Rob Black: I Think Andy San Dimas is The Best in the Business

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Rob Black on his Tuesday Internet Show says Andy San Dimas is the best female performer he’s ever worked with in his 18 years in the business.

“I’ve never been with a girl who could memorize stuff on the fly,” said Black.

“I’ve never been with a girl who doesn’t give a shit about what she’s doing; to the extent that she actually cared, she’d be phenomenal. Like real movie type stuff. She got the credit for being the hot girl of the year, so that’s it, you’re done. She was never managed properly. She went from a huge agency like Spiegler to a huge agency like LA Direct but yet they’re both the same poison and nothing’s really changed.

“Andy San Dimas is a star,” Black continued.

“I’ve never experienced an actress that’s been that focused. Here’s an example. We shot Supergirl. Big movie. It was our third movie off of Justice League. With Justice League we did 10,000 pieces. Then we did Reservoir Dogs which was my art housey – let’s get everybody to act and we did 3,200, 3,400 out the door. It’s definitely done 5,000 by now. Then we came back with Supergirl.

“The girl that we originally had to play the lead flaked on us. We called for Andy. I call her Andrew. Andy had already been in Rez Dogs for me. Andy came on the fly with an hour’s notice, showed up, I gave her a script and she proceeded to take this character of the villain in Supergirl and for two days with no sleep, Andy did this movie. She knew every line. She hit every cue. She took this evil character and made it her own.

“She did fight sequences on a spiral staircase. I’m on the base of it holding her ankles so if she falls I at least won’t have her smack her fucking head on the ground.

“We had all these people, like I said, Andy nailed it,” Black went on to say.

“I don’t know any girl who can do that. And she does it with professionalism, a class, a flair. To watch her, when we did Rez Dogs I gave her the Harvey Keitel character which was the lead.

“I heard people kind of poo-poo the movie but the concept was to take girls and put them in the guy roles and change the dialogue to represent girls. I gave them a 100 page script. Everybody bitched and moaned. Andy took it and she ran with it. She was phenomenal.”

Black said he talked to Drew over at Hustler about doing movies and Flynt told Black to go fuck himself.

“I told Drew I did Reservoir Dogs, and he said, ‘You did? I didn’t know that.’

“I told him I’m General Stone. When I got out of prison I had to use that name because no one would give me a fair shot to judge my movie saying it’s going to be rape, whatever.”

“Drew told me that when he was sitting at the AVN show he was with the president of Hustler. He goes, ‘When they showed those clips on the screen- when they showed Reservoir Dogs- I looked at the clip and I looked at our president and said I want to do movies like that. Why can’t we do movies like that?’

“There, Andrew, I just want you to know that shitty little movie that took us all that time really was the talk of the business. It really showcased you girls acting. It showcased that an adult actress, a porn chick can memorize lines and actually have emotion.

“My hat’s off to you, Andy San Dimas, because you are, I feel, are the best actress I’ve ever worked with. It’s a shame you’re not the top dog in the business today.”


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