Rob Black: Mike South, We Outed You for Being a Shill and You’re Pissed Off

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Rob Black suspects that Mike South has been taking kickbacks from LATATA.

If you go on Slim Pickens’ website you might notice that he plays favorites and, lately, the agents can do no wrong according to South. It’s as obvious as an Alabama banjo on a hillbilly’s knee.

Black Monday night had a couple of comments to make after South posted the following:

“I had hoped that Rob was at least mmaturing but I was wrong…too bad really. All Rob cares about is Rob and if you dont agree with him then you must be his enemy…fine Im his enemy LOL been there done that before. He doesnt much interest me now.”

“It’s apparent that you lashed out and made those comments when I hit the hammer on the head,” said Black.

“I called you a shill- is that what’s upsetting you? And another thing I said was you were an ignorant hillbilly. Are you upset at me because I called you a hillbilly or I called you a shill-liar and exposing you for that?

“Is it the fact that you’re after your own self-interests?

“He [South] said the agents did a great job in the syphilis outbreak,” continued Black.

“That’s a lie, Mike South. Mike South doesn’t like the fact that I divulged information. I called him an ignorant hillbilly for not reporting the fact the agency that tests us was fucking around, and it was withheld for days.”

Black said South’s presenting all kinds of evidence that he’s a carpetbagger.

“The wheels of bullshit are running crazy. I’m looking at the story Mike South is all upset about I love it. He’s upset. Basically we outed you for being a shill, and you’re pissed. We’ve proven a lot of things today. It’s pretty evident.”

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