Rob Black: If Amber Lynn’s Show Gets 185,000 Listens I will Eat A Steaming Pile of Shit

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Is it Seka math? Or is it for real? Amber Lynn is claiming her last Internet show got something like 185,000 downloads. Rob Black doesn’t think so.

“I don’t have the listeners of Amber Lynn,” concedes Black humbly. “The funny thing about Blog Talk Radio they offer stats on how many listeners have downloaded your show; how many are listening live.

“If Amber Lynn shows me those stats, and it says 187,000 live listeners I will eat a pile of steaming shit. I’m talking about Blog Talk Radio.

“It says on March 1st my show at this time had 116 live listeners and X -amount of downloads. I average 150 live listens a day. I’ll go to a show we did 2months ago and see there was 400 downloads.

“I can’t tell you I have a millions of listeners. I want to march with my head up and be proud and actually accomplish things. If I get 6,000 downloads a month that to me is pretty good. I like to compare why this show did better than that one. If you’re doing 185,000 people downloading, that’s money. That’s a real radio station. You can play a numbers game however you want – Amber Lynn’s a legend I’m a fucking has been nobody.

“But if those stats are correct, I’ll be her manager. That’s how this whole game works. It’s about listens. They will be billionaires. I’d like to have half of that. If I had 185,000 downloading my every day – why is this business so full of shit? Guys, if I can get my show up to 20,000 downloads, I wouldn’t be here. Amber Lynn’s doing 185,000 downloads every show? C’mon, is this what the business is?”

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