the bit on Bartholet’s show and I heard the number was 3000 members. She said if you take a look at the actual population, we have over 3000 performers in our database. Statistically somebody’s going to get HIV. It’s going to happen.”

“This is what Diane Duke said in this interview. I touched on this the other day, that people are bound to get HIV.”

“Now what I’ve got to focus on is the 3000 performers in the database. My figure was 500. I had heard somebody say 1000. But then Diane Duke says the number is actually 3000 performers and that’s what she’s basing her statistics off of for disease.”

“So if you add the money up based on twice a month testing the number is 12 million. 12 MILLION DOLLARS.”

“I guess we know now why the fight is going on. This is coming from Diane Duke’s mouth. If you’re going to use the figure of 3000 performers to base statistics on, you’re saying that there are 3000 paying customers, and if they’re paying customers, add up one year and it comes out to 12 million dollars.”

“Diane Duke. Where is the 12 million dollars? There’s either 12 million dollars or there’s a lot more disease going around than you’re telling everybody. Either there are a lot more people walking around with diseases and just disappearing, like Sofia Delgado. Or you and Free Speech Coalition are whacking up 12 million dollars a year.”

“These are your own words, not mine. I’m not making any of them up. Diane Duke was on James Bartholet’s show and she said statistically people in the business are going to get HIV and there’s nothing you can do about it. She also said that there were 3000 people getting tested twice a month and when you add that up it’s 12 million dollars.”

“You say Rob, they just started doing the two times a month testing. So back it up and the figure they have been getting is 6 million dollars. Six fucking million dollars. Man I can’t even fathom six million dollars.”

“Do you realize with that much money how much healthcare could be provided to the talent? Do you realize what kind of jobs programs could be provided for the talent? Where if you get tired of selling your pussy at the AirTel plaza hotel you could get some kind of job training for life after porn?”

“And when Diane Duke throws out that number of 3000 performers and says statistically some of them are going to get HIV, wouldn’t that risk be diminished by wearing condoms?”

“You all believe these people that tell you if you just shut your mouth and go along with the program, you’re gonna get a pot of gold. That if you tow the line the 1% are going to let you into their club? Never going to happen.”

“You think by towing the company line Steven Hirsch and Marci Hirsch are going to let you fly on their private jet?”

“They say statistically this and statistically that. If they wear condoms doesn’t that lower that statistical rate? They say well yeah, Rob, but we don’t want to wear condoms. Why? Because they don’t sell. Bullshit. Look at Wicked Pictures and they just signed Asa Akira. They irritate girls pussies. Bullshit. Look at the Wicked girls.

So you have Diane Duke, 3000 fucking performers, you have 12 million dollars and you got statistically people are gonna get AIDS. But she won’t admit that statistically condom use would lower the risk.”

“This has been going on for years. I told you the story of when Tom Byron was on the set of Star Wars and that writer Romero from LA Weekly was there and was interviewing him and started talking about the condom debate, and Tom Byron said, I didn’t really want to talk about that, because I’m here to talk about Star Wars, I’m here in Obi-Wan makeup. So he came home and told me and said that there is no way to tow the company line without being a liar and sounding like an idiot. So how do you do an interview about this issue and not sound like the most ignorant buffoon in the world by saying we shouldn’t use condoms? So I would rather not talk about something than look like an ignorant buffoon.”

“There’s no way around it when somebody goes, don’t you think it’d be safer if you guys wore condoms and you say no. That’s it. It’s over.”

“Don’t you guys get it? Diane Duke doesn’t get it, Steve Hirsch don’t get it. The lawyers get it, because they’re the ones fleecing all of you guys.”

“Remember Cal/OSHA wanted to work with you guys and Bryn Pryor folded and arms and stomped and screamed at these people. Cal/OSHA makes no distinction between a porn set and Subway, so when you have a gay company like Factory Video saying well we didn’t get THAT many blood -borne pathogen citations that’s like Subway saying we don’t have that much rat hair in our food.

“12 million dollars, 6 million dollars and don’t forget these tests are all free from AIDS Healthcare Foundation. That’s the kicker in the balls. We throw around all these dollar figures and at the end of the day it’s all fucking free. How come nobody wants to talk about that elephant in the room?”

“This is cut and dry. There is no disputing it unless you lie. And if you lie, there’s no reason for you to be part of the conversation.”

“How long do you guys think you’re gonna do this for? Because I’ll do this forever. I’m gonna talk like this every day for 5 hours a day.”

“Hey Spiegler, Hey Derek Hay, Hey Diane Duke, Hey Stagliano, Hey Christian Mann, I’ll tell you this. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. I wouldn’t want me calling me out 5 hours a day for my bullshit. It’s gotta make you feel like shit that every single day every move you make is gonna get scrutinized and every fucking word that comes out of your mouth someone’s gonna be there to jump on it.”

“And all of you guys are so ripe with bullshit that it’s funny and amusing and easy to deliver truth to all of your shit.”

“Every day that you log in to AdultFYI, you’re gonna read about yourselves. Every day that you tune in to the show, every time you fuck with the people, with the workers in this business, I’m gonna be there to fuck with you.”

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