Rob Black: Lisa Ann was The Only One with The Balls to Say Something About Mr. Marcus; “Marcus is OJ”

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Female performers, said Rob Black on his new Internet show, need to wise up to the fact that they’re being manipulated by the porn system.

“They need to start thinking what the fuck they’re doing,” advised Black.

“You know business is shit. That is the reality and the real condom debate.”

Black said it was fine to have that debate because it involves one’s body and choices.

“But you need to have the comeback, when somebody says to you, ‘but you could spread that to the public.’

“You tell the people, ‘but we have sex only with our own people.’

“Guys, you need to have a new mantra. Because all those people are ‘escorts’ and they have ads on Backpage saying I’m going on tour the next three weeks. Come and fuck me. Hey, go to Eros and you can fuck me.’

“Jenna Jameson didn’t have Backpage ads,” Black continued.

“All you girls that think you’re porn stars, ‘Privates’ were called ‘private’ because you did it privately. You did it with a couple of guys who had tons of fucking money and they appreciated having sex with a glamorous porn star, not 300 dollars to fuck a dirty little pussy. They go, you don’t do that? Well the other girl did that. You don’t do fuck-a-fan?’

“How do you do all these things then say, ‘Well, we’re very careful. We only have sex with our own people.’

“But people like Marcus, go fuck you then go on a radio show and the only girl in the business that had the balls to say something was Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann [pictured] was the only girl to stand up and say, ‘Time out. That’s fucking bullshit.’

“Where were all you other feminists? That’s what I love. All you girls that say you’re feminist porn stars. Why don’t you rally behind a woman like Lisa Ann who is on a set with Aexel Braun and don’t take shit? After she had been there for 17 hours she finally broke down and said [to Braun], ‘Fuck you, I’m going home.’

“Lisa Ann walked into a radio station and witnessed Mr. Marcus having sex with no tests and no permits in the Manwin building- remember Manwin was going to save our business- nobody said a word. And Lisa got threatened. People called her and threatened her. Know what Lisa said? Fuck you. I’m the most looked at fucking MILF porn star/Sarah Palin in the fucking business. Fuck you. I get paid big money. Fuck you.

“You got a motherfucker [Mr. Marcus] who shut down this fucking business. [Not according to Marcus ]

“You got a motherfucker who spread syphilis in this business- it’s debatable whether he did or not- and people shit on Lisa Ann.

“That’s a feminist. Kelly Shibari, whatever you’re fucking name is. Why don’t you call the mantra of Lisa Ann and Lizzy Borden? Lisa Ann stood up when there was a wrong going on. That’s a woman who said it’s wrong what’s going on in our business. So maybe if some of you girls stood up for yourselves a little bit more and said I’m not going to do that.”

“You guys need to be in this debate, not people like me,” advised Black.

“Not directors, not people that say, ‘Hey, if you don’t do this scene we’re going to shut down this set.’

“When girls like Aurora Snow tell the truth, every girl knows that. When you got producers and directors saying, ‘This is what I need, well, I’ll just call Derek. I’ll just call your agent.’

“You can see the girls with fear in their eyes. You girls have the power. You have the voice- not me, not guys. Just like the abortion debate. For a guy to sit there and debate about your vagina? Bullshit. You need to be in the condom debate and say I want to choose or I don’t want to choose. Get it out of the hands of the guys. Get it out of the hands of Steve Hirsch.”

Black then zeroed his sights on “feminsist” Nica Noelle who did a kiss-ass, suck up interview with Mr. Marcus.

“Think about this. Nica Noelle comes off like she’s the feminist,” Black pointed out.

“She supported Mr. Marcus. That’s all. When you girls are on the set. Ask her. ‘You defended that guy who faked his test?’

“Let’s give Marcus the fact that he faked his test, and we’ll forgive him. Let’s say, hey bro, as far as we know nobody got infected. That was a bad move and fucked up. We’re going to forgive you one day but you need to be banned. But like the Catholic Church forgives pedophiles, if a Catholic can forgive a child-fucker, I’m sure the business can forgive Mr. Marcus.

“But Marcus put his finger up and told us all to go fuck ourselves. That’s the problem. You made a mistake? We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Fine. You made a mistake. But then you get on and say it’s their fault and nobody got a disease.

“Then you go and fuck a girl with no test on a radio show, take a picture of yourself with your tongue hanging out, like yeah, mugging for the camera. And Jessica Bangkok, she’s mugging for the camera.

“You’re fucking OJ. You waxed your fucking wife. You gutted her fucking boyfriend; you got off, then you went the next day and go, ‘Hey, everybody, go fuck your mothers. What if I did it? I kinda did it. Fuck you.’

“Dude, can’t you kinda just lay low until the statute of limitations expires?”

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