Rob Black : Free Speech Coalition Has Failed Us

I feel like I’m in that movie Groundhog Day. It’s like we’re living the same nightmare over and over again.

We have an HIV case again. People defying the moratorium again. Free Speech Coalition spouting the same bullshit again.

I told you yesterday that we’ve all been disarmed so they can infect us. They disarmed us with the notion that everybody’s safe. Then when something happens like this latest HIV, they say well that’s what happens when you fuck off camera.

On camera you can do a 50 guy anal creampie because everybody’s got a piece of paper. Off set whether you use a condom or not with a prince from Dubai, they say that’s being careless. But the same people who set up the on camera set are the same setting up the off camera! So it defies logic when we say on set, off set, faggot, straight.

Free Speech Coalition has a new spokesperson, some guy Michael Stabile. Haven’t heard anything from Dr. Maio. We’re getting less information on this HIV outbreak. We’re not being armed with the information to protect ourselves.

Instead everyone wants to witch hunt a guy who’s been in the business 15 years doing everything that Seth Gamble, Wolf Hudson, Ryan Driller and Christian XXX all do. Except they say, “I do it more responsibly.” How are these guys any different? Because somebody dates a Spiegler girl?

Think about it. Danny Wylde was in our business and dated Lily LaBeau. He was intricately intertwined with Free Speech Coalition and doing press conferences on Huff Post Live. He was a known crossover and dated Spiegler girl Lily LaBeau. And nobody bitched about that. Yet everyone’s attacking TJ Cummings. Why? I don’t fucking get it.

How is Danny Wylde any different than TJ Cummings? Except TJ’s sitting there with a positive HIV test and he’s outed. Everyone else gets a pass. I don’t understand you all.

HIV happens because all of you are co-mingling like a giant petri dish. If you all prescribe to the theory that gays and transsexuals are at higher risk than straight performers than you have to apply it to Wicked, because they hire crossovers. Axel Braun hires crossovers. Mark Spiegler’s entire roster of girls work with crossovers or dates somebody who fucks dudes.

How do you weed out who fucks dudes? How do you weed out who fucks trannies when you have guys who justify it because they cut the dick off? Kimber James is a dude who got his dick cut off and is on an agency site working with male talent who say he’s a girl because he doesn’t have a dick anymore. Yet you attack TJ. I don’t fucking get it.

TJ Cummings and Cameron Bay. You all act like they are out of the norm. You all pretend that the guy sitting next to you on a set didn’t have a dick in his mouth last night. How many of the “straight” guys fuck that transsexual Foxxy? I know of at least a couple of real macho guys in the business that fuck Foxxy privately. You all know who I’m talking about. Where is that outing?

If you’re all gonna bastardize TJ and Cameron, why don’t you bastardize all the guys who fuck Foxxy? And we all know who they are. They are tough macho guys. Are we gonna start outing them? Seems like the toughest muscular guys are the ones who like to fuck dudes in the ass and claim it’s a chick.

If we’re gonna have a witch hunt let’s have a witch hunt. Ryan Driller is a crossover that all the big name girls have fucked from Andy San Dimas on down. Ryan and TJ are buddies.

We all know the guys. They have the blank stare while they’re fucking.

So who’s gay? Who’s straight? Who like to fuck trannies? It’s really a moot point. There are other risky behaviors. Guys that shoot up their dicks. Drug users. Can you imagine if we had to test for drugs in this business? You would have an empty fucking talent roster.

You guys gotta remember. When you attack talent for being irresponsible your righteous leader John Stagliano let a transsexual stick his bloody HIV infected non condom wearing penis in his asshole. By that time, the transsexual probably had full blown AIDS.

Your righteous leader who you’ve all given a pass to work with talent when he’s HIV positive got it from being reckless and careless and doing exactly what you all condemn other people for. You condemn people for being careless and for fucking transsexuals, yet you all work for Evil Angel who’s business is built on high risk acts.

It’s all based on popularity. It’s like high school. John Stagliano is exactly what all of you despise. A tranny fucker. Yet he is your hero. He is the one we give awards to. You should give Christian XXX an award, but he’s almost as despised as I am. He is no different than Stagliano, except he’s not swimming with HIV. Yet John Stagliano is regarded as a fucking legend. But everything he’s done is exactly what you’re all attacking TJ Cummings for. Are you guys nuts?

