Rob Black: Free Speech is Corruption at the Highest Level

Rob Black’s in mid-season form. Today on his Internet show he went after Veronica Hart, Manwin, Steve Hirsch, Mr. Marcus, Type 9 Modeling, Nica Noelle, feminist porn stars, Diane Duke and “Joanne Capistrano” of Free Speech.

Black also took issues with the way Chuck Traynor was portrayed in the play, The Deep Throat Sex Scandal, noting that when he went to see it, Veronica Hart who was also in the play, wouldn’t look at him.

“She was very vocal against me,” Black noted.

“She told people that I was a misogynist and hated women and that I was going to bring heat down on the business. She protested when I won my Best Director award at AVN. She said she was appalled that I was in the business. And here we are years later.

“She’s in the play and she comes out and wouldn’t even look me in the eye. She doesn’t even have the balls to come up and say, you know when I did that back then, I’m sorry. She looks at me like I don’t even exist because she’s in a play about Free Speech.”

Most of Black’s two-hour tirade was directed at industry hyocrites.

“She [Hart] is in a play about the government persecuting people and yet she wanted to see me in prison. She goes what he does is not what we do. Kind of like the Free Speech Coalition. The Free Speech Coalition said we won’t help him because what Rob Black and Extreme does is outside the norm. That’s what they said. They said his content is outside the norm so we can’t defend that. We can’t give you money. Fuck the money.

“How’s that? The Free Speech Coalition said we defend free speech except for Rob Black’s speech because he’s a little too edgy.”

Ironic, said Black, because his edginess back then is the porn-norm now.

“I have a roadmap for everyone in this business to say oh that sells. That’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to make compliance tapes. But I was the bad man. I was the guy who was horrible. Free Speech Coalition- you want to talk about corruption? Corruption at the highest level.

“That is an organization is beyond fathomable; and yet they shield and hide behind this veil. I could be against them for other reasons that bloggers are against them. Awesome. I’m not jumping on their bandwagon to validate things they say. Free Speech has always been a corrupt organization from the day Russ Hampshire left. From the day Russ and those guys left and let the Jeffrey Douglases and the Dukes in. These people control that board. You have to think what has the Free Speech Coaltion done for anyone in this business?

“Explain that. They’re involved in a 2257 record keeping-thing but it’s not them. A woman by the name of Rondee Kamins, who is Milt Kamins’ daughter, one of the old school pioneers, GVA Cleveland, she’s the one who fought this battle. She’s the one that’s spent all the money fighting this battle. Free Speech comes in a little. Where?”

Black also noted that when he got out of prison he had to learn who Manwin was.

“Who the fuck is Manwin? They’re fucking terrorists. And people are going why are you talking like that? I said I was told they were started in the Middle East and sold to some Germans. Regardless. They’re not an American company. They’re not a San Fernando Valley company. They’re a foreign entity that’s money laundering. Fact. Foreign gangsters. Fact. I was saying that people were calling me a troublemaker. What? Speaking the truth? My family’s been in the business since 1968, and I’m not allowed to tell the fucking truth?”

Black said everyone in the business is broke because “we did it to ourselves and because of Manwin, and they came around with their dirty money and bought everybody up and gave jobs. At the end of the day look where we are.

“That is a company that has aligned themselves with Free Speech. Think about that. You have Free Free Speech that aligns itself with Manwin, foreign terrorists. Awesome. Proud of ya.”

Black says when discussion gets around to Measure B you can talk more about the ineptness of Free Speech.

“It’s double-talk. How about when you talk about the business and the billion-billion-billion dollar a year business? And you got foreign gangsters, Steve Hirsch and all these other big money giants, and you can only raise a $100,000 to fight Aids Healthcare? The guy who owns a bunch of fucking thrift stores? That is what you do and people just sit home and said, that’s cool.”

Black wondered if it was all going to be legal challenges, anyway, why even bother to go through Measure B.

“Why did you raise money? Think about it. This is the strategy behind the scenes. You won’t hear it because people won’t talk about it. But the strategy was when all the disclosure forms came out, people said, well, if Hustler’s buying television stations for $32 M and Larry Flynt’s selling his property for $82 M and Steve Hirsch lives in a $10 M house and their big director Axel Braun has two Bentleys, and this company doesn’t spend one fucking dime, why did you make every single one of those porn girls go out there and wash cars to raise money?

