Rob Black: Dream Zone’s Schoolgirl Stories is a Ripoff

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On Monday Rob Black said he was starting up a new segment of the show: “We caught you in bull shit, we hope you die of cancer, you lousy cunt.”

“It’s the 28,000 pound gorilla in the room,” said Black.

“This is where you collectively turn up the computer speakers in the business.”

“Go get a refreshment real quick because this is going to be fun.”

An AVN press release dated April 16th, caught Black’s attention. And he apologized for not saying anything at the time.

The story centers on Dream Zone Entertainment shipping a new gonzo series, School Girls Stories to retail outlets. Black read the entire release, tongue-in-cheek, which quotes Adam Hasner of the company.

“I’m reading this press release and looking at the box cover. I’m thinking I need to go out and get this movie. I’m saying how do I get my hands on this double-disc set collectors edition?

“My heart is racing because I’m so excited. I don’t how much I can explain how awesome this movie is! I’m like oh My God, where can I get it- three hours of hardcore gonzo vignettes with photo galleries and trailers. I need this fucking movie.”

Black said he almost broke his leg trying to get out of the house to buy the movie.

“Everybody knows you can $18 to $22 out the door for a double disc,” said Black. “You always get more. Wow. I got to figure Dream Zone’s probably trying to get $16 for that. I know every store out there is going to have it.”

That is, until Tom Byron told him he could give Black all the scenes from the movie because they’re all Tom Byron scenes.

“Those are my movies.”

Byron then explained to Black which movie each scene is from- all except one new scene which is thrown in with a comp.

“I said Tommy that’s very deceiving to the customers.”

“It’s deceiving to me,” said Byron.

“I got swindled out of a company [Tom Byron Pictures] and every scene is being moved through Dream Zone. I live with you in a bunk bed with the Scientology people.”

Black said he was lost in this discussion and how it was all Byron’s product and was re-packaged then re-packaged again.

“They’re taking all of those [re-packaged scenes] and putting them out through Dream Zone,” said Black.

“Basically everybody that’s buying this is buying old Tom Byron material. The collectors edition is a whole bunch of Tom Byron scenes they robbed and put in a Dream Zone package where we lie to people.

“Tom Byron, on top of killing you, we’re going to dance on your corpse. This is what Adam Hasner and Frank Koretsky and Dream Zone do. Thirty years in the business? Fuck you. Now we’re going to take all your footage, make new product lines and bullshit the product. And we’re going to make more money and more money. Awesome. All you 1%-ers got to be real fucking proud of yourselves.”

Black addressed all the distributors, by name, who are being ripped off with comp Tom Byron Pictures footage.

“A 52 year old guy [Byron] who don’t got a box to piss in.” Black said the practice is just a tip of the iceberg.

“This is the start of the scumbags- this is just the start. I got three hours a day starting Wednesday.”

Black said he’s going after the scumbags in New Jersey [IVD] in a nice slow process.

“You better dig up Johnny Cochran’s body, motherfucker. You better dig up F. Lee Bailey, take your beloved Paul Cambria, take Sirkin and sprinkle that on top to muster shutting my mouth up, motherfuckers.

“Every fucking movie you put out- we’re going to be looking at and inspecting every fucking movie. We’re going to tell the world if they want to pay you fuckers $16 for movies they bought five years ago. No more will you motherfuckers get over on us.

“You think it’s a war? You only scratched the surface. Hey Hightstown, mark today as the rest of your fucking lives. You have only seen the beginning. Get whatever gangsters you guys say you know- Koretsky’s a tough guy. He likes to hang out with Al Pacino.

“Koretsky wants to take pictures with gangsters, you fuck. If you were a gangster you’d be swimming and be eaten by sharks, you fuck. Every fucking press release that comes up we’re going to attack.”

Black predicted a systematic dismantling of the Koretsky empire.

“Every time you put out a release of Tom Byron footage as new, we’re going to tell the fans and the distributors. That’s our business for you. That sums it up in a nutshell. The 1% fucks the 99% all the way from the actors to the distributors to the consumers. Dream Zone Entertainment – a compilation company that fucks the customer, fucks the distributor and fucks Tom Byron.”

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