Rob Black Makes Shocking Revelations; Industry Testing Isn’t As Safe as You Think It Is

On his show Thursday, Rob Black, talked about RICO and criminal investigations in the same breath as The Free Speech Coalition and ASPHSS.

If what Black’s saying is true, it’s all over for Diane Duke, APHSS and The Free Speech Coalition. Black announced that there should be a criminal investigation of those organizations.

“This is going to make the hairs on your skin crawl,” he predicted.

“Katie Summers got white.” Black thanked Mike South for the information that was provided revealing the chink in the APHSS armor.

“Here’s where the mass criminal conspiracy begins,” said Black.

“It’s real fucking scary, and I’m not fucking around. Free Speech Coalition and APHSS are a part of a testing procedure- the test they administer- the test we take to show we don’t have HIV will show that John Stagliano and Karen Stagliano would test negative for HIV.

“All of you gasp and of you say I’m lying piece of shit, but it is a fucking fact,” said Black.

“But the test we take right now- the test for viral loads. The PCR-DNA test is a viral load test.”

Black pointed out that Stagliano doesn’t test as it is but he would beat the test as it’s currently administered.

“Christian Mann, Evil Angel are all a part of this. They paraded around Mr. Marcus.

“The test is good for early detection because it detects the actual virus. But with the anti-virals and inhibitors that make the viral load drop, the test will not catch it.

“If you think I’m telling a lie, right now let’s get John Stagliano and Karen to go to The Cutting Edge and have the test. Let’s see if it comes up positive. If it comes up positive we can say why don’t you take this test and show it to a girl. If it comes up negative, guess what? You are going to expose and show the entire business and the entire world what a motherfucking fake lie does and the disservice it does to the young women [in the industry].

Black said he’s pretty confident in saying that Marc Wallice faked his test and gave the “bug” to Karen Stagliano.

“He infected the girls and they got HIV. If we had a condom policy that would never have happened. If we had stringent testing procedures that never would have happened.”

“In our business- I’m going to give you a name- Kary Mullis. This is the inventor of the PCR technology. He has said it should never be used as an HIV test but simply as a diagnostic tool to determine the viral loads. This is stuff that nobody wants you to hear. AVN is not going to write about this. XBiz is not going to write about this, and John Stagliano – I’ve been talking about this for two months- he won’t even speak up about this. His boy Richard Abowitz won’t speak up about it.

“Understand something. The test that we take right now determines our viral load. If you are juiced up and gassed up on meds, your viral load goes right under the wire. It’s like faking a test.

“Why do you think in the gay community and the gay industry they make everybody wear condoms. They don’t give a fuck about the AIDS test. You know why? because they know the dirty secret. They don’t want to say it because they don’t want people to say, why do we test? because you need two tests. There’s another test but it costs more money. The ELIZA testing, old school testing, actually picks up an infection in 90% of the cases in the first 10 days of exposure; and 99% plus in the first 30. PCR-DNA costs $100.

“Again, I got information left and right. ELIZA was cheap. But if ELIZA with PCR-DNA snaps out any of that bullshit, why don’t we take both?

“Because of money. Who’s going to pay for it? Talent’s got no money. They don’t want to pay for it. You say make the companies pay for it. The companies don’t want to pay for it because already this bullshit fund that Manwin and the talent testing companies put together, they already cut that money out. That’s gone. It’s a joke.”

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