Rob Black: I Can’t Even Get Invited to a Liberace Dinner Party

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As anyone who has listened to The Rob Black Show, will attest, Black speaks about “gays” and “queers” quite deferentially.

“I’m only bringing this up in the comic element of what we’re doing,” said Black, “but a story came out from HBO that this Liberace movie was one of their biggest of recent memory.

“When it came out, it was on, and me and Tom Byron are sitting, and the first thing Byron said, ‘Let’s see it. I fucked some girl who was Liberace’s niece, Siobhan Hunter from the Eighties.

“’And she was a junkie.’ Tom Byron had sex with her in Paris. That was his excuse for watching the movie. She [Hunter], at some point, had to have had contact with Liberace; so in some six degrees of separation Tom Byron had sex with Liberace. Byron back in the Eighties also lived in a guest house of a guy who knew Scott Thorson. Thorson tried to sell this guy who owned the house a TV.”

Black explained how on Memorial Day he broadcast his show from Scotty the Body’s house.

“We’re all sitting around, and Jeff Mullen says, ‘I was at James Bartholet’s house for a viewing party.

“‘What do you mean party?’ I asked. ‘James had a big party for a very select few.’ James Bartholet is very chic, very posh.

“I’m not good enough to go to a James Bartholet screening of anything,” Black continued.

“He had a party with some high powered porn people – I’m not going to tell you who was there. There were three or four girls who are pretty influential. There were some secret players there – a lot of star power.

“This was a party to watch the Liberace movie. Tom Byron’s eyes light up. Dude, I told you we should have watched it. We get edged out of the who’s who of parties. You guys have a screening and we don’t get throne a bone.

“Last night Tom Byron throws a piece of paper at me- Liberace- highest ratings. Biggest hit for HBO- ever. James Bartholet was on to something. He’s a trailblazer, a thought provoker and thought-thinker. He has a Liberace screening party, and it’s the number one show on HBO.

“Homosexuality is big, it’s in, it’s cool. It should be something praised and revered and is taking over the motherfucking world. My hat’s off to you, James Bartholet. I just want you to jump out of the closet.”

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