Rob Black: “Hey Derek has does it feel to get played by Hillbilly Mike South?” Part 1

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Mike “Zed” South writes articles. Rob Black spends three hours ridiculing them

“I officially now know he’s a shill for the establishment we’re trying to change,” said Rob Black on his Thursday show, which was devoted to South’s current post about how swell the porn agent system in the business is.

“He’s a shill for an old world order that’s destroying this industry,” observed Black.

“I know Mike South is a hired gun, an assassin with no loyalty, allegiance or a country, helping systematically destroy a democracy that is trying to be built in Porn America.

“Mike South got off the fishing boat, put down the fishing pole cranked out a Commodore 64 and cranked out something that could be commented on.

“Here’s my theory, Zed, about you- and all you guys that contribute to Zed’s website and have discussions- there’s a game plan. Zed’s completely retarded or is a rocket scientist and knows what he’s doing to a degree.

“He’s the one that built the space shuttle that blew up the teacher. I’m thinking that South is a rocket scientist but is a shitty one that blows up the space shuttle.

“Here’s the concept. We know he’s in bed with Spiegler where they sucked each other’s cocks over Porn Wikileaks. The real fact of the matter- I never knew the whole angle – they conspired to compromise the records of AIM because they all hated Sharon Mitchell and that Manwin would come in to own it. They put it out there. People did some swerves saying it was all a plan to save porn performers whose names are out there that everyone knows. That was bullshit.

Black said there’s no privacy when you spread your asshole on camera.

“And that’s the way it is. That happens everywhere. The records showed all the people under aliases. Everybody was freaking because you saw all these people that should not be in that system. That was what it was about.

“It had nothing to do with a trailer park girl from Alabama who ran away to Los Angeles and let her step dad fuck her in the ass; and now her mom from Biloxi, Mississippi is out there talking to reporters from CNN.

“You would see studio heads with fake names who’d go to AIM,” said Black.

“Wow. Really? We all know that. We all know how the game works.

“Then with LA Direct and you know something’s going on there. Mike South has never gone after Derek. But there’s a connection there.

“As hillbilly as he is, Zed South has influence while AVN and XBiz are so brazen about being scum. We know South is shilling for Vivid. I mean Jesus Christ. You don’t have to put a banner on someone’s site to engage in monetary hand going. Are you guys fucking stupid? Anyone ask Zed South why he’s writing stories about an Indian no one cares about, then he’s got guys on that board discussing this and creating some false excitement about it?

“Fuck you, Zed! I know your game. Fuck you, gossip man. I haven’t talked about that dirty Indian yet. We now see where Mike South is at. I know Zed South in no way likes Spiegler, Hay and Hirsch. No way in hell the straight up hillbilly, white pride, take your hands off my guns, trust me, he’s a Republican that says he’s a Libertarian.

“Zed South ain’t stupid. He don’t like these three assholes. You think Zed from the South likes a ‘Hirsch’? But he likes their money. Their money provides the affordability to hang out at strip clubs, go fishing and being this porn person that’s never really done anything on the production side that mattered except in a tiny world that never accounted for shit.

“It was a passing fad, in, out, done. When you live in the South, it’s all the same thing – you hate Mexicans and Blacks. Mike South loves that money, but he hates these motherfuckers, but he’s not going to be like Rob Black, ‘fuck your money and I will make money from others that hate you and we’ll bond.’”

Black said he’d rather have his electricity turned off and sweat his balls off on top of a dirty ass strip club on the “garbage-iest street” than compromise the way South has.

“That attitude is what drives the destruction of this business,” said Black.

“I can’t be Zed South and do what he’s doing. He hates these three motherfuckers, but he loves that money and what he can do with that money. So he writes a story like this and encompasses all the things he knows what’s wrong with the business and he lists something he knows someone is going to dissect what he’s written in that piece.

“While we’re speaking the truth, Spiegler and those guys are saying to South ‘you got to be defending us.’

“It’s not like the old days where you say Rob Black gets blow jobs and bounces checks. That’s all gone. So what does Zed South do? I can’t remember the last time I got a blow job from a dirty animal. I can’t have fun no more. It’s gone. Damn.

“Salty’s got to write a story in a way that he knows Rob Black will attack. And, if all goes according to plan, he’ll have some good guys on his site that will post what Gene Ross wrote and what we said.

“Salty Dog in the beginning of the Rob Black experience, if you noticed, they would post what Gene Ross wrote and a couple of guys would go on there complaining. Salty Dog now writes a story and does his best to paint Spiegler and LA Direct as good guys and Shy Love who never did escorts. All the other agents are dog shit.

“So South puts that out there and goes ‘Rob Black pick it apart and everyone will post what you said, so the three assholes that pay me will call complaining.’

“And you explain that you’re trying to put lipstick on that pig, it’s not my fault that it’s still a pig.

“ You’re saying to them, ‘I can’t help it if people debate it.’ Then they tell you, ‘Well, then, don’t write anything nice about us it makes us look bad.’ You say, ‘But keep that money coming because you don’t want me writing anything that’s bad.’

“Hey Derek has does it feel to get played by hillbilly Mike South, huh?

“You people are so stupid that you let hillbilly Mike South play you. He took your money, Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler.

‘The Devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin’ for a soul to steal. He was in a bind ’cause he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal…’

“That hillbilly played Derek Hay who thinks he’s smart and he’s ugly,” Black concluded.

“Spiegler, on top of that fact, you’re ugly. The Porn Wiki Guy, you got played, and you’re definitely ugly. You all got played by that banjo playing Devil went down to Georgia hillbilly rocket scientist. He played you all like that devil did down in Georgia.”

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