Rob Black Gives Sad And Irrelevant Mike South Something To Write About

Mike South’s been having a slow news week.

Ten minutes before we went on the air, he made a blog post. It was about me, although he doesn’t mention me by name. We haven’t talked about Mike South in a while, we’ve had more important issues to discuss. When he runs out of lies to put up, he’ll write something about me. Or he’ll post excerpts from another blogs to give his five lunatic message board posters something to talk about. That’s what is and that is why nobody goes to the site anymore. Everything on AdultFYI is original commentary on subjects that are relevant in the adult industry. I don’t throw up somebody else’s post and say, “Let’s debate it.” I post what is on my mind about various subjects and that’s what people debate and that’s why everybody goes to the site.

Every day on The Rob Black Show, I talk about the adult industry for an hour. The other two hours are devoted to current events, politics or whatever is on my mind. We write original articles every day. No other adult site does this. They all cut and paste stories. Everything that stimulates conversation in the adult industry for people to debate comes from us.

For the past week and a half, Mike South has not had a single story to peak anyone’s interest. He did a story about some guy name Greg Dodson who owns an escort site and South talked about damning information that he had on him. Nobody gives a shit. Nobody knows who Greg Dodson is. Then he posted a story about a porn girl named Jillian Jansen who has expired ID’s, implying that perhaps she was underage. He pointed to her agent as being complicit in sending out a girl with expired IDs. It was basically a hatchet job on some agent that Mike South and Derek Hay didn’t like. AVN posted an interview with this girl. It’s obvious that there was nothing suspicious about this girls ID, it was just some more shit that South threw against the wall.

He then posted that people need to fuck up so he has something to write about. There you go. He has nothing to write about. If you look at our site, we had something to write about every day. You would think that Mike South, who is Mr. Health and Safety would want to talk about Smash Pictures going all condom and sales are strong and nobody’s complained. That’s not a story? That’s not something that would drum up debate with the five people on your message board? Especially since AVN ignored it, but XBIZ covered it. Mike South doesn’t write about that. He just says, “Can somebody fuck up?” If you’re itching for a story, you would think that would be a quick little article to stimulate conversation. Use your hillbilly brain.

He posts a review of The Bachelorette. He says he’s going to the beach because nothing’s going on. A week with no material. Jerking off to the guys on The Bachelorette and going to the beach. No news from Mike South until today. Ten minutes before we go on the air. Coincidence? I think not. His traffic’s in the shitter, but he knows if he writes about me, I’ll talk about it and people will go to his site to see what it’s about.

He refers to me as “The Kazoo” because he thinks that if he mentions me by name, it will draw the millions of Mike South readers away from his site to find out who Rob Black is. I’m not gonna bother posting his bullshit, but here it is in a nutshell:

“Sheena Shaw doesn’t have AIDS. But she does have a parasite.The Kazoo is on a fishing expedition. Now, I’m gonna quote an episode of House.”

See what he does? Now the people on his message board will debate whether or not Sheena Shaw has AIDS or what is going on with her. It’s a way to talk about what we’ve been discussing without giving me credit.

The best part is I never said Sheena Shaw had AIDS. I never said, “My sources say Sheena Shaw has AIDS.” That’s a Mike South tactic. There are no “sources.” You hear things from directors, producers, listen to the buzz that’s going around. You take that information and you do your own research based on what people are saying, including Sheena Shaw. Then you pose a question. This program never said “I have a source that says Sheena Shaw has AIDS.”

The question was this: What is wrong with Sheena Shaw? You know when you have clogged pipes? What do you do? You flush them out. That’s what we do here. We flush it out. What we’ve been doing is flushing out what is going on with Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano. We posed questions about Sheena Shaw. If you go to her Twitter and see the things she’s saying about porn and subjugation of women, it sure seems like she has a chip on her shoulder. This was interesting coming from a woman who was a star at Evil Angel. All of the information we were getting was that something was up medically with Sheena Shaw. Does she have a disease? Is she pregnant?

Sheena Shaw has made tweets in the past alluding to quarrels with John Stagliano. Talking about dildos that she used on him and him using them on other girls. Mike South even said that it was a “lover’s spat.” Then in the Vice article that Mike South was so proud to be quoted in, he said that if he knew the story was about Sheena Shaw, he would have had some other things to say.

Mike South has had his own questions about Sheena Shaw, but he doesn’t want to talk about them, because he doesn’t want to seem like he’s riding my coattails. I get it. You’re doing what I’m doing, you’re just doing it in a way where you can try to insult me. It’s all good, bro. Because you’re flushing out the story.

On your message board of five retards who discuss episodes of The Bachelorette, they can now discuss your post that says Sheena Shaw doesn’t have AIDS. So after a week of talking about going fishing, an expired ID and The Bachelorette, you now have a Rob Black story. You have a Rob Black story and that’s the story that’s gonna have everybody talking on your website. Your five commenters will comment about me, they’ll comment about John Stagliano and they’ll comment about Sheena Shaw.

Just like you take someone else’s blog post and shuffle it up so it seems like it’s a story from you so people will go to your blog and your five commenters will talk about it and you can get involved. People will comment on the Sheena Shaw story and Mike South will chime in. This is how Mike South can comment on what he’s been chomping at the bit to talk about. Mark my words. Watch how everything plays out. Mike South has bought into the flush it out game.

I’ve done a couple of stories about Sheena Shaw. Not once have I said that I have a source who says Sheena Shaw has AIDS. I’m not gonna say somebody died of a snakebite because I have a reliable source named Alana Evans. I’m going to pose a question. Look at all the evidence available from Sheena Shaw’s past. Her involvement with Evil Angel and the movie Sheena School and her relationship with John Stagliano. We take all of these things and we present them to you. We paint a picture and ask you to tell us what that picture is. We never said Sheena Shaw had AIDS. We asked about her medical condition and if it is something everybody should know about. Does Sheena Shaw have Crohn’s disease? Hepatitis? Two left feet? Does Sheena Shaw have a colostomy bag? Does Sheena Shaw have AIDS? Is Sheena Shaw pregnant?

Ladies and gentlemen, these are all just questions. These are just questions that we have posed to the industry. That’s all. And now, Mike South has jumped on the Rob Black bandwagon.

Mike South. Just like every other time when you need Rob Black to get people to go to your site, you are welcome, hillbilly. Your five little keyboard warriors now have something to write about. They can talk about me, about Sheena Shaw and whether she’s pregnant or has AIDS or a colostomy bag. “Rob Black is an asshole. Rob Black is a jerk.”

There ya go, Mike. After six days of putting absolutely nothing on your website when there has been numerous stories in the adult business for you to write about and comment on, after writing reviews on The Bachelorette with a bottle of lube while you jack off to the guys in it, you now have a post that people will read and talk about.

Congratulations, asshole. I gave you a story and now you can be relevant. Get to it, fuckhead.

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