Rob Black: How could Roger T. Pipe talk about the market and Not Give a Shit About Performer Safety?

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I guess after this weekend adult movie critic Roger T. Pipe is missing the good old days of Skeeter Kerkove. Pipe was often the butt of Skeeter’s acerbic comments. But that was nothing compared to this.

Evidently Rob Black and Pipe had a twitter debate on the condom issue. Who won is anyone’s guess, but Black elected to make that the subject of his show, Monday afternoon. Judging by what Black had to say this was the comment of Pipe’s that set him off:

[Roger T Pipe ‏@RogerTPipe: I think porn fans who want to see condom porn should get together and let the companies know. There is power and freedom in that.]

“We’re talking about worker safety and that trumps everything,” said Black, making some interesting points how the American public got all riled up with Kathy Lee Gifford when it was discovered that she had supported overseas sweat shops that were abusing 10 year old children. Martha Stewart as well.

“Kids were prostituted,” said Black. “And those are foreigners. In America we see that you’re wearing clothing made by a ten year old child who was fucked in his ass. It’s a safety issue. Americans don’t buy product from sweat shops that hurt people or buy tuna produced by clubbing dolphins.

“So how can you be against the government coming in and saying you have to wear rubbers? How is this not a health thing? A porn actor is not an independent contractor. You are employed by the studio. I tell you to eat cum? No, you’re an employee, and with workmen’s comp then you’d be forced to fall under all these rules.

“How do you reconcile safety with the marketplace? In Canada they sell more alcohol per volume than American beer so why don’t American people have a revolt over alcohol content. Why did we take cigarette ads off of television. In our world, Roger T. Pipe, you’re silly. The market place, yeah.

“Pro boxing used to have 15 rounds. Fans in UFC want blood, but there’s safety issues. And there’s no regard for the safety of the performers; and somebody has to step in. It’s beyond lying. People are hurting people. You [Pipe] are defending people that are hurting people. You justify someone like Manwin. I don’t get it.”

Black must have gotten a number of tweets over the weekend from “old school” porn people.

“They’re saying Rob Black is preaching to the choir,” Black noted.

“They say everybody knows these things, but the powers-that-be won’t talk to him because he’s a lying cheating scumbag who owes people money.”

“The choir is the talent, people, not Frank Koretsky, Vivid or Steve Orenstein,” Black continued.

“Explain to me how all of those people know this stuff, but that we’re still in this situation? They must be retards because they silently walk around with their heads in the sand.”

Again, said Black, one of the main issues that no one will address is the crossover performers.

“When I get jacked off by my gay lover I put it in a condom and throw it away,” said Black.

Black said crossover performers like Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble and Derrick Burts are engaging in dangerous risk behavior

“When they do privates, allegedly, I hope they use condoms. Here’s what I don’t understand, Roger T. Pipe, who’s not even in the business- it’s not taking away your free speech rights.

“If I don’t want to wear a seat belt because it hurts me, that’s not a free speech issue. It’s a health issue.”

Black went into a lengthy spiel by pointing out how industry testing doesn’t begin to take into regard private dalliances and risky behavior such as when John Stagliano decided to go to Brazil and be “fucked in the ass by a tranny.”

“Let’s say you have a lapse in judgment- John Stagliano, oh, I’m sorry. The most respected talent in the industry showed a lack of judgment and someone fucked him in the ass without a condom.

“John Stagliano contracted HIV, but he’s more responsible than any of these crossover guys. He’s a real freedom fighter. He beat his obscenity case because he’s a freedom fighter. He goes to Brazil and lets a tranny fuck him up his ass with a high viral count in his load. How do you think his wife got it? Marc Wallice infected her with HIV.”

Black, of course, was being cynical by noting that Stagliano, as a freedom fighter, would be upfront with his talent about his HIV status

“Stagliano would never do that right? [Be less than forthright.] He’s got this awesome company. This same person who’s got HIV has already worked with female talent in the business. Stagliano’s the most responsible man in the business.

“He’s built this empire, and he’s got tons of people making a living because of him – he’s the most responsible man in the world. But he let a tranny fuck him up his ass without a condom and gave him a life threatening disease.

“If this responsible person lacked that judgment, if that man could let a lack of judgment affect his life, somebody like Rob Black, Evan Stone, Tom Byron, anyone of us could be in that same ballpark.

“What makes anyone of us so better than John Stagliano?”

