Rob Black Gives James Bartholet The Retard of the Day Award

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Rob Black noted on his show Thursday that everything he says about people in the business, is predicated on business.

“If you think it’s personal because I call you a motherfucker or a dirty cunt, that’s still business. It’s verbage.” Black said he got word that he’s been hard on Graham Travis. Black then turned his attention to James Bartholet an “outsider” as far as Black’s concerned.

“He’s like a character actor,” said Black.

“He tries sex scenes and they’re horrific. He’s a fat roly poly guy, but he’s a great little character actor and a good ass kisser. He’s got a radio show and he interviews people once a week. He’s like James Lipton. He has a show, but the only people who are hearing about it are from me. He runs an acting show on the weekend for porn actors.

“He’s a good person and has a good heart, but he desperately wants to be in the business and networks by ass kissing and not speaking his mind. He’s a quintessential Hollywood ass kisser. He’s just an overall, tailor-made Hollywood bullshit, fake. He’s our version of that in porn.”

Black referenced a remark I made that Bartholet was dropping his ads from my site because it was “too negative.”

“So you’re boycotting a site that’s negative and that site is printing a lot of stuff that I’m saying and people are agreeing with? You don’t like that Adult FYI is being negative – negative in what way? But you support AVN, XBIZ, piracy, all this stuff. It’s amusing.

“What’s more is the fact that you would think that somebody would give a shit. Maybe you should do something with your life and do something with your show and speak out about some issues. Light some fire, like a cock in your ass, James Bartholet. For about six months you’ve been unnoticed, but on my show today you have been noticed because of the lunacy you speak. You are officially the retard today.”

Black put on a hockey helmet and affected Bartholet’s voice as though he were one of the brothers in the movie Slap Shot describing a Liberace parody he had in mind for porn. Hysterical.

“I’m James Bartholet and I think people give a shit about what I have to say.”

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