Rob Black Opens Door To Negotiations With Manfuck

You know I hadn’t even planned on talking about AVN but when I look at their site it just smells dead. It’s just a dead smelling site. It’s nothing but press releases. And the press releases that are on there have been on there since yesterday. I can’t believe these guys actually get paid.

Manfuck, Feras Antoon, Anton LaVey. Please, Anton LaVey, the owner of Manfuck, will you please put AVN out of its misery? Will you fire these bunch of fucking losers? Because a loser is a loser.

Manfuck, I am begging you. I’m gonna make Manfuck a deal right now. Anton LaVey at Manfuck, I’m gonna make you a deal. Listen to me Anton.

I will become a Manfuck supporter if you close down AVN. If you make an announcement that you’re shutting down operations after the first of the year and the AVN show in Vegas will be the last one, I will become a follower on Manfuck.

The other two conditions are that you sever all ties with Evil Angel and close down Cutting Edge testing. You got rid of that criminal Fabian Thylmann. Now it’s time for the industry to rid itself of all the other criminal elements.

Now we laid out a proposition with Vivid Entertainment and I gave them a six point plan. Now I’m not asking you guys for an automobile or a free dinner. No.

Just like congress, when a Democrat reaches across the aisle to a Republican and a Republican has to decide what he loves more or what he hates least, and they have to get together and say, “Gays or guns?” You can either get rid of gays or we can get rid of guns. But we’re not doing both. A compromise.

So since Manfuck seems to be the big dog that we need to negotiate with, we’re prepared to negotiate with the devil.

Here’s the deal. You kill AVN and you sever Evil Angel and let them wither and die and you go to Cutting Edge and take all that testing equipment and you throw it off the roof. Because you have infectious people running around infecting each other like it’s a medical experiment. Right out of a bad Nazi movie. Bunch of Josef Mengeles running around doing experiments on porn stars.

Nobody’s ever touched on this. Call it a conspiracy all you want, but what do you all claim? That Dr. Maio/Mengele is an infectious disease specialist? Where’s a better place to research disease, where’s a better place to have thousands of guinea pigs, where’s a better place to get funding from the government to study infections? Much like the study that infected thousands of African Americans for years with syphilis, the Tuskegee Experiment.

So you have a doctor who is an infectious disease specialist who just happens to get plunked down right in the middle of an industry swimming with infectious disease.

Call me kooky. Call me a conspirator. But that’s just fucking weird.

Manfuck. If you want to rid yourselves of these Nazi cocksuckers, get rid of these evil regimes. AVN, Evil Angel and Cutting Edge.

When you purge yourself of these sins, Manfuck will become Mind Geek and Rob Black will carry the banner high and proud.

That’s a bipartisan deal.

So when Manfuck/Mind Geek/Manwin completes that trifecta and eliminates those three poisons, that is when Rob Black will align with Manwin.

Relax everybody. Angela Merkel, we’ve been tapping her phone for years. Who do you think is the boss of Germany? America. Who do you think is gonna be the boss of Manfuck? America. These Nazi cocksuckers know who’s in charge. Don’t worry about it.

You’re saying. “Rob, you’re gonna make a deal with Manwin?” Listen, these motherfuckers know who’s in charge. USA! USA! USA!

I don’t wanna hear “Oh Rob Black’s making deals with Manwin, oh no” We made deals with Germany before, we didn’t drop a fucking nuke on them. They were over there acting like assholes, fucking with the Jews, trying to take over the world. We came in and said, Goebbels, stop with the Jews, Mengele, put the fucking syringe down and we took care of business.

If we can coexist with Germany after all that shit and let them hang out with us, we can let Manfuck coexist. Because we will have them under our thumb.

Just like we do Japan. It took a couple bombs up their ass to get them to that point, but they got the point. They don’t have an army, they can’t do shit unless we give the say so.

So I don’t wanna hear about Rob Black making a deal with Manwin. He’s going from Vivid to Manwin. Don’t wanna hear it. Not a peep.

We let Germany coexist and that’s what we’re gonna do when Manwin surrenders. When Anton LaVey and his buddies at the Hotel California over there at Manfuck submit to our three terms of the treaty.

When Manwin surrenders, when Anton LaVey meets the terms, they will be taken off of the Axis of Evil and they will be brought into our United Nations.

Manwin can be respected. Manwin can contribute and Manwin can be brought into the fold. We can embrace them and their technology and wherewithal and make our lives better.

We can take Manwin and use who they are, and with their help, when they become part of us, they will have eliminated the three most important obstacles that are destroying our business, and they institute an all condom policy, and in turn Manfuck will became Mind Geek, and forever they will be part of a respected adult community.

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