Rob Black: Jeffrey Douglas Might As Well Be Driving the Bus for Shane’s World

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On his Thursday night show, Rob Black dissected and analyzed the current Free Speech Board membership and came up with some amusing if not scary observations:

“You’ve got Jeffrey Douglas who’s a lawyer, has been a lawyer and has done nothing substantial of anything,” Black observed.

Seriously. He might as well drive the bus for Shane’s World. Like Al Gelbard used to do. But that’s about as much as he’s accomplished in Free Speech. You attach yourself to cases. I think with the Max Hardcore case you were a part of that with Lou Sirkin. Max Hardcore did 4 ½ years. Way to go, Jeffrey Douglas.

“You attached yourself to GVA in Cleveland, and the 2257 record-keeping. That was Rondee Kamins who hired the lawyers, not Jeffrey Douglas. You attached yourself to it. You filed an amicus brief. You put your name on it. You’re a fucking jerk off, dude. That’s the Free Speech board?

On the subject of Marcie Hirsch, Black offers this amusing anecdote:

“She’s the same woman who back in ’98 when I got together for a weekend with Lexus Locklear the Vivid contract girl, and when we got back to LA because she dumped me. I couldn’t get my dick hard. This was before Viagra. I couldn’t get my 5 inch cock hard so I knuckle fucked her for a couple of minutes. I think that offended her so when we got back to LA she wouldn’t take any of my calls. I sent flowers to the Vivid office and Marcie was my go-between. Marcie, can you call Lexus for me?

“Marcie Hirsch now sits on the board and she’s looking out for you. This is the woman who I told B. Skow is going to fuck you. Yeah, okay, Rob.”

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