Rob Black : Our Business is Like The Middle East

I’ll tell ya guys, I’m sitting here looking at what we’re gonna do in the year 2014. Thinking of the changes that are coming and what they are gonna consist of. We look to the business and say, “Where are we going?”

I don’t fucking know. I really don’t. I thought I did.

The more you talk about an organization and a governing body, the more you realize that there’s nothing that you could get people to rally around.

I equate our business right now to a Middle Eastern society. Our industry and the culture within in are based on a Middle Eastern philosophy. When we go into Iraq or Afghanistan and try to foster democracy, they fight us tooth and nail.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be honest. When you talk about democracy, the only form of real democracy is in the United States. When we say democracy means free elections, that’s bullshit. If you have elections with corrupt leadership on both sides of what or who you’re electing then ultimately you don’t have democracy.

The fundamental principles of these elections are rooted in religion. They run their countries based on religion. And when you run your country based on religion, you have something that is not democracy. No true democracy was ever founded by infusing religion into the political structure.

So our business is very much like the Middle East. We cry that we want better health care. We cry that we want agents who protect the talent. We cry that we want condoms. And on and on and on.

When someone comes in with solution or answers, the business shuns them. They denounce them. The business comes up with every excuse why the solution can’t be applied.

We’ve explained that paying for testing at PASS is absurd when those same tests are available for free at AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Both tests do exactly what they are intended to do. To inform someone of their HIV or STD status. The only advantage is having the results entered into a system that Free Speech Coalition themselves admit is meaningless because of what people do outside the business.

When agents book girls for escort work and then for movies, you blur the line of the effectiveness of a system that you pay $4000 a year for.

We’ve shown that there is no reason for talent to pay for tests. But guess what? Talent still pays for tests.

So just like the Middle East, where they cry for democracy and about their government beheading people and throwing them in jail without due process, when it comes down to it, they shut their mouths and go along with the program. They don’t want democracy.

In our business, no one will argue about free testing at AIDS Healthcare. Why won’t they argue it? It’s inarguable because it’s true. If you’re saying a test from AHF should not be accepted by a studio, you’re out of your mind. Of course it should be accepted. Will it be accepted? Of course not.

Why would we dismiss free testing by LA County Health or AHF? At Planned Parenthood you can get a full panel HIV and STD screen for like 35-45 bucks that includes a mammogram and a pap smear. I don’t understand why any woman in the business would not go to Planned Parenthood. It’s funded by private donations and government grants. It’s an organization set up to help women. Why any woman in the business would not utilize that is bizarre to me.

I could preach this all day to the girls in the biz, but if you don’t listen, it’s like an American preaching to someone in Afghanistan about democracy. They sit there and nod their heads and then go stone some young woman for not wearing her burqa properly. Democracy is not just being able to vote, it’s being able to not have your head cut off for talking to a man in public.

You can vote, but if both candidates believe it’s cool to stone people to death not wearing a burqa, then the democracy is a big ball of cock.

So our business is the same way. I’ll talk to girls in the industry and it goes in one of their big tits and out the other.

“Why do you go to PASS?”

“I dunno.”

“Why don’t you go to Planned Parenthood?”

“I dunno. Cuz so and so told me not too.”

In Afghanistan, we drop leaflets of propaganda on them. But they still stone women and vote for the Taliban. They’re savages.

It’s like when we lift a moratorium and people know it’s still not safe to go back to work, yet they do it anyway. Or someone is involved in a 50 man gangbang. They know it’s not safe. They know it’s not healthy to ejaculate one after the other into a women’s mouth, vagina or anus. Especially on the heels of a hepatitis and syphilis outbreak. Yet they do it anyway.

You can’t say it’s about the money. If you’re involved in a 50 guy gangbang, you’re getting a max of $150. You’re on a set for 5-6 hours and you cum one after another in a girl and share all those fluids for roughly $25 an hour. It’s not about the money. It’s because you’re a degenerate piece of shit. Just like those animals that scream for freedom in the Middle East and then vote for some radical cleric who tells them to grow beards, treat women like shit and kill everybody who’s not a Muslim.

So our business operates the same way. It really does. The testing is what it is. I wholeheartedly believe that the tests you get at Cutting Edge or Talent Testing are the exact same tests that you would get at AIDS Healthcare or County Health. They collect blood and send it to a lab. The lab tests the blood and sends the results back. That’s it.

If you get an APTIMA test from County Health, it’s not going to be inferior testing to Cutting Edge. Like when you go to a doctor when you get a broken leg. They’re gonna show you an X-ray and say, “See that? It’s broke.” You can go to another clinic for a second opinion, but you’re gonna get the same result. It’s fucking broke.

Aftercare is another issue that the business won’t address. Why? Because the business does not want democracy. Aftercare is something that the business will never have because it would require people to give a shit.

As I’ve explained, our business is the Middle East. We cry for something and when we’re offered it we don’t accept it.

When you look at our business and say, “What’s gonna happen in 2014?” Same shit.

