Rob Black Mops the Floor with Peter Acworth and Princess Donna; Tells Acworth to Get Out of The Country

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In the end, the management of are nothing but a bunch of school yard bullies and parasites who pay naive talent to have the shit beat out of them. That was the message delivered Wednesday afternoon by Rob Black.

Black went specifically after owner Peter Acworth and Princess Donna who directs movies for the company. Acworth on his blog in recent days wrote about his opposition to condoms being used in porn. And that’s what set Black off. But not before Black dispensed a little history of BDSM in the business.

Black described Acworth as “everyone’s favorite torturer from San Francisco.”

“He basically goes on his blog and lies and bullshits,” said Black.

“I found it incredibly funny that he’s against condoms. I’ll break it down better where people can go, ‘I get what you’re saying.’

According to Black, Kink should be segregated to San Francisco where it would have to “jump through hoops to get talent.”

In discussing the history of BDSM where companies like Bizarre Video and Gotham Video ruled the roost for many years, Black said care was taken to hire talent who were into the lifestyle.

“When you flew to New York, they wouldn’t beat the shit out of you where you would cry hysterically.”

Careena Collins a former performer in the business now operates a dungeon, according to Black.

“Careena Collins runs a dungeon in Hollywood where people pay to beat people or get beaten. Careena is a sub. She has a daddy, and this daddy beats her up. They do that sexual thing. She’s into that.”

Black said he saw private tapes of Collins in action that he couldn’t believe.

“She was getting the living shit beat out of her. It was so graphic and disturbing.” Black is quick to concede that this isn’t for everyone.

Collins invited him to attend one of the lifestyle gathering years ago and Black was quick to note that it was what Kink is now.

“Something else I noticed,” said Black.

“It was full of the most godawful ugliest hideous motherfuckers in the world. That’s the gimmick. In that lifestyle, people aren’t incredibly attractive. The daddy is rough and tumble and burly. The women are housewives. They’re not attractive people. That’s the gimmick, and people in that world have said that to me. Historically, they’re not attractive. Is everybody ugly? No. But is Jenna Jameson when she was young and cute getting hog tied and electrocuted? No.”

Black was curious what high school girl dreams of being dog chained to a wall and beaten to within an inch of her life. Not many, he gathers. To Black, swingers fall pretty much into the same category.

“Swingers are the ugliest motherfuckers in the world. What James Deen and Stoya do aren’t swinging. It’s when you get off on a hideous stranger having sex with your wife.”

Black obviously wasn’t coddling the swinger or the BDSM vote in his campaign against Acworth who Black says hires the beautiful people because fans doesn’t want to watch gross slobs being tortured.

“Kink should film their own lifestyle parties, but those are hideous people,” Black said.

“They need to get 19 year-old girls who don’t know this lifestyle and have Derek Hay send them up to San Francisco for his 30% to Princess Donna so she can beat beautiful people. Princess Donna and people like that get off making little blonde Barbies cry.”

Black is now referring to Hay as “Zoltar,” Black’s catchall name for a terrorist.

“So now Zoltar has called Princess Donna that he’s got a fresh one. He’s got a 19 year-old girl on her way to San Francisco,” where Black notes Acworth got arrested for cocaine possession.

“And Peter Acworth has signs all over the Armory saying that drugs are not tolerated and talent who use them will be sent home.” According to Black, talent would have to be seriously coked up to submit to some of the indignities Kink subjects them to.

“Peter Acworth, you got busted for coke. You’re a foreigner. You take 19 year- old girls and torture them against their will. But they feel if they do or say something wrong their agents will be mad at them.”

Black says the veteran women in the business who he refers to as “old slob talent” aren’t helping matters because in the end they stick up for Acworth by saying the girl should have spoken up.

“This old slob talent wants those young girls to feel the same hurt they felt at that age.

“For an older girl to say the girl didn’t say nothing, fuck you, you cunt. Every one of you older girls knows what it’s like to be afraid to go to your agent’s office because you wouldn’t suck Ralph Long’s cock under his sense of entitlement.”

“Because the consumers were tired of seeing fat bitches getting the shit beat out of them, the nice girls are being sent to Kink. And when they get there, they’re asked, ‘What’s your pain threshhold?

‘What do you mean?’

‘This is bondage it gets rough.’

‘I don’t know.’

“Dentists ask you what you’re pain threshold is. But porn companies? I never heard of a company asking that.”

Now, Princess Donna, whoever, says your partner is so and so. Then he takes you and says, ‘I’ll be the one beating you to death.’ ‘Are you cool with all these things?’ What are you going to say?”

Black said that if you watch a Kink video carefully you’ll notice that action comes to a cut every so often.

“That’s because the girl is yelling out her safe word. The cut is when everyone goes to her and says you’ve experienced the lifestyle. Doesn’t that feel good?

“These girls are perfectly normal and want to be the next Jenna Jameson or in Playboy,” says Black.

“She’s perfectly sane and rational, but they’re at Kink getting the shit beat out of them. She’s screaming, ‘I’m sorry I ruined your movie. Don’t tell my agent.’

“Kink and Peter Acworth are scumbags human pieces of garbage,” Black concludes.

“That survey Peter Acworth talks about in his blog on condoms? That’s the same talent from Spiegler and Zoltar that’s being beaten. That’s the same talent that gave a survey and said they don’t like condoms. So when Princess Donna is punching a girl’s face, she’s taking a survey of a girl who hates condoms?”

Black says Acworth either has to be a coke freak or must be supplying coke to the talent to get the shit beat out of them.

“You need to be deported,” said Black addressing Acworth.

“You English limey fucks come here under the pretense of Ricky Gervais. You are sex traffickers. Fran at LA Models is a piece of shit. She did an interview where she said that talent are garbage. These are the people you give your money to. Girls, there is no contract. Whatever you signed, bring to me I will wipe my ass with it and give it back to Zoltar.

“Acworth, I can’t wait until you put out your garbage through Jules Jordan and you ship it to Mississippi and they indict you. Then you and Jules can claim a lifestyle. You, my friend are a 1%-er that sits in that mansion. You’re Scarface. You think you’re Cuban? From now on you’re Peter Montana- guns and coke, fucked out of your mind. Ever see Boogie Nights?

“You’re that Eddie Nash guy sitting there with a little Asian boy, Cosmo, who’s in his underwear playing with fire crackers. You’re dancing around with a gun, coked out of your mind. That guy is Peter Acworth, a coke freak waving a gun around with a little Chink named Cosmo.

“Kink, if you stayed with your own lifestyle people I would be down. If you stayed with hideous beasts I would be fine. If you want to beat Mistress Slob Bob, it would be fine. But you’re taking 19 year-old blondes and electrocuting them. Only somebody coked up would get off on that. Even Max Hardcore don’t have cocaine and guns.

“Peter, shut the fuck up. Don’t blog any more. Your company’s not safe. You got lawsuits that are coming. You got politicians coming for you. You are on borrowed time, and are on the radar. You are bad for business. You are some English cunt who thought in colonial times you could come to America and take over this country.

“My ancestors are the ones who kicked your ass. You are an English cunt who’s done nothing except ride the coattails of what we’ve done. Get the fuck out of our country. Let’s close the borders to you. You are ruining this business. I want Morality in Media to go after you. I am begging that they go after you, and I am begging LAPD Vice to go after the agents.”

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