Rob Black :If You Have a Problem with Lisa Ann You Have a Problem with Me

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It’s not like Lisa Ann or Rob Black have forged any alliances or, in an altered naked state, smoked peace pipes in a sweat lodge.

Black on his late night show Tuesday, said he talked to Lisa Ann recently and knows her well from the old days when he hired her for Elegant Angel shoots. Black mentioned that Lisa Ann had been up for contract girl consideration, but that eventually went to Stephanie Swift. With that as a background, Black went on to say:

“The business has been rampant with corruption and put underground with the way we all behave,” said Black.

“We’re now in a situation where we can clean it up. It’s one of those moments of a lifetime. I said this business would have to be burnt to the ground to be rebuilt. We are now at that judgment day.

“Lisa Ann and I have spoken numerous times in the past. I’m going to say we’re both fighting for the exact same thing. Even without her pledging her support for the UAWA, I feel we all think the same way and she’s echoed my words.

“Lisa Ann has always been that perfect example of the strong adult performer that only comes around once in awhile,” Black continued.

“She had a leadership role in this business and at the time I was not in a position to support her. In prison I did not have the opportunity to support a woman who had a talent agency and did the right thing.

“If Lisa Ann had Rob Black back then the game would be different. She says everything that we’re saying at The Rob Black show. I’m going off on what she’s been saying on the Internet. And with her not physically picking up the phone, I don’t need to have her call me personally. I only need to know what she says in the media.”

Black recalled the time they had a meeting at The Black Angus.

“She and I negotiated to have her work for me as a Rob Black/Elegant Angel contract girl. We had a wonderful lunch and four months later she quit the business. She popped up later eight years.

“We have history and when she popped back in the industry, she worked for crazy Rob Black and crazy Tom Zupko. When she was part of a talent agency and got stuck at LA Direct she was bamboozled by Tony Lee at the Lee Network. During that time Lisa Ann put together a whole bunch of things including some dance gigs for Lizzy Borden at Spearmint Rhino.

“She made sure that when Lizzy Borden got to the club, there was everything waiting in her dressing room. It was all organized. She stayed at the club with me and Lizzy Borden until the end of the night. That is a woman that was in a power position and why people would not go with this girl I have no idea.

“She was Sarah Palin back then. This is a woman who was a big star then and yet she had no problem making sure a fellow big star was helped out and shown what to do. Lisa Ann is Lisa Ann you book her to be Lisa Ann. But she won’t let another girl in the business go through a shitty experience.

“When she came out about Mr. Marcus and the fact that he performed a sex scene in that Manwin studio- I talked then about how awesome she was. Back then she got a rash of shit and she called me. She’s a woman who has been a fighter all of her life.

“By her actions in the press I don’t have to get conformation that she’s with me. I would defy anybody in the business to do anything shady anything dastardly to hurt her. She’s part of the UAWA and the Rob Black show- she’s our friend.

“I will tell everybody this- if you have a problem with Lisa Ann you have a problem with me. I could give two shits who you think you are, what you think you can do but, I would defy anyone out there to speak ill or try to harm her in anyway- physically or her money.

“I defy any of you. Lisa Ann, whether you like it or not is with Rob Black. All you have to do is read her statements. With that, I protect all of my members. I defy you- I could give two shits who you are- if you fuck with Lisa Ann you fuck with Rob Black and the entire Rob Black army.

“If you can imagine the worst time in your life that you’ve ever had, find that one miserable point in your life, and death would be the only way out- think of that moment. You fuck with her, that moment, in comparison, will pale to the wrath of hell I will bring down upon you.”

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