Rob Black: Let’s Put the AVN Award Show to Rest; talent pays $1000 to go to Vegas to come home pissed

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Call an industry awards show for what it is. It’s an excuse for a party with no heft or validity to it like an Oscars event. That was Rob Black’s contention Wednesday night.

“There is a stench and that stench is a creature named Paul Fishbein,” said Black.

“With the awards show coming around which is his, my favorite blogger [Mike South] reported about it, and the need for an award show. But he blogs that we should not have any hope that this award show is going to make any difference in the world, that it all amounts to shit.

“It’s funny when my favorite banjo player [again, South] engages in posting things that we’ve either talked about; then, when he talks about it he says it in such a way that these people broke his heart: ‘I had so much hope, but it turned out to be shit.’

“How do you explain it? I find it entertaining that he [South] wrote about the award show that Fishbein is having and how people talk about it’s stupid and lame and all the shows are lame.

“It’s this whole debate, and it’s silly there’s another award show and silly because this show is sponsored and put on by all the same people who do the awards show now. This industry is just scraping the bottom of everything known to man.

“So Paul Fishbein has his hands in two awards shows now. He has his hands in the AVN Expo which Janet Gibson runs and they’re all intertwined. You have a situation basically sucking the life out of talent and more and more people in the industry setting up Paul Fishbein’s return.

“After this year’s AVN award show, there will not be an AVN show the following year. You’ll have a Paul Fishbein awards show spawned by the people that bring you the AVN awards show now. It’s an amazing power and money grab, and the people backing it are the usual suspects like Frank Koretsky who’s the biggest sponsor.

“Ultimately our business should have an award show, 100%, that is run and produced like a fucking award show.

“If our business operated in that vein, people wouldn’t shit all over it. Our industry has awards shows predicated off of Adult Video News which brings no news but manufactured press releases. If these award shows were just celebrations and big fucked up party atmospheres, then everybody would be a lot better with that. But it’s hard to have award shows and treat them as important when the magazine and industry voice is a shell of a Ponzi scheme.

“Let’s just have a party and a celebration, that’s all,” Black suggested.

“There is no respect for an awards show, a gala, an extravaganza. The business should then step up and have a governing body that actually says this is going to be our reviewers, our stance and how we judge motion pictures, and this entity is going to have an awards show where we treat it like the Oscars.

“We need to treat it as our Oscars and actually say we have to have this category and video trailers and set times and actually give awards to people that actually deserve it. People like to compare it to the Oscars. Oscars will give out awards for acting not who goes to a wedding with Peter Warren. If our industry acted like that, people wouldn’t be so cynical.”

Black had been to a rave party over the weekend and suggested the industry every couple of months put on something akin to a weed festival with vending booths and- “don’t we already have that, duh?” [They’re called Exxxpos or Sexpos]

“The awards show now is a joke. If you were serious about it, you would have to overhaul the mechanism and our business is not willing to do that. Because now it’s nothing but a big party. So call it a festival.

“Our business can never have an award show unless it changes how it doles out awards with an unbiased governing body that is involved in a press/media cycle. And that whole machine operates on a weekly/monthly basis and with that and only that can you officially have an award show and officially have the Best Movie of the year.

“Until we do that, you’ll just have a bunch of bullshit swinger parties that involve fans and talent. So right now you have people like Christian Mann, Frank Koretsky, and Paul Fishbein getting rich.

“Our talent don’t give a fuck because it’s a party. You’re dealing with talent whose agents send out flyers that you’re doing cream pie bukkakes. Talent don’t give a fuck. Yeah, they’re going to boycott…what? A party? Hey, talent, we don’t want you to go to a party. Talent don’t give a fuck. They don’t care. Here’s a $150. They’ll give money they don’t have and bitch about it four months later.

“The AVN show is coming up so it’ll cost talent a thousand a head to go and come home pissed off, and they’ll do it again next year because it’s a party in Vegas and if you don’t go you’re missing something. You got to factor in everything that goes into the award show. You’re either flying or your driving. You’re either eating, and it’s five times what a normal meal would cost. You’re drinking at the bar. You have dresses that you buy- you have to be looking good. We could go down the line. So you’re paying a thousand bucks to go to Vegas to party. ‘If I don’t go, I don’t want to be the only porn star not there.’

“It’s fucking hilarious. Talent does what talent does.”


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