Rob Black: Mr. Marcus in Negotiations with Vivid

If this story is accurate, Steve Hirsch just gave a big screw you to the porn business.

On Wednesday afternoon Rob Black reported that Mr. Marcus and Vivid up until at least a month ago had been in discussions about Marcus coming aboard as a director.

“That’s a fact,” said Black.

“This is the same guy that came to Porn Star Karaoke and told everybody to go fuck themselves. He was in negotiations with Steve Hirsch to go back to Vivid and direct.

Black’s point in reporting this story is that Russ Hampshire at VCA Pictures gave Marc Wallice a job editing after it had been learned that Wallice was HIV positive. But when the story got out that Wallice was working at VCA, Hampshire had to let him go rather than face the heat from an irate business.

On a similar note, Black observed that Alana Evans had been twittering up a storm today that Marcus had been seen at PSK last night.

“So Alana, all of a sudden you’re being vocal?” Black observed. “Hope you out some more people. You work for Manwin, don’t you? Oh geez.”

Black reported that Marcus was at PSK with the girl he had sex with at the Manwin radio studios which prompted Jessica Bangkok’s firing.

Continuing his riff that Manwin is a company of terrorists, Black added some more food for thought about the enigmatic company that’s systematically destroying porn.

“When Manwin pays talent to get on an airplane to cross state lines to have sex they’re breaking the law,” Black pointed out. Manwin shoots both in Las Vegas and Florida, but California and New Hampshire are the only two states where shooting porn is legal.

“Keiran Lee [pictured] is now a panderer,” Black added.

“He’s breaking the law. Every time he has sex in the state of Las Vegas he’s breaking the law. Manwin are terrorists. They sex traffickers.

“How is it that Manwin and Playboy haven’t been declared to be sex traffickers?” Black wanted to know.

Black suggested that Playboy get rid of Manwin because of the sex trafficking and that Black would often Playboy free programming to fill in the dead air.

“Get rid of the terrorists, and I will work for you for free. The producers that threaten Lisa Ann, what do they make?

“Let the lawyers get you out of your deal, and I will program your station.

“Mr. Hefner, you don’t want to be in bed with terrorists and a company that’s on assault from the Security Exchange. You don’t want to be in bed with tax evaders. You need to be done with Manwin, a company that breaks international law- terrorists; fucking terrorists.”

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