Rob Black: I Predicted What Gatto Would Do

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Rob Black said it weeks ago. Black, talking about AB 332 and assemblyman Mike Gatto’s role in defeating it last week, predicted those events when he said there was still time to kill it.

“I had somebody on the inside, but why isn’t anybody reporting on it?” asked Black on his Wednesday show,

“I talked about my inside man in Sacramento. I talked about that. I talked about in on my Memorial Day show.

“At the end of the day Gatto’s talking about financial sense, and that he’s not going to be the one putting the state in a situation of lawsuits up the ass.

“Gatto’s not a dumb-dumb. You don’t think they talked about it inside the circle? Look what’s costing the taxpayers- why shold we bring a lawsuit on ourselves when they’re [Weinstein and the AHF] are going to take it to the voters. Weinstein is going to put it on the ballot and spend tons of money because they run the campaign they run. But Gatto’s not going to get himself mired in financial ruin.

“Maybe I’m just a loose cannon asshole because I call somebody a name? says Black. “A loose cannon is someone pulling down his pants and beating off on a soccer field.

“Gatto’s not going to be the guy burying this legislation in lawsuits. Now Weinstein has to jump through hoops. I said all this before Gatto struck the bill down. Before Gatto I told everybody there was still a chance this bill gets struck down. What Gatto did was so logical. But it stares you in the face. How do you dismiss what I say?

“But I’m a loser. Everything I say is lies, and I don’t know what I’m talking about. I said there was time to kill the bill. We have somebody on the inside, but I’m an asshole for saying that and Diane Duke, Hirsch, Stagliano, and Free Speech are the best. They’re the ones fighting for you.

“Us Italian Americans killed that bill and porn can thank the Italian Americans for killing that bill.”

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