Free Speech Coalition brings up a bunch of trannies like Tom Kat to lobby in Sacramento and yet everyone’s attacking TJ like he’s doing something crazy. What’s he doing that’s crazy? He should be lobbying for Free Speech Coalition. He’s their poster boy.

We would not be in any of these situations if we had leadership that controlled all of this. If we had an organization that said, “Here are the rules. You can adhere to these guidelines and be part of the legitimate industry in LA or you can go off and be a rogue in Vegas. If you stay in LA and are a rogue piece of shit we’re gonna clamp down on you, fine you and drive you out of California.” Very simple.

We started this journey less than a year ago. In less than a year, we’ve managed to do what others couldn’t do in ten years. We’ve got enough support politically for a new organization. A new governing body that you will see emerge in 2014. Mark my words.

I’m a PR guy. That’s all. I just bring people together with a common purpose and I’m gonna get out the message. It’s a simple game plan. It’s gonna be effective and it’s gonna help the entire industry.

The industry needs leadership that knows how this business works. You need people who have been in the trenches. You don’t need a bunch of paper pushers who have never been on the front lines in a porn war. And we are in a war fighting against our own destruction.

The business needs to be redesigned and restructured. Instead of wasting our time discussing how TJ Cummings contracted HIV. Because at the end of the day a test is a test. It just shows you got the disease. However you got it, whether from your dentist or a tranny fucking your ass, you still have HIV and you’re fucked.

A test is just a fucking test. It’s not a force field that protects you from HIV.

If we had condoms and regulation you wouldn’t have pimps showing up at your office with a junkie who needs $300 for her next fix. If we got rid of the agent pimps and had a centralized talent database we would eliminate half the problems in this business.

You would have a structure in place that actually looks out for talents best interests. Someone who is looking out for them. A structure that says we need to have safety. We need to have condoms. We need to have healthcare in case talent gets sick.

These are things that agents don’t do. Because they’re not agents, they’re pimps. You have guys like Chris at Foxxx Modeling and Derek Hay who run “model houses.” They’re hooker flop houses!

You have hooker flop houses with five or six hookers and a pimp. When a new girl comes along and says she wants to wear a condom, all the girls go “We don’t wear condoms. That’s not how it works, bitch. ” And the pimp says, “You wanna work don’t you? They won’t shoot you if you ask for a condom. Plus they’ll irritate your pussy and you’ll get AIDS. Just ask Nina Hartley.”

There you go. There’s your administration. There’s your system.

The Free Speech Coalition has fundraising events. Bowling events where they whack up $8000 with these agents that run these model houses. You’re talking about an administration that is actively promoting with these pimps so they can keep the lights on in their slave hooker houses.

I don’t know of any reputable producer that will hire a girl simply because some agent says she has a great mouth or pussy. If you’re casting Sharon Carter in Captain America you’re not gonna hire some BBW slob just because she blew seven guys at your poker party. When it comes to acting in a movie nothing relies on anything these scumbag pimps do.

You know how easy it would be to get rid of these agents? You’re gonna tell me that a girl is gonna turn down a role in a big movie or a bunch of scenes for Evil Angel because a pimp tells her to? That a company owner is gonna let a pimp dictate who they put in their movies? Bullshit.

Free Speech Coalition has failed us. They have failed us for years. From pedophiles to four HIV cases in five months. This is disgusting.

We see our industry go on a witch hunt about how someone contracts HIV and we see how a moratorium is not complied with. It shows the latent distrust in the system. You have an industry who has no faith in anything the administration does because they have failed us.

How many more people are gonna come down with HIV? Are we gonna go back to business as usual?

A test is a test. You pass or you fail. It is not a bullet proof shield.

You have all been lulled into this false sense of security by Free Speech Coalition and the testing systems that they run. They are making you act against your own instincts and logic. They have perpetuated this lie that you are going to be safe.

We’ve been programmed to go against everything we’ve been taught about safe sex. That unprotected anal sex with multiple partners is without risk as long as you have a piece of paper. It’s insane and you know it.

The main goal of this administration is to disarm you from the knowledge to protect yourself from infection. When you are disarmed that is when you are vulnerable.

Don’t let them disarm you. Take the lessons of history. Trust your instincts. Use your knowledge and protect yourselves.

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