Rob Black: My Rich Daddy Got Busted 168 Times

Tuesday night Rob Black addressed his chat room critics who said he rose to the top of the industry on the strength of his “daddy’s money.’

“What was he a senator, you stupid motherfuckers?” asked Black rhetorically.

“He was a sixth grade dropout, an Italian dropout who was born in Rochester, NY. who ran bingo parlors, who ran numbers who was a part-time gangster. That’s who my dad was.

“My dad went to prison. My dad was indicted for pandering for this business before Hal Freeman. There was a time, kids, when fucking on film was considered prostitution. It’s called pandering. And then a man by the name of Hal Freeman- there’s a court case where they ruled that filming fuck movies is cool and they basically did away with it.

“Back then studios would be busted for pandering and my dad was one of those people,” Black explained.

“So rich daddy, the uneducated guy, the guy in Rochester who had bingo parlors who in 1968 had Louie the one-arm say, ‘See this. This is a magazine of a girl with a hairy pussy. If you sell this you can make ten dollars and it won’t cost you three bucks.’

“My dad, said that’s nasty shit. I’m Italian. I’m a Catholic. Can you get in trouble for it, and the guy went, well, kinda…and think that’s all my dad had to hear. That’s dangerous!

“Then my father opened a news stand. My rich daddy, you fucking uneducated blogging cocksuckers. My rich daddy opened a news stand where my grandmother worked. There’s my dad, and he’s got vibrators and a couple of magazines. I think he had 16 mm loops and he would get busted. I don’t know, every week? Black said he’s got pictures of his father wearing “guinea shirts” and cowboy boots.

“I think he got busted 168 times. That’s my rich daddy. Here’s a guy that you can’t get any less rich than this. He made his money and supported his family selling smut. My mom, at the age of 19 was a waitress in a restaurant. My dad goes into the restaurant and says, ‘Hey, I’m going to marry you.’

“He was like the creepy guy who kept hounding her and she wound up going out with him. A year or two later they were married and a year after that he put her in a bookstore and she sold a dildo and a magazine to an undercover cop and they put her in child.

“Doesn’t that sound like a pattern when an older Italian guy taking a little blond 21 year-old girl and getting her busted?

“The rich daddy got my rich mommy busted for selling a rubber dick. And there’s my mommy and daddy, the rich people.”

Black summed this up as his blue collar life where his parents worked their asses off and went to prison for the business.

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