To have one direction is futile. This year showed that it will never be done. This year the business had more rallying points than it ever has for an industry that wanted democracy to have it. All it did was weaken its core without creating a structure. We all fought in this civil war throughout the year and what you got was no change and no positive direction.

We’ve been complaining about these things for years. But nobody does a fucking thing to change it. When I say we need a health plan and nobody listens, why do I care? Why would somebody want to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves?

Imagine if you had someone like James Deen who grabbed all of the top guys who work in the movies and he said, “Alright guys, we’re gonna start a union.” You know how really easy that would be? If you got all of the top guys together, they could really dictate and control stuff. After a while, the girls are gonna get tired of working with limp dicked losers or queens who shoot their dicks up. But is it gonna happen? No.

This business breeds punks. This business breeds bitches. This business is the Middle East. A bunch of fucking nomads wandering around waiting for some deity to save them. The only thing they can do is try to attack us, like little cunts.

Even the girls. The girls could’ve done it. Not now. But there was a time when the girls could’ve done it.

Think about our business. Our business is based on women. Women are what pornography is about. Yet it’s completely run by men. Even the women who think they’re important are pawns. They’re jokes.

Who are the powerful women in the business? Don’t even tell me Susan Colvin. If she was powerful, she would have a voice. She would look out for the women in this biz. Even if you’re not part of the movie side of the business, without the movies, the toy companies couldn’t exist. Without the business, there would be no toy companies. You can’t even get a Susan Colvin to help. Susan Colvin has a multimillion dollar toy company. She could easily set up a clinic to help the women of the business.

I got into an argument with Jonathan Morgan once. Jonathan goes, “But Rob, you can’t lash out at people for not doing the right thing.” And I’m laughing, “OK.” He goes, “If Steve Orenstein, my boss, doesn’t want to rally people and stick his neck out, you can’t make fun of him and call him names.”

You’re right, Jonathan. You guys are right.

I guess I come from a different philosophy. The philosophy is this: If you are part of something and you honestly believe that something’s wrong, and you don’t do anything about it because you don’t wanna make waves with Frank Koretsky, that is not an excuse.

In the real world, when something’s wrong and it doesn’t get fixed and someone doesn’t speak up, people look at them as assholes, losers and scumbags and eventually they run them out of business.

If you’re part of our business and you sit atop of an lucrative empire and part of that empire entails having female talent to pose with your products, whether fake vaginas or whatever, you have a responsibility. When you’re in the business and you see what happens to the women, fuck the guys, all of you people know what happens affects the women. When you’re a prominent successful woman like Susan Colvin and you turn a blind eye to what’s happening to the women that is wrong. 85% of the HIV cases we’ve had were women. All the incidents of abuse at places like Kink involve women.

My feeling is this. When you’re a part of this industry and are one of the big players in it, and you see things that are fucked up and you don’t get involved, you are a piece of shit.

Steve Orenstein is part of Wicked. He’s been promoting condoms throughout most of the history with Wicked. He is in a position to say he was right on an issue that other people told him he was wrong on, the condom issue. He could stand up and say, “See? This is why you need to be safe and responsible and use protection.” And people would say, “Yes!”

Steve should be at the forefront of this and say, “This is why I decided to make condoms mandatory fifteen years ago. Look at what’s happened. This is why we should use condoms.” That would be the right thing to do.

We’re not talking about people outside of our industry. When people in our industry see something wrong, they need to fucking step up and do something the fix the goddamn problem.

But again, we’re existing as though we’re the Middle East. We scream for change. We demand change. Demand it. But when it comes to changing things, we say, “Nahhh, leave it the way it is.”

Think about this. Free Speech Coalition is done. They’ve been thoroughly discredited. Yet people still give them money.

So the notion to create something that will help people in this business is a fucking pipe dream. The concept to unite people behind a common goal is done.

What we’re gonna do is develop The Rob Black Show into something bigger than it is. That’s it. I’m done caring about what happens to you people. I don’t care about a union, I don’t care about one testing system, I don’t care. Wear rubbers or don’t. I’m done sacrificing everything for people who don’t give a shit.

Porn Valley is like the Middle East. And just like the Middle East, I don’t give a shit about you.

Where are the big stars that were around five years ago? They’re gone. I’m still here, bitches! I ain’t going anywhere.

For me to spend the past nine months actually giving a shit and thinking I could win the hearts and minds of you people with this Middle Eastern mentality is just pathetic.

2014 is gonna be a year of change. I can’t wait. We’re gonna report on you all, we’re gonna make fun of you when you fuck up and expose you all. But as far as setting something up? No!

When my people get tested, it’s not gonna be with PASS. And I’d love to see one of these studios not accept it. Love to see it.

We’re going back to the 90’s. I want those of you who have been around long enough to remember Rob Black in the 90’s to be on notice.

No more unity. Rob Black Productions, The Rob Black Show is back. No more giving a shit about you brain dead cocksuckers. The pity party is over.

You are all on notice.

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