Rob Black Is The Mallet In The Mike South Whac-A-Mole Game

Let me tell you about us and about our show.

Whenever we’re had a problem with people, we’ve come out and said what the problem is, show that the problem is real, we prove the problem, we prove or disprove the conspiracies and we talk about them.

When we hear things or find things out or people tell us things that are bullshit or that you cannot verify and amount to a bunch of innuendo, we don’t talk about it nor do we care about it. We don’t come up with grand conspiracies and say this means this or that means that. It’s ludicrous to get involved with that type of bullshit.

Because that’s what makes you basically become Mike South. That’s what makes you become somebody who is a joke. Somebody who makes people tune out and realize that you’re nothing more than a farm animal. A circus freak. You have no credibility and it’s laughable.

Whenever we’ve gotten information that basically amounts to two people just being pissed off at each other and they just wanna gossip or talk shit, we don’t play into that. Not that there’s not a place for it. There’s tons of places for that, but that place is not on our show. We don’t talk about things that amount to he said/she said. Those are Mike South games.

We don’t run stories from “anonymous sources” without any evidence to back up what they’re saying. Real news agencies don’t even work like that. An anonymous source says, “Here’s a smoking gun and here’s proof, but you didn’t get it from me.” Mike South doesn’t do that. Mike South posts a lie, credits it to “an anonymous source” and thinks that protects him from slander suits.

A lot of times Mike South puts a story up, then backs off from it and you never hear about it again. Because they were lies. We hammer a story because it’s real. And if we don’t have that last bit of conclusive evidence, everything leading up to that point is factual and we draw a conclusion from those facts which makes sense.

Months ago we talked about convicted pedophile Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob and how he was associated with and doing business with attorney Marc Randazza, ex-performer Julie Meadows and people in Free Speech Coalition. These were all facts. This wasn’t some crazy tangential Jew Mafia conspiracy theory. There was a luncheon and panel discussion in Las Vegas where these people had their names and pictures on a flyer and this luncheon/panel discussion was organized and paid for by a convicted child molester. These are facts.

Mike South tried to spin it that nobody should be held to answer for this if they just happened to have met a guy in Vegas with a questionable past, because Randazza is an advertiser on his site and Meadow is a friend of his. It’s like that senate candidate Matt Bevin who said he didn’t support cockfighting and was never at a function that supported it, but then a video surfaces with him at a pro-cockfighting rally. Now he has to back pedal and looks like an idiot who has lost all credibility. Same situation with Mike South. He says Marc Randazza and Julie Meadows shouldn’t be blamed for doing business with a pedophile if they just happened to appear at a function that is organized by that person and they couldn’t have known who he was.

We hammered this story every day and came up with evidence from Julie Meadows conducting interviews with Treptow to Marc Randazza’s ties to the Libertarian Party in Nevada where Treptow served as Treasurer. A simple Google search would’ve revealed who Kurt Treptow was. BBC did stories on it, The Washington Times, not to mention the Romanian press Yet, Mike South tries to say that there was no way they could’ve known and that they shouldn’t be held accountable for associating with him.

I have long suspected that Kelli Roberts from and is somehow affiliated with Mike South. Every once in a while she’ll hit me up and ask strange questions, like she’s trying to feel me out or pick my brain for information. She said, “If you can give me proof of what this Treptow guy did, I’ll run a story on it.” I basically had to send her a book of what this guy did, articles, interviews, all of this irrefutable evidence. She goes, “Hmm…OK maybe I’ll do something about it.” Nothing ever happened. No article was written and it never got played out on Lukeisback or Lukeford. Nothing. The only thing you hear about over there is some girl who was number one in some bullshit ranking that proves she’s the most popular girl in the world. Nobody in porn uses the girl, but she’s the most popular girl in the world. Please. Sell me more bridges in New York.

While all this was going on, South’s followers were emailing me. “Lurking Reader” would email me and ask why I kept going after this story, trying to divert attention away from the fact that I was attacking Marc Randazza and Julie Meadows and that whole little group. Doing everything to get me off of the story. It was like the end of the world for them.