“Why would you take porn girls who are not registered to vote, never registered, and their telling people to vote down a Measure and washing cars for Free Speech to fight Measure B when Hirsch had no intention. The whole intention was to get Cambria to fight it. Why go through a big charade?”

Black says it very strange that the porn powers-that-be are rallying around Measure B like it was free choice.

“Think about the things Steven Hirsch is saying. Let me tell you something. In 1997, and these are all facts, a man by the name of Marc Wallice was faking his AIDS test.

“We had this recently in the business, someone faking his test? He faked his test and then gave HIV to five women in the business. You never hear about these poor girls that got swept under the rug. More importantly, Trisha Deveraux [one of the girls] is Karen Stagliano which is my ex- girlfriend.”

According to Black, it was Sharon Mitchell who tracked Wallice down.

“The business shuts down. The world goes nuts. We go nuts. It was mass hysteria. So Steven Hirsch, Russ Hampshire, Steve Orenstein at Wicked, my uncle Chuck Zane of Zane Entertainment- they all got together and met at The Sportsmens Lodge.

“What they did was say we’re going to go all-condom because we care about the performers. And testing’s not good enough because if you get tested on August 1 and you contract HIV August 10th, I can give it to about 30 fucking people before I get re-tested.

“Everybody in this business knows that. Steve Hirsch is saying I care about peoples’ health. So they went and mandated that everybody go condom. And we did it. We [Black’s company Extreme Associates] were one of the few people who said what are you talking about? And we spoke the same way you hear them speak now. And Steven Hirsch sat there, and they choreographed and conspired- which is a fact- to systematically freeze all the companies that did not go all-condom.

“What they told everybody was we’re going to get the distributors to only buy condom porn. And then all the people that are not having condom porn will get frozen out, they’ll go out of business, and then all of us will be on an even playing field. That is what was said.

“It’s not a fucking lie. It is a fact that those four guys orchestrated. That is what they did. All-condom. They had the audacity to put pressure on distributors,” Black continued.

“What that meant is they were telling distributors to not take product from people who were not wearing condoms. Then, at one point, Tom Byron my partner, happened to be at the Vivid offices to pick up money. Tommy sat in the office with Steven Hirsch, and Steven said, ‘Tommy you guys gotta go all-condom.’

“Steven proceeded to tell Tommy there was going to be problems with distributors. Basically he was saying you need to come along with us or you guys are done. What we said was fuck you, and we proceeded to go on a campaign that you see going on today. A Free Speech campaign. It’s a choice campaign.”

Black said his company was systematically shunned.

“That lasted about seven weeks because everybody went if Rob Black and Extreme who are the big boys on the block of gonzo, if they’re not going to do it, we’re not going to do it; and if they told Steve Hirsch and Russ Hampshire to go fuck themselves, we can too.

“Nobody went condom. So explain to me how do we get to the condom debate today when the same players that were totally against this whole thing 12 years- what has fucking changed? Can somebody tell me that? Because the last time I checked, we had a gentleman by the name of Mr. Marcus. Mr. Marcus faked a test, and I don’t believe that Talent Testing Services helped him fake that test.

“Who would they still be in business? Why is there no lawsuits? Why is somebody not filing criminal charges?”

“Mr. Marcus faked his tests. Wasn’t that what Marc Wallice did? What the fuck was any different with Marcus? He faked a test and had sex with many women. There’s women that had sex with him that have mysteriously quit the business or no longer do guys.

“So if he was HIV positive, wouldn’t it be safe to say that he probably would have given that to a couple of girls? That being said, how the fuck can Steven Hirsch look at the TV camera with his little black pupiled doll eyes that are all glassed-over and talk about safety in the business is better today. How can you sit there and fucking lie. How can you pretend that you didn’t try to freeze us out of business?”

“Explain this to me. Mr. Marcus was in a sense the exact same thing as Marc Wallice and Darren James. What is different today? Explain that to me.”

More to come in the morning…

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