According to Black, Stagliano had the “balls” to tell his buddy writer Richard Abowitz to thank Rob Black for keeping him honest.

“He [Stagliano] hasn’t said one word on this issue,” Black noted.

“This is the guy so irresponsible to let a tranny fuck him. He might as well go to Africa, find a monkey and fuck it in the ass. This person doesn’t tell people he’s HIV. How could Roger T. Pipe talk about the market and not give a shit about performer safety when John Stagliano could be so irresponsible about his own life and put others in danger. Nobody says a word.

“Derrick Burts is thrown under the bus, but he’s no different than John Stagliano. He performs in risky activity in his private life. He failed a test, and the process of who did you work with started. He worked with people just like Seth Gamble would, or just like Christian would.

“Explain to them how we are all so safe? Explain why the government has no right to come in and say if you’re running a business you must adhere to safety rules. Our business said fuck your rules, fuck your safety and we’re going to hurt the young people in the business.

“I can’t fathom how anyone in this business, in its state, can be against condoms. If there was a law on the book for condoms, you understand the ratting that would go on.”

One of the issues in the condom debate is that it would affect married couples and that they’d be required to wear them. Black scoffed at the argument of monogamous couples, pointing out that they’re monogamous until someone cheats.

Another argument he didn’t mention is that couples in the sex business tend to have liberal attitudes about pairing up and many of them are swingers.

“Jesus Christ, I don’t get it. I don’t fucking get it that you can disregard the safety aspect.”

Dr. Jonathan Fielding who heads L.A. County’s Department of Public Health, in his Q&A with the LA Times last week said, “We have investigators who also go to the sex clubs, which we also regulate, so it’s not like we’ve not had some experience here. It’s already in their bailiwick.”

“Are we done with debate?” Black asked noting Fielding’s remark. The health dept. sends spot check guys to make sure there’s no jizz on the floor, and everyone’s wearing condoms.

“Kristina Rose says you can be stupid and be in porn; but you need to be smart now because you have to fight idiots like Mark Kernes.”

Black related how the county health department in Rochester cracked down on bookstores, particularly his father’s, as a public health risk with the peep shows.

“They’d come in a scoop up cum, test it, come back and say you’re a public health risk. Oh, you can tell people not to masturbate, but we can’t trample on your rights. But with a wink and smile we suggest you put condoms out. We suggest you cover the glory holes, and cut six inches off the doors so we can tell if people are fucking.

“Those health inspectors came in and found AIDS cum on the ground. This Fielding says there’s sex clubs all over the city and we send inspectors to make sure people don’t cum all over each other.”

Black said once the condom law goes into effect if a girl is prohibited from working if she demands them, she’ll have the option of going to the city to register a complaint.

“If a girl goes to a set and she’s told, ‘let’s be edgy, underground and black market,’ and refuses, she can go to the inspector, ‘oh, they threw me off the set; they said you’ll get the part if you don’t wear a rubber.”

Black said what porn companies fear most is giving power to the talent.

“But John Stagliano doesn’t want anybody to come in because he’d have to test and would show positive, and this would prevent him from getting off. When you got HIV you forfeited your right to perform in sexual movies. Sorry, Bro. You got HIV, you gave up your right to perform.”

“Talk about safety, Rog, talk about a safety issue. Call Fielding and ask him if it’s alright to perform when you’re HIV; what do you think the guys at County Health would say?”

“If Weinstein and Isadore Hall are listening here’s the big sticking point- the hazmat stuff.”

Black said this has been a scare tactic from Day One employed by the Mark Kernes’ out there. Noting that his mother works in the medical field and is around blood and HIV, she’s never been required to wear one so he seriously doubts that this extreme measure would be applied to the business.

Black also noted that Stagliano wouldn’t want the regulations because his life “fingering women” would be over. Black offered a compromise: “condoms must be worn for anal, and vaginal sex and no exchange of bodily fluids.”

“Write that in the bill, and you will see 99.99% support in the adult business. Talent that says it hurts their pussy are being paid my Manwin.”

Black said 300 pound men in the gay industry have been working with condoms for 20 years.

“And no one’s moaning, ouch, my asshole is chafed. They look at their fellow friends dying from HIV saying I don’t want that.”

Black states that while his proposal isn’t 100% safe, it’s better than what’s on the table.

“Fight about it all you want,” said Black.

“President Black has spoken. Debate the market place, Rog. Any self-respecting girl that’s told rubbers and no loads in her mouth, she’ll tell you, ‘I’m in.’”


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