Then lo and behold, after five days of us hammering Treptow, Mike South pulls out a story on Super Gonorrhea invading Porn Valley. Super Gonorrhea was here, 16 performers were affected and Free Speech Coalition was keeping it hidden. But he knows all the facts and has all the evidence. He said he had tests that showed all of these performers had this deadly strain of untreatable gonorrhea. It got to the point of where Free Speech Coalition had to put out a press release to say “There’s no Super Gonorrhea in porn. What the fuck are you guys talking about?” Mike South said there was a Super Gonorrhea case in Japan and that was all the bullshit he needed to create one of his lies. All the bullshit he needed to divert attention from the Treptow story and to create a mass conspiracy with Free Speech Coalition involving Super Gonorrhea.

Free Speech Coalition, who he hammers constantly, yet he advertises for them. One of his ads is for attorney JD Odenberger. One of Odenberger’s partners is Reed Lee, who sits on the board of Free Speech Coalition.

Mike South constantly demands answers from Free Speech Coalition. Yet Mike South never answers any charge levied against him. From him shooting without tests, to him advertising with Manwin, to him advertising with Free Speech Coalition, to him having a Georgia OSHA inspector on all of his sets. But he’ll sit there and scream that everybody should answer him. Once again, that’s Southern Republican mentality.

Then he’ll talk shit about you. The entire business has been held hostage by this piece of shit for years. He’ll sit there and talk shit and tell lies about you, and what forum do you have? You’re a porn performer. You’re a director. You’re a studio owner. You don’t have a forum and it’s not your business to sit there and combat every lie that this piece of shit says about you.

Mike South tries to be Stupid Hitler. He sits there and tells The Big Lie over and over so that everybody will believe it. That’s what he does. But in the past year and a half that Rob Black has been on the scene, as much shit as people want to talk about me, I’ve been fighting this piece of shit Mike South and making sure he never gets away with spreading the lies that he does.

Just like I did when I fought the federal government during our obscenity case. Our judge ruled in our motion to dismiss that obscenity laws were unconstitutional and in doing so, stymied the efforts of the Bush Administration’s Justice Department led by John Ashcroft and later Alberto Gonzales to go after everybody in the porn business. I was the sacrificial lamb that stopped an entire wave of obscenity prosecutions that were about to be leveled against the industry. If you watch the documentaries on AdultFYI, you will see the background of the case and see what we did. We set a legal precedent that is used today to fight obscenity cases. I did that. Not John Stagliano. His case was dismissed because his prosecutor was inept and couldn’t figure out how to operate a DVD player. The ability to able to do business in the adult industry without fear of persecution from the government is due to my case. I went to prison because I lost my business and couldn’t afford to defend myself. Everyone in the industry, from Vivid to Wicked to Manwin are able to make millions because of me. Rob Black.

So just like I stopped the federal government from coming after this business, for the last year and a half I have taken Mike South’s head and shoved it up his own ass. This guy opens his mouth on his blog and I’m there to shut it. You all fucking know that. This asshole can’t get away with saying a fucking word without me going, “Lies, lies, lies.” And AdultFYI is killing him in traffic. I challenged him to produce server stats to refute this which he will never do. Just like he will never produce a name, badge number and reports of Georgia OSHA inspectors on his sets. He never gives answers, but he demands answers from Free Speech Coalition, Christian Mann, Diane Duke, this asshole Scott Sparks. All of the people that Mike South tries to bully. What has he done lately? Nothing. And you all fucking know it.

This bitch is a punk ass cuntbag who is shivering in fear in his trailer. Because every time he opens his mouth, I’m there to shut it. I’m like a mallet in a Whac-A-Mole game. He sticks his hillbilly head up and I smash his stupid skull.

Whether you like me, whether you love me or whether you despise me, I’m the best thing going in this business today. Because this motherfucker Mike South is pure evil, everything he spews are lies and poison and I’m the only one here who stands here every day and disputes every single bullshit thing he says and challenges him. And you fucking know it.

So I suggest that you bitch ass haters know your fucking roles.

You keyboard warrior faggots.

Know Your Role.

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