Rob Black: I Feel Bad for You Foreign Slob Girls; Allan B. Gelbard is Incompetent

The dirty laundry has been aired. No sooner than Rob Black and I were chatting on his show about the Mann Act, it seems that Evil Angel attorney Allan B. Gelbard was revealed to be going after Derek Hay and LA Direct on this very issue. Gelbard is representing performers Natalia and Natasha Starr.

Gelbard is basically saying that the contract between the Starrs and LA Direct is terminated because LA Direct, in a conflict of interest, was basically double dipping from bookings and that the Starrs are entitled to improperly collected funds.

But the part I love says the Starrs were sent without their prior knowledge, permission or consent, to engage in “privates”. Kind of sounds like what Gelbard’s client John Stagliano does.

Because “Johns” rather than “legitimate producers are involved Hay and LA Direct violated California Penal Code §§ 266i(a)(1, 2).

“Further, you have sent my clients across state lines to do so in
violation of the Mann Act (see 18 U.S.C. § 2421, et seq). This also constitutes a violation of Ca Labor Code §1700.33 and an illegal business practice pursuant to Ca Civ Code 17200, et seq.”

Gelbard also cites a violation of Ca Labor Code §1700.23 which, according to him, constitutes grounds to void the contracts.

Gelbard also reveals that Hay and LA Direct “contacted the promoters
of the EXXXotica convention and threatened to damage the event and/or any participant therein that employ” either or both of The Starrs.

“Such actions constitutes extortion, a clear breach on your fiduciary duties to my clients, and tortuous interference with their prospective businesses.”

“He’s [Gelbard] got to be the biggest fucking retard in the world,” said Black as we began to discuss the story on air.

“Think about it- I hate fucking LA Direct, but think about it Allan B. Gelbard is the Evil Angel lawyer,” continued Black.

“So right now what happened is Evil Angel is trying to get heat off their impending destruction and is trying to shake down LA Direct with Allan B. Gelbard. I am amazed. Derek Hay, I hate you with a passion. I hate Fran but I have to defend you. You know why? Because this asshole is trying to beat you up and destroy you and he doesn’t know what he’s doing!!

“That’s for my fucking lawyers to do to you. My lawyers actually know what they’re doing. But not Al Gelbard. LA Direct what you need to do right now is shut down the talent pool that goes to Evil Angel. Derek Hay you need to shut down the talent flow that goes to Evil Angel.”

As I also told Black, this seems to be one ongoing expression of stupidity emanating from Evil Angel.

“From the Karen Stagliano comments to now this. This is bringing down the whole company.”

“The fact that Allan Gelbard says this communication is for settlement purposes only and all information contained is subject to confidentiality. You are amazing. It’s amazing that you would send people a letter and say I would go after you for criminal. You are a fucking retard, and this is the lawyer that’s representing John Stagliano. You are not allowed to do what Al Gelbard did.

“LA Direct does privates. Of course they do. We all know that, but Gelbard is so fucked. The girls that are going after them are foreigners. What the fuck does this guy think he’s doing? I don’t get it.

“When I said lawsuits would be coming to agents, this is not what I had in mind. Let me be clear. This is not the lawyer [Gelbard] that I was talking about,” Black continued.

“Gelbard is the same Allan Gelbard I make fun of and who went to the Laverne College of Law. A girl by the name of Careena Collins, the porn star, graduated higher than Allan B. Gelbard. Allan B. Gelbard used to drive the bus for Seymore Butts and Shane World. He drove the bus!”

“This guy is the biggest hack lawyer in the world because here’s the funny thing. Any lawyer will sit down with the client and say if we’re going to put our balls on the line you better be so goddamn squeaky clean from this point forward or from this point back.”

LA Direct in its response says that it doesn’t book privates. “And without question you have no evidence to support such a claim. Direct
Models only accepts and negotiates employment for its Artists from legitimate studios.”

“Further, allegation of violation of the Mann Act, a federal criminal statute, and California Penal Code §§ 266i(a) (1,2) – State felony pandering, is a violation of the ABA Canons of Professional Responsibility on your part. ‘A lawyer shall not present, participate in presenting, or threaten to present criminal charges solely to obtain an advantage in a
civil matter.’

[This is why Black is calling Gelbard a retard.]

“Knowing that such claim entirely lack supporting evidence, it could also be the case that you are ‘knowingly making a false statement or fact, equally a violation of the same Canons,” LA Direct continues.

According to LA Direct, Sydney Coca, husband of Natasha Starr, made such allegations to Gelbard and that Coca allegedly continues “to arrange for the booking of both sisters for ‘privates’ a pseudonym for acts of prostitution, and continues to do so even as these communications go back and forth.”

So LA Direct is conceding that the Starrs are hookers but that they book through Pamela Peaks, and that Coca “also drives the sisters to and from such bookings and charges each a commission from their earnings.”

Be advised that it is Direct Models intent to publicize your threat of the ‘Mann Act” and California Penal Code to the adult entertainment industry,” LA Direct threatens.

So is Gelbard a dope?

“These girls drive around and do privates,” said Black.

“This is what they do. And for Allan Gelbard to sit their and take these foreign slobs and pretend like they’re 19 year old girls that just walked into the LA Direct office, it’s embarrassing, that this fucking moron would sit there and take on a case and threaten Derek Hay with his own people.

“Are both these girls here legally in this fucking country? The best part is they’re fighting with each other and airing their dirty laundry and they got this retard Evil Angel lawyer to fall for it.”

“‘I’m going to help these poor, defenseless girls that are here being hookers for LA Direct,’ and now they’re upset because Derek has got them in this contract and he’s busting their balls and he’s bullshitting them and doing what Derek does.

“He’s probably threatening to deport them and who do they get? Oh, Evil Angel’s lawyer. Or maybe they met Allan Gelbard at a clinic somewhere where he was looking for information on new HIV medicine that he can give to Stagliano to pass those AIDS test.

“Then they call this guy and he says let’s break the law and threaten them.”

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