Rob Black had a kid @ 42 years of age = Dumbass!

M**** D******* A*** Zicari  was born Jan 18, 2017 at 8:30 AM and Rob Zicari/Black is officially a dumb ass. This guy is on the wrong side of 40 and at last check lived above a strip club in North Hollywood with another washed up porn performer, Tom Byron. Rob has just guaranteed that he will continue to be broke for the rest of his life by fathering a kid at this point in his life.

Rob did have money at one point in his life but that is all gone now. He shouldn’t be fathering kids at this point. He even told a story on his show once about being pulled over in one of his rent a cars as he doesn’t even own a vehicle. Very nice.

Rob shared an uncensored photo from the hospital of the little guy to the delight of pedophile Monica Foster/Alexandra Melody Mayers, who congratulated him over Twitter. Only an idiot would believe that it is a good thing for a broke loser with no house or car to bring a child into the world. The best thing Rob can do is put that kid up for adoption. Once that kid knows how to use Google, his life will be ruined.

There was a time when Foster actually worked for Black when he gave her some time on his radio show. She sucked as she does at most things and was subsequently fired after a few embarrassing, poorly received appearances. She tried to pull some WWE shtick just as Rob does and she failed miserably at it just as she is failing now with her shit music. Get a fucking real job and forget about making money on your creative endeavors. You are talentless garbage.



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