Rob Black: “I do good with turning shit into gold but you can’t give me girls with guts”

On his Internet show this week, Rob Black was addressing the Brooklyn Lee controversy.

Lee had twittered that Black flunked out of porn, and Black offered this interesting observation:

Black said he was trying to make a comeback after being incarcerated and went to work for Exquisite.

“I got to take this company, put it on my back and hoist it!! I got to carry it to the Promised Land. I got to make this company a champion.

“Before I went to prison all they shot was interracial and we couldn’t shoot anybody for more than $700.”

As a result, said Black, all he’d get were girls with stretch marks and bullet wounds. To cover up the fat, he’d put them in girdles.

“Us directors we know how to hide it.”

According to Black, he went to management and said, ‘We got to use top talent if we’re going to get to the Promised Land.’

“I can’t use $200 guys. I got to use guys like Evan Stone but guys like Evan Stone want to work with good girls not bullet-ridden girls. Not with girls who have guts or who have fat that hangs over. I can’t make a parody that’s going to sell 10,000 units with a girl with a gut!!”

I got to use girls like Gracie Glam. I got to use girls like Andy San Dimas. I got to use girls that don’t get fucked for $400.”

Black acknowledges that everyone in the business hates dealing with LA Direct and Spiegler.

“But we got to deal with these fucking people because I can’t take a company, hoist it on my back and win championships. I do good with turning shit into gold but you can’t give me girls with guts.”

“You got to let me make a girl a star.”

“I can’t use girls that work for $250 because they blew Stoney Curtis in Orange County.

“If I’m going to work for a company whose only revenue is Diane DeVoe shooting bullet wound girls, I need caliber.

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