Rob Black: Larry Flynt’s a Diaper-Wearing Hypocrite

Among his infinite number of targets, Rob Black on his Tuesday Internet show took aim at Larry Flynt. Black described how Flynt went on national TV and threw him under the bus.

Black, doing his best Flynt impersonation, paraphrased, ‘Rob Black has been bringing shit down on the business. Rob Black is bad for the business.’

“Larry Flynt spent time in prison for wearing the American flag as a diaper,” Black pointed out.

“Check your facts, kids. He spent six months in prison for wearing the American flag as a diaper. Eleven years ago I was bringing heat down on the business for giving a road map to the business for what they do today. Where’s Larry Flynt talking about that? When I was still a ‘whore’ [Patrick Collins called Black that to his face] I sat there and had secret meetings with Drew at Hustler about doing a movie for them. They told me they couldn’t do it because Larry still doesn’t like you.

“Larry Flynt wears the American Flag, goes into a courtroom- think about it- and I brought heat down on the business? Larry Flynt is a fucking hypocrite. I used to talk about how Larry Flynt was my idol. Do you people remember the movie The People Vs. Larry Flynt? I saw that movie. I saw a movie of a man who thumbed his nose at the government. I saw a man who thumbed his nose at society. I saw a man who took a bullet. I would say Larry Flynt was my hero.”

Black recalled how former Flynt employee Evan Wright did an interview with him.

“I talked about Flynt. This guy [Wright] won awards for writing about the Iraq war. He did interviews with me about me pushing the envelope. About me being like Larry Flynt.

“When I got busted, Larry Flynt, you motherfucker, you hypocrite cocksucker, you went on television and said, ‘Rob Black is bad for the business.’

“And the business persecuted me for going on a defense against you? You make me look like a lunatic like I’m out of the norm? You wore an American Flag. You weren’t fighting for pornography. You weren’t fighting for black guys to fuck white girls. You took a bullet for that. You were fighting the government to hold back tapes of a drug dealer who was entrapped by the government, who had been entrapped like I was. I shipped movies that the government wanted, to Pennsylvania. I was you, Larry Flynt.”

“Black then went off on a blogger to the show who apparently wrote that Black was “whining” because Flynt didn’t give him money.

“Did you ever hear me whine that Steven Hirsch didn’t give me money? Did you ever hear me whine that Mike South didn’t like me? I got him fired from Elegant Angel. But Larry Flynt was this business, the guy that pushed the envelope. He took pictures of girls in meat grinders. He was the guy who came up with Asshole of the Month. He was the guy who attacked women who said they were feminists.

“Here’s my question. Can someone explain this to me?” Black asked.

“How is it that me, pushing the envelope, how is that inviting trouble, but when Larry Flynt goes into his magazine at its peak and says, ‘I will give a million dollars for information that Richard Nixon fucks dogs.’ How is it when you put bounties on senators’ heads, is that not inviting heat on our business?

“I don’t understand that. I get in trouble and figure Larry Flynt’s going to be, like, Rob Black, you’re the new Larry Flynt. Let’s fucking do this, kid.

“Lou Sirkin called him and was told to go fuck yourself,” Black revealed.

“Paul Cambria, Mr. Free Speech, nope, because I was mean that I talked bad about his clients. Think about that. A fucking lawyer saying I get all my money from Steve Hirsch; I get all my money from Michael Warner, and they don’t want me to help Rob Black.”

Black notes that while Theresa Flynt now runs the company, Flynt still had it somewhat together when he castrated Black on TV.

“Some how the man that fucked the government all his life, a bunch of people got to him and said, ‘This guy is so bad for the business you need to go on TV and look like a hypocrite and say he’s real bad.’”

Black said he didn’t comment at the time because his lawyer advised he needed to clam up and be “friends” with everybody despite personal feelings.

“I never said nothing bad about Larry except I sucked his cock in the press.”

Black also revealed that, at the time, he did an op-ed piece in AVN when Tim Connelly was running the show. [Connelly subsequently sued Paul Fishbein.]

“I called Tim and said can you believe Larry Flynt said this about me? I gave Tim all my thoughts and Tim made it really badass and wrote it as a letter to AVN.”

Black said while he’s never met Theresa Flynt, Hustler won’t carry his product because Black said bad things about her father.

“I said bad things about Larry after I sucked his cock all my life and then he threw me under the bus on PBS. Then he told me to go fuck myself when I asked for a dollar. I did the op-ed piece now I’m an asshole.”

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