Rob Black: I Can Give You Free Testing Right Now; But What We Seem to Have is a Bit of Quagmire

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Rob Black met with people Tuesday afternoon at 4PM. He didn’t say exactly which people but the meeting lasted two hours and he got a $50 parking ticket.

Black discussed elements of the meeting but was sworn to secrecy as though he met with a bunch of Masons. Black did say Cal/OSHA was involved but after the Bryn Pryor fiasco of a couple of years ago when Pryor, Nina Hartley’s husband and Michael Whiteacre behaved like The Wild Bunch, Cal/OSHA ain’t exactly jumping at the opportunity to afford the adult industry any leeway on the STD front.

“No happy deals will be brokered,” reported Black who, from what I’m told, celebrated with a happy meal after the meeting.

“I was told how your business is still operating is on a wing and a prayer,” said Black.

“I did not know that the county health dept., Cal/OSHA- these places are not investigative agencies. Cal/OSHA’s job is not to sniff out problems. Cal/OSHA is not like the police where they’re proactive and patrol areas of high crime.

“Cal/OSHA, mandated by the state, acts when they are complained to otherwise they don’t do a goddamn thing. If nobody complains, they don’t do a thing. But if you complain they jump. That’s what they do. They’re not looking for crime but when it’s presented to them they’ll take you to the principal’s office. They need complaints.

“The Labor board? They act on complaints. They understand, they know when an agent who is a licensed and bonded, are not sending their talent to safe working conditions – but they need multiple complaints, and what that happens they do something. Unlike anything else we’ve been told they [Cal/OSHA] respond and so does the labor board.

“Somebody just needs to tell them. That was what was unbelievably interesting about the meeting. The other important thing that came out of that meeting- should Cameron Bay and Rod Daily need the assistance, they will have the proper care and medication to keep healthy and alive. That came out of the meeting.

“Starting tomorrow [Wednesday] I can test every single one of you for free,” Black also reported.

“Right now you can have free testing, but the quagmire is that you show up on a production with this test- they’re going to say they’re not part of the protocol. My test is more professional than PASS will ever be, but Steve Hirsch will tell you to go fuck your mother, go fuck your father and it’s free, he’ll ask Go fuck your family.

“What we seem to have is a bit of a quagmire. I could have every single one of you tested for free but nobody’s going to use your test because it’s not part of the RICO/criminal enterprise called The Free Speech Coalition.

“I will divulge this one bit of info,” said Black.

“They [the people at the meeting] agree that I’m far from being far fetched that Christian Mann, Diane Duke, Peter Acworth, John Stagliano, that they all can be part of a huge conspiracy.

“I will divulge one piece of information that this high up person said- ‘you are not far off from there.’

“Christian Mann, my friend, you are dancing on something that is pretty thin. Now John Stagliano is basically saying that his story and Cameron Bay’s story –they’re saying Cameron Bay is a liar.

‘It’s an amazing story. And now this criminal organization has it where Peter Acworth is now saying that Rod Daily gave it to Cameron.

“Peter Acworth is a doctor and knows exactly what Rod Daily and Cameron Bay do in the privacy of their own home. Okay, Peter, you win. You got us. This is amazing. When I sat there in this meeting we discussed all these issues.

“It was fascinating how they know little about what the business does, but they got educated. Isadore Hall’s bill is going to be passed- but you think Keiran Lee gives a shit? He’ll be posted up in Florida, in Vegas. I told them nobody will test [with an agency that will offer free tests] because Diane Duke and Christian Mann and John Stagliano have instituted a philosophy into the talents’ brain and where Hep C can be hidden and you can circumvent that.

“Free Speech is going to get what they want- they destroyed this business so John Stagliano can have sex now. There will be no testing because it doesn’t matter any more. If no one is here to carry out any structure, who are you going to listen to?

“Oh, I forgot. Diane Duke and Christian Mann are the ones that are going to prison. Condoms are coming. Free Speech does not protect you. They do not care about you. They are all going to prison and Gordon Pachinko [Sixto Pacheco] will be left, you’ll use a condom.

“ is this breeding ground. Rod’s clean in July him and so is Cameron. They start working, work for Kink around the same time. They stay at the armory. Rod does his thing; Cameron does her thing. Rod Daily on August 1st works with a transsexual.

“The TS blows a giant cum shot in Rod’s face- August 1st. When was Cameron’s scene in Public Disgrace? [July 31st]? Are we seriously debating all this? Kink’s testing procedure amounts to nothing and everyone keeps repeating the mantra- pass system- it’s all set up to separate themselves from litigation. The person who’s name is on the paperwork is riding the system- whoever that person is.

“Guess what?” Black repeated.

“I can give you free testing. But I don’t have a database and wherewithal to create a firewall system for an entire industry, but I got you free testing. At the end of the day these people are not going to be in the pornography business. The free testing is done but now we have to figure out how to make that acceptable in this business.

“How do we go about implementing the fact that you’re all covered? But if you walked on set tomorrow Jacky St. James would not let you work even though we know the test is more reputable than Free Speech.

“You have to respect the system we put in place but the people running that system are corrupt, evil and should be in prison. We have a system we created, and until that system is shattered and everyone can get on board, there’s nothing we can do because there are rules.

“To make it work, we have to eliminate [all the suspects]- those are the people we have to get rid of or our vision of free testing will never exist. When that beast is slain we can progress. Right now we need TTS’s help and together we’ll work together You got to go to TTS. They are the company that will clear you to work or not work. To get free testing we have to kill Cutting Edge.

“We cannot break the rules. Even when it’s for the common good because our structure is based on those rules.” Black had to admit the system from ten years ago is better than the one we have now.

“How do you implement all this? That’s the million dollar question.”


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