Rob Black: Mo Reese,You Are a Stupid Bastard

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Rob Black speculated on who Mo Reese is. Reese, a director in the business, was active in the Measure B campaign, ran for a spot on the Free Speech board, lost, and now continues to twitter political commentary.

Reese today got behind a story about condoms in prison and why AHF rolled over and is no longer behind it. Rob Black took Reese to task wondering, who exactly Reese was.

“A fan who paid somebody who knows somebody that let him touch a girl,” Black suspected.

“You speak about concepts of policy you know nothing about, that AHF got behind a push years ago to make condoms be passed out in prison. They pushed to have this bill go through and it got all the way to Arnold Schwarzenegger who vetoed it and said guys fuck in prison, it’s illegal and you can’t pass a law to distribute condoms to something that isn’t legal.”

“Why is Rob Black, the one who’s Mr. idiot, why am I the one that has to explain politics. Nobody said Michael Weinstein is a great guy and awesome. His whole premise in life is a safety advocate. He owns condom companies and anus jelly companies. Nobody says anything in life is for free.

“Non-profit doesn’t mean you don’t get paid. The Free Speech Coalition is a non profit organization, but Diane Duke gets paid six figures. Are you stupid, Mo Reese? Weinstein’s goal is to promote safe sex. His goal is to promote the use of condoms.

“Those are all his goals. So they had this issue to put condoms in state prisons. Awesome, then we’ll march down to every state and have it passed. They went with a premise – there’s nothing wrong with that, and all guys are doing is buttfucking each other. Let em all wear rubbers and fuck each other in prison.

“These are all issues that a normal, sane rational system would get behind him.” Black said “props” are essentially useless and voters rarely vote for them.

“Because nobody knows about them [propositions]- they’re silly. Whether stupid or not, people in California have legalized medical marijuana. You take the good with the bad. That’s how life is.

Without laws, said Black, “We’d be Las Vegas on steroids where you could get bottles of scotch and drink yourself to death and get raped in a bathroom.”

“Mo Reese, you stupid bastard, fucking in prison is against the law. If we outlawed cigarettes, America would be a better place but are we going to do that?

“Mo Reese, maybe you have a dark past we don’t know about and were a bank robbber and did 15 years in San Quentin. Unless you’ve been to prison, I don’t know how you could even open your mouth.

“Ask Brian Surewood if there’s a rampant buttfuck abuse in state prison and everyone has AIDs. You know nothing about politics and how government works. You are the reason why we’re getting bossed, bullied and fucked over because we have idiots in charge like you. You can’t win any arguments against Weinstein when you don’t clean up your own backyard.”

“I don’t even want to have a political discussion with you because you’re stupid.”

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