Rob Black: Kara Price, Who’s Kara Price?

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Cal/OSHA coming down on today is not a coincidence. Rob Black has been talking to people. People have been talking to people.

Black said there would be a new regime, but he began weeding out who wouldn’t be the spokespeople for it. He started with the Free Speech board.

As Black was dissecting the Free Speech board on his Tuesday show and what losers they are, official word came down about the Cal/OSHA complaint. Black got interrupted and changed topics, but this was what he was in the middle of saying.

“Peter Acworth sits on the board of Free Speech Coalition,” Black pointed out.

“He’s also the same man recently arrested on cocaine charges and arrested because they refused to let police officers in the San Francisco armory.

“They didn’t let the cops in for 20 or 30 minutes later, but no guns were found. That’s the person that sits on the board of Free Speech. That’s a person going to Sacramento to talk to politicians? He will be taken with so much more credibility than that sleazoid Rob Black.

“Christian Mann was the front of two of the adult business’ wannabe gangsters. Kenny Guarino owned Metro. Christian Mann ran a company for a supposed gangster [Guarino] who was paying the New England mob to make sure they didn’t fuck him up. After the Gambino crew went away, the new bosses got in and they got hit. Some say Mr. Guarino rolled over. That is who Christian Mann worked for.

“Before that he [Mann] worked at Video Team where he was a front for Teddy Rothstein who worked under the Gambino family. Christian Mann was a front to blow out the company so the two could rob from the mob.

“That is what Christian Mann did, oh, but he’s a reputable person. And then he set up shop at Evil Angel where he’s a VP for a man who’s HIV positive, who proceeds to engage in conduct with women where he doesn’t disclose he’s HIV. That is who Chris Mann is. Those are facts.

“That’s not Rob Black talking out of his rectum. Look at the people and the history of the people he worked for. But Christian Mann is an alright guy you’re saying.

“Is Marci Hirsch going to be the spokesperson now? We’ve all documented Marci. She hasn’t broken in houses and shitted on floors. Her claim to fame is being Steven Hirsch’s sister and corralling talent at an Expo and making sure they get sandwiches and Starbucks coffee.

“Should she be the person walking through the halls of Sacramento and sitting down with lawmakers? Because she knows how to deal with Heather Hunter? Christy Canyon? She knows how to deal with Juli Ashton? Now we got her on the list. [Plus she knows how to toss a mean salad.]

“Jeffrey Douglas is a board chamber. Sid Grief who’s on the board is a creepy distributor- a guy who walks around in a fishing vest and asks porn stars for autographs – and he’s the creepiest of all creatures.

“Mark Kernes, Alec Helmy, Joel Kamansky from Good Vibes. I know him from GVA Cleveland. I don’t know who Kara Price [pictured] is. She’s a performer/director and her website doesn’t work. Does anyone know who she is? Has anyone heard of her? Has she commented on any issues?

Also on the board are Reed Lee and Lynn Swanson. Black said he’d talk more about the board on his Tuesday night show.

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