Rob Black: New Sensations’ Scott Taylor a Stand Up Guy Who Should Be Speaking for this Business

Rob Black and company spent the weekend setting up a studio so that his shows will be seen as well as heard. Black also interviewed with The Daily Beast in an article to come out this week. The theme – porn’s angriest man. I would never have guessed it.

“All the shows will be broadcast bits and pieces on the air,” Black announced Monday afternoon.

Referring to Lizzy Borden as “mother superior,” Black said he’s been given orders that “enough is enough with the Brooklyn Lee crap.”

“You will never me hear say that person’s name again because the woman she attacked gave her a pass.”

“I’m not just a complete fucking lunatic,” Black continued, noting that director Jacky St. James contacted Lizzy saying that Rob’s show has been distracting her from working.

“Jacky I would say singlehandely- and there have been other companies- Jacky along with her boyfriend Eddie Powell, they created this romance stuff. The movie with Allie Haze on a cover and Xander [Corvus] and that fucking dog started this trend of romance movies. We used to call it in our day the Vivid shit.

“But this is a little darker and you have a guy like Eddie Powell who’s a filmmaker, someone who knows what he’s talking about. These two people created romance. Now everybody does romance.

Black said he’s known Scott Taylor owner of New Sensations for whom St. James directs, since he’s been in the business.

“He’s a stand-up guy,” said Black.

“This is a guy who started shooting camera.” Taylor had also started out as a rock musician.

Black remembers that Tom Byron performed in a movie for Taylor called Video Virgins and was paid $150.

“You cheap bastard.”

The point Black was making is that St. James works for good people.

“Our movies like Taxi Driver competed against Scott Taylor movies yet he lent me his guys, his dollies, his jibs. That’s a fucking classy guy. That’s an owner in this business who’s respected. That’s an owner who should be speaking for this business. Jacky should be speaking for this business.”

“Scott Taylor is an owner who had me as his competition and didn’t give a shit that his employees worked for me- a very long time. I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve and I hope we’ll make some movies.”

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